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4/29 F AM
TiE Rockies TRIP Pitch Session
5/3 T PM
RVC Software M&A Conference
5/4 W AM
CTA Industry Briefing - Regional Markets
5/11 W Nn
CTA 101 Luncheon
5/16-18 M-W Day
NCWIT Summit on Women and IT
5/16-20 M-F Day
Boulder Startup Week
5/20 F Day
Colorado Mentoring Summit
6/7 T N
ACG Denver Jeremy Ostermiller, Altitude Digital
6/8 W PM
SFC SFC Startup Summer Kickoff

Colorado Mentoring Summit - Reaching New Heights
1902_ 04/18/16 - w3w3 Talk Radio is pleased to ...

On May 20, 2016 at the University of Denver over 300 youth services professionals will come together with community innovators and experts to explore and advance mentoring for young people and communities across Colorado. The Summit will feature a Leadership Lunch that will explore the value of partnerships in mentoring. This lunch will include corporate leaders, government officials and nonprofit agencies in a keynote presentation, discussions and networking opportunities. For more information on purchasing a table, please contact Dave Mead at meaddp@meadconsultinggroup.com

KEYWORDS: Partnerships in mentoring, University of Denver, Mead Consulting, Young people across ColoradoRELATED LINKS: Mentor Colorado || Colorado Mentoring Summit || Mead Consulting Group || ACG Denver || w3w3 Media Network ||
LISTEN TO: Dave Mead, Mead Consulting

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2016... RMCGC

Keynote Speaker: Mitt Romney
The 2016 Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference is designed to provide business leaders and investors with insights to understand which actions drive value within an organization. The conference provides an opportunity for C-level executives, private equity professionals, intermediaries, and trusted advisors to connect in a highly productive and informative setting.


ACG Denver, Patrick Quinlan, CEO, Convercent


2015 ACG Denver RMCGC
Presented Amy Van Dyken...

Rocky Mtn Corporate Growth Conference - 1702_ 4/6/15 -

RELATED LINKS: ACG Denver || ACG Denver Channel || RM Capital Growth Conference KEYWORDS: RMCGC, Playing to Win!, Amy Van Dyken-Rouen, C-level, private equity professionals, investment bankers, business advisors, deal flow, connections,Dealmakers Forum, Capital Connection, Women Leaders & Dealmakers Event,Mile High Tea


RMCGC 2013 - John Mackey...

John Mackey Culture, Strategy and Conscious Capitalism1368_ 3/25/13 -

RMCGC Keynote Speaker, John Mackey, author "Conscious Capitalism", CEO, WholeFoodsLarry and Patricia Nelson are here at the ACG Denver's 11th Annual, Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference 2013 speaking with John Mackey, CEO and Cofounder of WholeFoods and co-author of Conscious Capitalism. At this year's conference we heard a lot of speakers talking about strategy - we asked John Mackey to give us his take on strategy. He responded, "My theory is that you have to first find your purpose for the business, why you exist. After that you have to ask, How do I create value for our customers? Ultimately it is value creation for the customers that leads the business to flourish. Then we ask the strategy questions. What strategy do we implement that allows us to follow purpose and allow us to create value for our customers and other stakeholders? So I always think strategy follows purpose. So, until you know your purpose and what you're trying to accomplish and what you're trying to do in the world, strategy is not that useful. But once you know that, you're in a position to develop your strategy. There are generic strategies that in general, you have to know; what kind of business you are, you have to understand your competition - and then your strategy is something that will enable you to create value and successfully compete in the marketplace."      On the subject of culture, John said, "Humans create cultures - Cultures are the way humans interact with one another. It's the values, the practices; it's the way we do things around here. Most of the time cultures just kind of develop in an unconscious way." John said, "One of the things we talk about in the book is that you don't want your culture to be unconscious. It's one of the most important things in your business so you need to take responsibility for it as a leader. And, ask what parts of your culture are serving this business well and which parts are dysfunctional? Which parts are toxic, because you have bad culture as well? If you can see the culture and understand it, you can begin to try to change it and evolve it." Some of the most important things that Mackey does is to always think about their purpose and how to better serve it. "But, I also think about our culture and ask, what is it about our culture that really needs to change? Which part of our culture is limiting our potential? Which part of our culture might have served a good purpose two years ago and now is simply out of date? The way we did things ten years ago are not useful and are not the best way we should be doing things today. So, cultures need to evolve and too often in too many companies, cultures do not evolve. Or, they may evolve but not in a constructive way - they may be evolving in a dysfunctional or destructive way."
      Larry asked, "In the 38 states that you're in...
RELATED LINKS: Conscious Capitalism || ACG Denver || M&A Channel || Amazon || RMCGC Photos 3/21/2013 ||
KEYWORDS: ACG Denver, Rocky Mtn Corporate Growth Conference, John Mackey, WholeFoods Market, Association for Corporate Growth, Keynote speaker, John Mackey, Conscious Capitalism, M&A, Entrepreneurs, RMCGC, BYTES=10372809
LISTEN TO: John Mackey CoFounder/CEO, WholeFoods Markets, Author, Conscious Capitalism

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Check these organizations out
ACG Denver
Association for Corporate Growth - Denver
Mile High Chapter of AITP
Blind Institute of Technology
Colorado Companies to Watch
Colorado Technology Association
Galvanize - Work. Learn. Grow.
Innovation Pavilion
Information Technology Management Assoc.
Rockies Venture Club
Silicon Flatirons Center for Law and ...
Entrepreneurs Unplugged:
TiE Rockies
The Indus Entrepreneurs - TiE Rockies


Debbie Carosella, CEO, Madhava Natural Sweetners Mile High Tea: Women Leaders and Dealmakers
1901_ 04/18/16 - w3w3 Talk Radio is pleased to talk with...
The 2016 Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference theme was "Driving Value Creation" designed to provide investors and business owners with insights to understand which actions drive value within an organization. The "Mile High Tea: Women Leaders & Dealmakers" has become a signature event within the conference where the discussions are focused on how women business leaders are driving growth for the companies they own, run, or advise.
Keynote Speaker, Debbie Carosella, CEO, Madhava Natural Sweeteners, is a leader in driving and advancing the growth agenda for packaged goods companies. Her general management orientation is combined with core expertise in business strategy, marketing, brand development and innovation. Currently, she is focused on leading the transformation at Madhava from a commodity-driven local company to a value-added branded national player.

RELATED LINKS: Madhava Natural Sweeteners || Debbie Carosella program… || ACG Denver M&A Channel || RMC Growth Conference || ACG Denver || KEYWORDS: ACG Denver, RMCGC, Mile High Tea: Women Leaders & Dealmakers, Debbie Carosella, Madhava Natural Sweeteners
LISTEN TO: Debbie Carosella, Madhava Natural Sweeteners

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Mile High Tea: Women Leaders & Dealmakers and the OPENING RECEPTION: Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference

Patrick Quinlan, CEO, Convercent ACG Denver - Monthly Luncheon Patrick Quinlan, CEO, Convercent
1900_ 04/11/16 - w3w3 Talk Radio is pleased to bring Patrick Quinlan's entire presentation to you...
More than an entrepreneur at heart, Patrick Quinlan has a passion and skill for building companies from the ground up. Prior to leading Convercent's executive team, Patrick served as Chief Executive Officer of Rivet Software, another technology firm operating in the governance, risk and compliance space. In just two years, he propelled Rivet's quarterly revenue from $240,000 o $12 million - an achievement that earned the company a #6 placement on the 2011 Inc. 500 List among software firms.
      But Convercent (Compliance Program Management) is more than a pioneer in ethics and compliance. They've also managed to develop a unique culture made stronger by their approach to hiring and retaining talent in an ever-competitive environment.

RELATED LINKS: Convercent || HEIN || PNC Business Credit || SingerLewak || ACG Denver || KEYWORDS: Patrick Quinlan, Convercent compliance, governance, global enterprises,culture, retaining talent, technology, Denver
LISTEN TO: Patrick Quinlan, CEO, Convercent

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Ward Cerny, President, ACG Denver1889_ 3/21/16 -
Strategic decisions and financial factors can either build or erode value in any organization. Corporate executives—as well as their investors and advisors—can make smarter and more courageous strategic decisions if they arm themselves with the tools to understand which actions will create and destroy value within their organizations.
      Achieving business growth involves a complex interplay of productivity, capital, debt, and margins, and finding the most efficient balance can be challenging. Building on the knowledge and experience from business leaders who have done it, the Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference is designed to explain how it works, and draw on real company examples to illustrate the strategic choices that executives and investors make to create real value.
      Mitt Romney is the keynote luncheon speaker. Mitt, amongst other things is the Founder of Bain Capital, one of the nation’s most successful private equity and investment companies focused on growth strategies and operational improvements.
     Great information and great networking…


RMCGC 2014 - General Stanley McChrystal...

Transformational Leadership in a Global Economy (Part 1 of 4)
General Stanley McChrystal, Keynote speaker, RMCGC 2014enclosure-voice 1527_ 4/7/14 - Larry and Pat attended the high-profile ACG Denver Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference and talked to a number of attendees about the business timing in the marketplace today. Larry recorded the keynote address General Stanley McChrystal. General Stanley McChrystal is widely admired for his hunger to know the truth, his courage to find it, and his humility to listen to those around him. Even as the commanding officer of all U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan, he stationed himself forward and frequently went on patrols with his troops to experience their challenges firsthand. A one-of-a-kind commander with a remarkable record of achievement, General Stan McChrystal is widely praised for creating a revolution in warfare that fused intelligence and operations. He is also known for developing and implementing the counter-insurgency strategy in Afghanistan and for creating a comprehensive counter-terrorism organization that revolutionized the way military agencies interact and operate. Listen for some great ideas... (Part 1 of 4... Part 2 below)
LISTEN TO: General Stanley McChrystal

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RMCGC 2012 - Carly Fiorina...

Carly Fiorina, Keynote Speaker at 
    ACG Corporate Growth Conference 3/13-14/2012 The focus is on networking, content and thought leadership
enclosure-voice 1175_ 3/9/12 - We're checking in at the ACG Denver's Sponsor Appreciation Dinner, a very special and lovely event as always. We managed to get ACG President, Todd Roebken, Managing Director of Jones Lang LaSalle and Norm Thiele, Managing Director/Founder, Emerging Global, to talk to us about the upcoming Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference, being held next week, March 13th and 14th here at the Inverness Hotel and Conference Center. This conference Todd Roebken, President, ACG Denveris the largest of its kind in the Rocky Mountain region. The conference focus is on networking, content and thought leadership for the mid market business community across all industries. Norm said they spoke with Carly Fiorina the keynote speaker, "Who is the former CEO of Hewlett Packard and former senatorial candidate from California. Norm Thiele, ACG Denver, Conference ChairNorm said he picked up a couple of things from the conversation, one she is a super nice lady but more importantly she's a very astute business woman, obviously." Her unparalleled record of hard work and success includes more than two decades at AT&T and Lucent Technologies, where she led the largest-of-its-time IPO of Lucent and became President of its largest business. In 1998, she was first named as Fortune magazine's most powerful female American executive and continued to top this list throughout her tenure at HP. Carly has led profound change and transition within her companies, and she will share her insights on how she was able to lead organizations that could capitalize on opportunities and always stay adaptable. Listen for the details...
Related Links: Jones Lang LaSalle || ACG Denver || M&A || Keywords: ACG Rocky Mountain Capital Growth Conference, Carly Florina, Todd Roebken, Norm Thiele, Hewlett Packard, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, IPO
LISTEN to Todd Roebken & Norm Thiele, ACG Denver

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ACG Denver - Corporate Growth Conference - 2012

ACG Denver 10th Annual Corporate Growth Conference 3/13-14/2012 - Keynote Speaker, Carly Fiorina... Wow!

Larry Nelson, Managing Change in the Midst of Chaos Your Ultimate Win
The Ultimate Win - Your GoalThe Ultimate Win™ - Achieving Personal & Professional Satisfaction An in-depth strategic planning and goal setting system for achievers. Here's a win/win! You can enjoy the full benefits of this online program, including the entire audio and downloadable resource guide... totally free. All we ask in return is some honest feedback. Tens of thousands people around the world have heard the program either in a live seminar or on cassette tapes. We are launching this as a "for sale" program on the Web very soon. Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated. If you have a friend or colleague that you think would enjoy and participate in our "beta" test, please feel free to pass along this link and invitation. There is no cost to them. All your information and input will be confidential.

National Center for Women In Technology

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