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Colorado companies that are making a big impact
(Some 2012 History)
Penny Lewandowski, Edware Lowe Foundation 1225_ 6/18/12 - The Edward Lowe Foundation and the Companies to Watch Program were started by Edward Lowe in Michigan. His claim to fame was that he invented Kitty Litter. With that he made his fortune and then decided he wanted to put part of that fortune back into an organization that would help make the life of an entrepreneur a little easier than what he had. So that was the genesis on which the foundation was started. Penny Lewandowski tells us "What they do is work with communities and help them understand what we call their second stage growth businesses. We help them understand those businesses and their special needs as they grow their companies, what kind of programs can be put around those companies -[ the foundation has developed a significant number of those programs] - and Companies to Watch is one of those." Larry said, "The second stage companies that you work with have such a tremendous impact on the state of Colorado." Penny replied, "You're right and I've got some numbers for you. We have a database called 'Your-Economy-dot-org'. Existing, expanding companies contribute most to U.S. job creation. In fact, from 1990 to 2008, existing companies generated 71 percent more new jobs than startups." We're talking with Penny Lewandowski, Director, Entrepreneurship & Development, Edward Lowe Foundation, about a very interesting event we have coming up on June 23rd, here in Denver. Pat and I along with lots of celebrities and well known business people will be looking for you at the Colorado Companies to Watch Gala and Award Celebration. There are plenty of good reasons for you to be there and that's why we've cornered Penny, to give us a little background about this program and why it's so important to all of us. Companies to Watch is really centered around recognizing second stage companies. "Those are companies between 6 and 99 employees with $750K to $50 Million in revenue. And these are companies that have both the intention and capacity to grow. We pay a lot of attention to them because they are huge job creators, so they are making a big difference in their communities in a lot of different ways." There's much more and we are looking forward to seeing you there on June 23rd.
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Art Rancis, Profile of a Leader 7-5-2011Art Rancis: Difference Between Workaholics and Peak Performers
1038 7/5/11 - This is part 2 of an interview with Art Rancis for our Profile of a Leader series. Art talked about some books that influenced his life. He talked about, “Peak Performers” by Dr. Charles Garfield. "I was sitting pool side in Lake Tahoe at the time and he was making the point there was a big difference between workaholics and peak performers. Workaholics had nothing else in their lives, but Peak performers wanted to make a difference. Then, on page 194 of the book, he made another important point. David Ogilvy, founder of the advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather, sends a Russian doll to every person newly appointed to head an office in the Ogilvy & Mather chain. The doll contains five progressively smaller dolls. The message inside the smallest one reads: 'If each of us hires people who are smaller than we are, we shall become a company of dwarfs, but if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are, Ogilvy & Mather will become a company of giants.' Both points would influence me for years to come. Another book was What They Don't teach you at Harvard Business School. Here the author Mark McCormack highlights what entrepreneurs will not learn at Harvard. Very insightful, and still relevant today. Obviously the book The World is Flat is required reading by anyone in business today, but also I would recommend The Art of Winning by Dennis Conner. I had the privilege of sailing with Dennis during the training phase for the 1994 Americas Cup. Finally, I would add a book titled The Road Map to Repeatable Success by Barbara and Kris Bicknell." Larry asked, "What challenge did you encounter that you had to learn to live with and is there a lesson that could benefit our listeners?" Art replied, "When I was 9, I remember being in my parent’s home during a party in the company of a number of Russian Jews (my family was Latvian and a number of Russian Jews had immigrated to the US with my family at the same time)." Listen for more...
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7/5/11 bytes=6161452
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Executives & decision makers are very involved with the mentoring program
06/27/16 - w3w3 Talk Radio is pleased to ...
Mentor Colorado's Leadership Team consists of Staff, the Advisory Council and the Board of Directors. Larry interviewed Brad Strong the Executive Director. Pat and Larry attended their 5th annual summit at DU. It was filled with many executives and decision makers who are very involved with the mentoring program. Mentor Colorado was founded by a group of youth mentoring organizations in 2013 to improve collaboration within the mentoring sector and increase the number of quality youth mentoring relationship in Colorado. Currently Mentor Colorado resides as a project under the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center. Mentor Colorado was officially launched at Colorado's annual Mentoring Symposium in April 2014 and will use collaboration throughout the state…listen for more…

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Larry Nelson, Managing Change in the Midst of Chaos Your Ultimate Win
The Ultimate Win - Your GoalThe Ultimate Win™ - Achieving Personal & Professional Satisfaction An in-depth strategic planning and goal setting system for achievers. Here's a win/win! You can enjoy the full benefits of this online program, including the entire audio and downloadable resource guide... totally free. All we ask in return is some honest feedback. Tens of thousands people around the world have heard the program either in a live seminar or on cassette tapes. We are launching this as a "for sale" program on the Web very soon. Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated. If you have a friend or colleague that you think would enjoy and participate in our "beta" test, please feel free to pass along this link and invitation. There is no cost to them. All your information and input will be confidential.

Mash up of people, different viewpoints and ideas
Jill Dupre, Associate Director, ATLAS Institute, University of Colorado at Boulder 1610_ 9/22/14 - The ATLAS Institute at CU Boulder, over the years, has evolved and Jill Dupre, Associate Director said, "...it continues to evolve. A constant is that we are a home for 'creative trouble makers'. We're a home for intrepid inventors, people who want to change the future! ATLAS is interdisciplinary - we work with people from all over campus." ATLAS is housed within Engineering but their faculty and students come from all over, from arts, theater, English, journalism, business, engineering, computer sciences, law... At ATLAS, they like the kind of ideas that come from that intersection and that mash up of people, different viewpoints and ideas. ATLAS Institute's belief is that combining that mix in a creative way and in a fun environment is how you change your world and how you make it better. Of course, it's not all fun and games. ATLAS has three core academic programs. At the undergrad level; technology, arts and media - that promotes creative work and research and information technology and digital media in an interdisciplinary environment.
RELATED LINKS: Atlas Institute || Silicon Flatirons || CU Technology Transfer Office || Entrepreneurs 2013 || Blog || KEYWORDS: Jill Dupre, ATLAS Institute, University of Colorado, Collaborative Multidisciplinary Partnerships, Silicon Flatirons, CU Technology Transfer Office, Core Academic Programs, bytes=5185518
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Art Rancis: Profile of an International Leader
Art Rancis, International Leader - Profile 1037_ 6/27/11 - We were talking with Art Rancis an international business consultant with client projects all over the world. After discussing current and future plans Larry asked, "Let’s rewind a little and get a historical perspective of the experiences and events that shaped your growth. Who was a very influential person in your earlier life and what was the key point you learned from that influence?" Art has a very interesting history and replied, "From a family standpoint, it was clearly my father who was politically active in our town and always had groups of people at our house to try to move some initiative forward. He was a community organizer before it ever became a popular term. And then there was my mother who was a short woman but everyone knew her as a fireball. Whereas my father gave me the skill to start things, my mother gave me the backbone to see them through. In business, I would have to identify two people who were to be inextricably connected via a large corporate bankruptcy. The first was Jessie Aweida who started StorageTek, and Ryal Poppy who came in later to manage StorageTek through its bankruptcy after Jessie left. Jessie created an immensely successful company by providing end users with alternative data storage products to what was only available from IBM and DEC. Jessie had very broad shoulders relative to the compensation of the field force. On more than one occasion he was heard to say "I love it when people make more than I do.” Think about this, this was the early 80's, and we had field reps making more than $300K and $400K per year! An immense amount of money, but these people also worked extremely hard to generate profitable revenue for all of the company. It is sad that we have too many CEOs that are jealous of what rainmakers make, at the expense of their company." Listen, there's much more...
Related Links: Art Rancis Home || Economy Builders || Profile of Leaders || Podcasting Directory || Keywords: Art Rancis, Profile of a Leader, Jessie Aweida, StorageTek, Ryal Poppa, Turn-arounds, High Tech, Vendors, Suppliers, Partners, Stakeholders, Peak Performers, Charles Garfield, What They Don't teach you at Harvard Business School, The Road Map to Repeatable Success, The World is Flat, The Art of Winning - 6/27/11 bytes=6138047
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Ed von Bleichert, it's time to get rid of the pests
Edward von Bleichert, Manager, Environmental Operations, Dept. of Facilities Management at the University of Colorado at Boulder 6-13-2016 - 1365_ 3/11/13 - We are back with Edward von Bleichert, Manager Environmental Operations, for the Department of Facilities Management at the University of Colorado Boulder, a demanding responsibility where Ed almost plays different roles to accomplish these varied and important services, from capturing Brown Bears and Mountain Lions that wander onto campus, to solving the huge issues of providing solutions and recycling options. Today we're going to talk about Integrated Pest Management [IPM]. First an overview of what that means. IPM similar to Zero Waste [ZW] has many definitions but for our purposes, it is essentially a focus on safe and effective long-term control and prevention of pests. Whatever you want to determine as a pest. The point is, pesticides are a part of that tool kit we use, but they're not the first tool that we reach for. Any time we use pesticides, we're very careful, specifically speaking to indoor structures, not to impact indoor air quality, not to expose people to pesticides. Which essentially means the majority of our pesticide applications are in the form of a gel base or granulers or some type of pheromone. We do not do aerosol sprays, liquid sprays, crack and crevice treatments, perimeter treatments, we don't fog or the bombs. The point is you really need to know a lot about your pests. The biology, the physiology, its behaviors and patterns. And if you can answer a few questions about what is attracting that pest in the first place, you can likely eliminate that attraction. It could be a leaky pipe, it could be poor sanitation, a broken screen, a missing door sweep. A lot of it is relying on the other shops and trades we have here at Facilities to do the structural work needed to seal up the building and roof. That's a really a big part of it. Ed answered a number of interesting questions such as, "What are some of the pests you deal with here at CU? You don't use pesticides etc. What is the alternative that you use? What could an average person or a business learn that would have to do with pests? ...Listen for more helpful ideas...
RELATED LINKS: CU wins EPA Challenge || Ralphie’s Green Stampede || PodCasting Directory || KEYWORDS: Ed von Bleichert, CU, Environmental Operations, Integrated Pest Management, IPM, Department of Facilities Management, University of Colorado Boulder, Pesticides, bytes=6589861
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