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Ross Wehner, Denver Post, Business WriterDenver Post & Ross Wehner Report on 2/14/2005
Ross Wehner,
business writer for the Denver Post says, “Instead of breaking news, contains thousands of pictures and hundreds of interviews, which Internet surfers can listen to at a click of the mouse. It has a feel-good, Oprah-esque quality.” Ross said, offers “Quirky views of the local who’s who.” READ



Brian Vogt, Acting Secretary of Technology, and Director of the Office of Economic Development and International TradeIntentional vs. Reactive is the Hidden Economic Challenge 3/21/05 - Brian Vogt Director of Colorado's Office of Economic Development and International Trade is concerned. Some people are fearful in their resolve to move forward. As a result, instead of being intentional and farsighted, they will become reactive. The audience at AeA's annual "Luncheon with the Legislators" heard Brian's 5-point plan. LISTEN





David Moll, CEO, Webroot Software, Inc. Webroot Tracks Them with Anti-Spyware Technology 3/14/05
Everyone has heard about the $108,000,000 in funding that locally based Webroot received recently. What you might not have heard was how Webroot got its start. It is certainly an inspiration to entrepreneurs and to David Moll, who was recruited in 2002 to become CEO. Co-Founders Steve Thomas & Kristen Talley are quite unique
. Part 2 of 2 Some Sat Idle, Wondering if Spyware was Really Needed 3/21/05 - David Moll, CEO of Webroot Software talks about their success story and what they went through to get there. June, 2004 Webroot launched their SpyWare program and today Webroot has offices throughout Europe, has a standalone support center and handles support in five languages... taking on a worldwide challenge. LISTEN





Rob Reuteman, Business Editor, Rocky Mtn NewsRob Reuteman Reveals the Real Hard Facts 2/21/2005
Rob Reuteman,
business editor for the Rocky Mountain News talks about the current economy and what happened leading up to it over the past number of years. He reveals the signs of the past that were ignored as well as hard facts and details of where Colorado is headed…positive, but with cautious optimism. 2/21/2005 LISTEN


Larissa Herda, Chairman, CEO and President, Time Warner Telecom It’s a Team Effort When it Comes to Winning Big 3/7/05
You can spot a “real” winner when he or she gives credit to the team. LISTEN Larissa Herda,Chairman, CEO and president of Time Warner Telecom was just awarded the Telecom Professional of the Year Award by the Denver Telepros association…only the 5th to receive the award. TelePros - Photo Album

Streaming Video Evolution Becomes a Revolution 2/28/2005
VIDEO: Jock Mirow, co-founder of BroadbandVideo announces a revolutionary new technology that allows users to publish their own video automatically. Larry Nelson interviewed Jock. Moments later, via a FireWire connection to the computer it was uploaded, then encoded and voila, it's on the Web. Thanks to
Jon Nordmark, CEO &President, eBagsJon Nordmark, has Experienced Many Hockey Sticks
CEO of, Jon Nordmark believes in building a company to last, not one to flip. Playing hockey in college Jon learned the fundamental principles of teamwork and what it takes to climb out of the pits in this Profile of a Leader interview. The early team members at eBags invested money in the company. 2/14/2005

Brad Feld, Managing Partner, Mobius VCBrad Feld Goes With His Gut, but Uses His Brain
You might be surprised to hear what was the turning point in Brad Feld's life, managing partner of Mobius VC,. He went to MIT, and at pre-orientation they were told that 50% of the students would be at the bottom half of the class. In this Profile of a Leader interview Brad offers personal advice to entrepreneurs. 2/14/2005

Lu Cordova, President, CTEK Colorado Venture CentersBrian Vogt, Director, Office of Economic Development and International TradeRadio Inerview: To Listen CLICK Colorado’s Solution for Executing Vision with Partners - Advance Colorado, in just 3 months has gone from conception to reality. Brian Vogt, Director of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade along with Lu Cordova, President of CTEK Colorado Venture Centers share their vision of cooperation, collaboration and integration…it’s an overnight success. 12/13/04
John Mogford, Group VP, Renewables, BPBringing SOLAR Into The Mainstream – BP - 11/08/04
At the World Renewable Energy Congress, John Mogford, Group Vice President Renewables and Alternatives at BP delivered a powerful speech about some very important topics including “Profitability Plus Sustainability”, “The Solar Industry”, “Priorities for Policy-Makers”, “What BP Plans to Do”. Complete Transcript.

Meet eight out of 11menbers of the w3w3® Media Network’s Executive Advisory Board. Listen to some poignant thoughts.
Rina Delmonico, CEO, REN Consulting
Rina Delmonico
CEO / Founder
REN Consulting
Brad Feld,
Brad Feld
Managing Partner

Mobius VC
Paul Ray, President, Nervonix
Paul Ray
President & CEO
Leroy Williams,  Colorado Secretary of Innovation & Technology
Leroy Williams
Colorado Secretary
Innovation & Technology
Catharine Merigold, General Partner, Vista Venture
Catharine Merigold

General Partner
Vista Ventures
Marc Holtzman, President, University of Denver - Denver Post Story Click Here
Marc Holtzman

President Denver Univ
Denver Post Story
Jon Nordmark, President/CEO, eBags
Jon Nordmark
President & CEO
Jared Polis, Chairman, Colorado State Board of Education
Jared Polis

State Board of Education









Larry Nelson talks with the Prep Planners First Focus Group at w3w3® Studio & Center - 11/15/04
Be in control of ‘what they get and when they get it’ were two of the important messages from two groups of teens in two focus group sessions at the w3w3® Media Studio & Center. They were sponsored by Prep Planner (9News) with John Sable and Tom Murphy and facilitated by Cindy Kerr of ckarma, Inc.




John Cody, President/CEO, Longmont Area Economic CouncilJohn Cody Paints a Picture of Economic Development
"As we emerge from this recession, advanced technology is going to lead the way,” says John Cody President & CEO of the Longmont Area Economic Council. He supports his position with some sound facts and has the history to back it up. You'll be surprised at many of the topics he addresses head on. 10/4/04





Chas Williams, Business Development Director, m62Chas Williams, Death by PowerPoint vs. Killer Presentations
Are you ready for another bullet point presentation that is read word-for-word as the person next to you starts snoring? We know the answer, but that’s what we’ll all see at the next meeting…unless of m62 gets his way. There’s more than one idea in this UK interview that can give you the edge. Picture this! 10/25/04
Good vs. Powerful Presentation Secrets - 11/15/04
This time Chas Williams of m62 was in the w3w3® Media Network Studio rather than in England for this follow-up interview. Chas shared a few “golden nuggets” with Larry and wait until you hear the last one. 11/15/04






Leroy Williams, Secretary of TechnologyColorado, Portal Authority, eGovernment and MNT
Governor Bill Owens at the Colorado Technology Summit signed senate Bill #244. Leroy Williams, Secretary of Technology and CIO for Colorado and his team have been working on its implementation and execution quite diligently. In 2005 we should see a number of new & exciting things in CO’s eGovernment.

Govenor Bill Owens - Colorado Tourism Conference - October 2004Dream Destination vs. Budget Challenges 10/25/04
Speaking of economic development, Colorado ranks among the top 5 “dream destinations” in the US points out Governor Bill Owens. Many of us take this for granted, but when we consider our visitors spent over $7 Billion in 2003, tourism stands out in the crowd in many economic ways. Challenges and Choices.



Denver Mayor John HickenlooperThe Secret Sauce of Success (It’s not Luck)
Mayor John Hickenlooper,
is the quintessential example of converting a challenge into an opportunity and then onto success. During this “Profile of a Leader” interview you’ll hear how he achieves and how he was motivated to be a winner. It’s a one-of-a-kind story you won’t hear somewhere else.

Wendy Bohling, Director: Branch Solutions Product Management, AVAYAWendy Bohling Talks About the
If you don’t know what SIP is, you could find yourself way behind the curve. Bohling, Wendy, a Director at AVAYA explains Future of VoIP some of the critical factors about VoIP or what AVAYA calls IP Communications. There are still some adoption challenges but the promise of “find me, follow me” will get some CFOs looking at ROI.10/4/04



Guy Kawasaki, Author: The Art of the Start
The Art of the Start – Kawasaki Style
Larry Nelson, business owner for 30 years enjoyed hearing Guy Kawasaki, discuss 11 key points with 3 sub points each on what it takes to build a long lasting successful business at a CTEK Brown Bag meeting. Larry wishes he had heard these decades ago. Pat Nelson bought his book, “Art of the Start.” 10/12/2004

Archives LISTed by Last Name GO HERE

 Leroy J. Williams, Secretary of Technology, State of Colorado  Richard C. Notebaert, Chairman & CEO, Qwest Communications, International  Governor Bill Owens, State of Colorado  Governor's Commission on Science & Technology - Technology Summit 2004
Three audio clips and photos from the Governor's Technology Summit
-Governor Bill Owens talks about the good, the bad & the options
-Dick Notebaert talks about major Qwest changes including VoIP
-Both the Governor & Notebaert field a variety of dicey questions





  EDITORIAL - Entrepreneurial Cluster  Listen or READ   
by: Larry Nelson, w3w3®
HMC John Maguire, UK Trade & Invest - British Consulate - DenverJohn Maguire is her Majesty's Consul
In this “Profile of a Leader”, John Maguire, UK Consul explains what shaped him as a man (and whilst he is too humble to say so, what experiences led to his strong leadership abilities). Not everything was a smooth ride, but they were all learning experiences. John says, “Education is the great leveler.”
Lt. Governor, Jane NortonNorton Jane is Bill Owens' Lt. Governor
“The position of the Lieutenant Governor in any state is ill defined says”, Jane Norton. Coloradoans will now have an understanding not experienced in other states. After w3w3® quizzed her about her role, Jane filled in some new details about the state’s effort and support of the aerospace industry
Vinton Cerf,  SVP, Technology Strategy, MCIThe Beginning of the Internet + Challenges & Dreams
Vinton Cerf,
widely known as one of the “Fathers of the Internet” was the keynote speaker for the annual CITI CIO Award program. Cerf is a techie with a personality…and a whole bunch of spot-on information. At a press Q&A, he addressed the future challenges and greatest hopes for the Internet.

Mark Dyer, CEO, Dyer Partnership - United KingdomDoing Business in the UK + Tips on the Tricks & Traps
Mark Dyer,
responded to the concern of cultural challenges of a US company expanding into Europe. The first stop for most companies is the United Kingdom. Whilst there are fewer cultural differences with the UK than other “Euro” countries, there is some handholding necessary…even with market research.

Paul Ray,  McKim Venture capitalImage Guided Tech + Twist & Turns on Way to IPO
Paul Ray,
the well-known serial entrepreneur about a success story that started with BTI (Boulder Tech Incubator…now CTEK) in 1992. This story about Image Guided Technologies is not an overnight success story, but one that was fraught with challenges while going public and then being acquired, no simple feat.
Governor Bill Owens Addresses the Commission on Science and TechnologyGov. Owens Commission on Science & Technology
Governor Bill Owens, introduced by Marc Holtzman spoke about the lay of the land for Colorado. Leroy Williams, Secretary of Technology hosted this year’s first
Dr. Michael Cox, Chief Economist, Sr. VP, Federal Reserve of DallasCommission session and had other heavy-hitters address the high-profile group. The Governor has some high-impact plans.
Federal Reserve Looks at the Deficit + New Insights
Dr. Michael Cox, senior vice president & chief economist of the Federal Reserve of Dallas shed some new if not controversial light on the growing national deficit and outlined what we need for a proper recovery. Governor Bill Owens joined Dr. Cox, for a lively and surprising Q & A session.
Brad Feld, Managing Director, Mobius VCMantra for Venture Capitalists Today + Mobius VC Tips
Brad Feld,
managing director of Mobius Venture Capital identifies what VCs are looking at today…including exit strategies, hot markets, checklist of the VC’s mantra, what Mobius VC is focused on today as well as essentials for the first-time entrepreneur who is building a new company.
Fire Station No. 9 Crew
Fire Station No. 9, Denver crews are ever ready to help their community. The firefighters spirit is something special! When it doesn't require risking their personal safety, they and the Colorado Professional Firefighters continue to offer help! Thank You!
National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Tech Transfer Success LISTEN The NreL Tech Transfer Team: Left to Right:  TomWilliams, George Douglas, Marty Murphy, Bobi Garrett, and Walter Copan
The Tech Transfer Team at NREL supports the Mission of “Realize the Value of Public NREL - Energy Straight from the Boss!Investment.PART 1 >” Listen to them explain how it’s done for everyone to see. Tom Williams, Bobi Garrett, Walter Copan, Marty Murphy, George Douglas explain how the barriers to use are overcome by leveraging knowledge. PART 2 The NREL Way to Bring it to Market > PART 3 Answers to Renewable Challenges - NREL > PART 4 Unlimited Energy – Fact or Fiction?
Eugene Nyagahene, CEO, Radio 10 - RwandaRwanda Radio 10 Years After Genocide + Challenges
Eugene Nyagahene,
founder and CEO of Rwanda’s first radio station since 1994 and the genocide that the world turned its head away. When the 1,000,000 plus people were brutally murdered in a 100-day period, the radio station in Rwanda was used as a tool to help the killing. Presidential Visit to DU 4/14/04
Governor Richard Lamm, Author "The Brave New World of Health Care"Gov. Lamm and the Brave New World of Heath Care
Richard Lamm
, Director, Center for Public Policy and Contemporary Issues at DU and former 3-term Governor of Colorado is not known for avoiding the issues. Governor Lamm goes outside of the box to explain his views on our health care crisis. He talks about the challenges and the choices.
Part 2, He tackles a series of questions about the future of health care. His new book, “The Brave New World of Health Care” brings out some critics, but he makes it hard to argue.

Richard D. Lamm, Profile of a LeaderGovernor Lamm in the Profiles of a Leader Series +
Not making the football team, the charisma of John F Kennedy and being a lumberjack in Oregon were ingredients that shaped the life of Richard Lamm. He is Director for the Center for Public Policy & Contemporary Issues at DU and became a 3-term Governor of Colorado. Here’s a new look
Sue Mencer, Director, Office of Domestic Preparedness - Dept. Homeland SecuritySue Mencer and Buzz Aldrin, AstronautHomeland Security – What Must Be Done 4/2/04
Part 1
Sue Mencer, Director, Office for Domestic Preparedness, Dept. of Homeland Security has about a $100 million budget and answers directly to Tom Ridge Secretary of Homeland Security. Sue explains that training is a major component in the distribution of funds…be prepared. Listen to Part 2, she offers some practical “at home” advice
Lu Cordova, President - CTEKLu Cordova, 3 Challenges Entrepreneurs Face President of CTEK and Chairman of CTEK Angels identifies the 3 biggest challenges entrepreneurs face. They are showstoppers for many. Lu and her crew are continually examining business models and evaluating what works and doesn't work... need-to-know info.
w3w3® is committed to continue to deliver the “Best of the Best” in High-Tech & Business stories directly to your desktop in 2004, 24/7.
Jared Polis, Chairman, Colorado State Board of EducationCareers Not Invented Yet - LISTEN: Part 1 of 2
Jared Polis, Chairman of the State Board of Education in Colorado was the keynote speaker at the DaVinci Institute’s “Night with a Futurist”. Jared talked about the uncharted waters of the Future of Education. We know there’s a need, but is there a workable solution? (Part 2 of 2) March 2004
Larry Nelson, President, w3w3 Media NetworkOrganizing Important Emails - Your email “Subject” lines take on a whole new meaning since the new virus outbreak. Larry Nelson of w3w3® Media Network says blank or misleading Subject lines can lead to frustration, deleted messages and a lost-in-the-maze emails. This replay of “Annoying the Receiver” is a must listen for those who deal with Larry…the Top 5 Mistakes & Solutions.

Melodie Reagan, CEO, Auromira Executive Advantage2004: MORE CHANGES
Melodie Reagan
, CEO of Auromira Executive Advantage, predicts the technology sector will improve significantly in 2004. We will see fundamental shifts in how companies do business; including the way teams and even executives are hired. “Our industries will experience a distinct shift in the number of W2 employees,” explains Reagan.
CAPCO has been a hotly contested issue carrying forward from last year’s legislative session. Senator Moe Keller introduced a bill to secure $2 Million for local Nanotechnology development. “Nanotechnology is the next growth area for high-tech, and this bill will increase job and company growth locally, while possibly bringing more monies into the state out of the $3.7 billion federal bill,” explains Senator Keller. Get Additional Information
Transforming any organization or process can be a daunting task. Ken Porter, Vivian Dullien and David Drake discuss and evaluate the progress at the CU Tech Transfer strategies. Collaboration from all areas will be instrumental in commercializing more research.
Dr. Rahmat Shoureshi, Dean,, Denver University School of Engineering and Computer ScienceDU + Rahmat + Tech Transfer
Rahmat Shoureshi, Dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Denver (DU), is reaching out to other Universities to collaborate. He also plans on capitalizing on the DU assets to develop a first-class tech transfer process aimed at commercializing patents born at DU. Sounds fiscally responsible to us. February 2004
Denise Brown, Executive Director, Colorado BioScience AssociationCOLORADO BioScience ASSOCIATION
Two of the most important associations in Life Sciences have merged to form the powerful and very progressive Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA). They are 225 members strong (and growing) and will be hosting 25 programs in 2004," says Denise Brown, CBSA's Exec. Director. Denise talks of challenges & predictions
Roger Fillion, Rocky Mtn News, Business WriterROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS INSIDER
Spam is big news. Get the inside scoop about the clash of a local company with Microsoft. Ethically speaking, Lockheed Martin made off with $4.6 million, points out business writer for the Rocky, Roger Fillion. He unveils the battle between Space Imaging & Digital Globe and comes back to earth to give us his eye on the economy.
Glenn Rhoades, Colorado NanoTechnology InitiativeGETTING INVOLVED with WASHINGTON
When president Bush signed a $3.7 Billion bill for "Nano Tech", everyone agreed that it was a good thing to be involved with Washington. The Colorado Nano-Technology Initiative (CNTI) had their proactive thinking caps on and has set some lofty goals. Glenn Rhoades, Louis Hornyak & team issue a NanoTech call for action..
Colorado’s business climate and macroeconomics are indicators and important issues to bioscience firms. Dr. Arlen Meyers, professor at UCHSC and executive director of the Colorado Alliance of Bioengineering gives a look at the Batelle BioTech Plan and its progress and prognosis. Collaborative partnerships between industry and academic researchers are essential in building a world-class biocluster.
Louis Hornyak, CNTINanoTech and (FUN)dingRuss Farmer, PBC, Inc.
How does Colorado compare to other states in the NanoTech arena? What is it going to take to develop a first-class biotech cluster? There are many pieces to those puzzles, but in any scenario, money is a major factor. Russ Farmer discusses SBIR & STTR Grant funding with Louis Hornyak and his NanoTech team.
Homeland Security Gap
The United States is the best emergency response country in the world…but it’s mostly ad hoc. Dr Murray Hamilton, Director of the Rocky Mountain Center for Homeland Security at the University of Denver is very frank in this interview about what he calls the country’s biggest gap in homeland security. Communications and coordinated planning are the solution keys.
Larry Nelson meets with the  Nano Tech Team, Perry O'Neil, Garry Dudley, you know larry, Mark Baisley, Louis Hornyak and Glenn Rhoades - the Colorado Nano Technology  Initiative Team and they want YOU to join in !$3.7 Billion for NanoTechnology
For some people, NanoTech has been the "little" sidebar of the Life Sciences sector. Louis Hornyak and his team plan on changing that image. The Colorado Nano Technology Initiative suggests that this technology will change the face of humankind. They have some compelling facts. Count yourself in or you could be left out.
Your Planning Guide for 2004
This is the time of the year we should all finalize our goals & strategies for next year. Larry Nelson, president of the w3w3® Media Network recorded this powerful segment when living in Australia. It's a classic that can help you achieve Your "Ultimate Win"…Personal and Professional Satisfaction. Details & Direct Link to Pick up Your copy (It's FREE)
Jared Polis Foundation's C3 Project: Community Computer ConnectionRadio Inerview: To Listen CLICK Used technology is not what Jared Polis was thinking about when he was building a successful Internet business. On his way to being the Chairman of the State Board of Education he saw a need to help under-served individuals and organizations with "refurbished" computers. Jared's Foundation has a plan, but C3 needs your help. VISIT
Year-end Thanks to You
While 2003 was okay for some, others experienced a rocky road and for some it was devastating. We also saw many making a difference and giving others a hand. We are proud to be part of the business & technology community in Colorado. We'll look forward to working with you in 2004. All the best, Larry, Pat & Jessica. Here are some winners

Admiral Richard Truly, Director, NRELRobert Schwab, Editor, Colorado Biz MagazineRobert Schwab, business editor for Colorado BIZ magazine teamed up with Larry & Pat Nelson of the w3w3® Media Network to get the latest update on NREL. Admiral Richard Truly, Director of the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory surprised everyone with his look at the present and view of the future. mic listen LISTENpart-2 LISTEN

. Larry & Pat Nelson have met many people trying to build their business, and while they are technically competent, they lack the "people piece" of the success equation. LISTEN straight from the w3w3® Media Vault. (More information here)
Mike Hamers, LightSpeed Commercial ArtsLightSpeed Commercial Arts - Now that's a novel idea. But that is Michael Hamer's perspective on the work and the needs of his clients. When it's finally determined that a logo is needed, we usually realize the need retrospectively and want it done yesterday. Mike knows the drill. A "highly decorated" commercial artist, (that would be many award winning designs) Mike has some tips that will help you get the most out of your logo design which has a dramatic effect on your marketing efforts. LISTEN
Marc Holtzman, President, Denver University with Pat & Larry Nelson, Producers, w3w3 Media NetworkListen Appointed May 1st, this year to the office of president of Denver University, Marc Holtzman is listening, learning and making great strides. Chalk up a huge scholarship for honor students who are unfortunately undocumented aliens. Dan Ritchie knows how to pick a winner!
Governor Owens with Scott McNealyGovernor's Technology Summit 2003
ListenSumming It Up
with Larry and Pat Nelson - w3w3® Media Network - took it all in from the comfort of their home. This year, the technology summit general session was web cast - with interaction from the far reaches of the newly networked state of Colorado. Grand Junction and Pueblo participated. Keynote speaker Scott McNealy, SUN was very interesting.
We caught up with ListenRobert Dutkowsky, of J.D. Edwards fame, along with Victor Chayet at the Denver Press Club. It was a riveting - straight talk - ask any thing on your mind - session with the past president and CEO of Colorado's largest tech company. But don't fret, Bob says now we have the second largest Software Company in the world right here in our own backyard. And some ideas about his future interests...
Dr. Murray HamiltonCan you imagine what homeland security and defense would look like if there was an absence of good ethical behavior?
Hamilton, Dr Murray , Director of the Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the University of Denver weighs in on this much talked about issue in the workplace, Corporate Ethics. LISTEN
Dr. James Davis, Dean of University College of the Denver UniversityClimbing the corporate ladder can be quite a trick especially when you include ethical behavior into the equation.
Listen:  Dr. James Davis Dr James Davis
, Dean of University College of the Denver University and prolific author gives some structure to this dicey issue. Simplicity is the key, as Dr Davis walks us through three steps for building ethical behavior.

Harry Simpson, Roving Planet
Mac Agan, Intel Corporation
Tim Brown, NRC
Julian Gallow
Harry Simpson
Roving Planet
Mac Agan
Intel Corporation
  Julian Gallow
  (What Now?)
802.11 Wireless Networks in the Enterprise, 8/14/03- Check out the Denver Telecom Professionals Conference with Harry Simpson, Roving Planet and Mac Agan, Intel Corporation. Then NRC, Tim Brown, CEO, is taking over the Colorado mountain air waves - locally owned and operated, NRC is growing! And what in the world is Julian Gallow doing now?







J.D.Edwards - Past, Present, Future
Bob Dutkowsky, Dynamic and likeable Chairman, President and CEO of J.D. Edwards the Colorado software giant tells 1000s of Customers, patners, employees and prospective clients what's ahead in the future.
Dave Watts, President of Quest (J.D.Edwards user Group) tells about the recent changes and direction of this multinational user group. And from Paris, we hear Craig Conway, President of PeopleSoft addressing the Quest 2003 Conference.

Arlen Meyers, M.D., MBADr. Ellie Greenberg6/9/03 Health and the Internet
Dr. Arlen Meyers
and his guest Dr. Ellie Greenberg, co-chairs of the Governor's Council for TeleHealth outline how online TeleHealth will improve access to health care while lowering costs and improving its quality.

Paul Ray, Director Office of Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Colorado6/2/03 Meet Paul Ray, Director of the Office of Life Sciences and Biotechnology in the Governor's Office of Innovation and Technology. We talked with Paul about Ethics. A new channel being launched at w3w3 Network.
Paul's candid, hard-hitting, straight forward responses will give you something to think about. His sincere take on an issue affecting so many is a look back at lessons learned and applications for today's success with ethical codes of conduct.






Betty Pierce, President, Secure Network Systems, Moderator
Betty Pierce
Secure Network Sys
Harry Smith, President, ISSA - Denver Chapter, Founder Priva Plan
Harry Smith
ISSA/Priva Plan
Harley Rinerson, CIO, Colorado & Dept. Military & Veterans Affairs
Harley Rinerson
State of Colorado
Larry Batten, Defense Sales Representative, ESRI
Larry Batten
Betty Pierce moderates the Cyber Security Panel 5/1/2003
Cyber Security Super Bowl
: You'll find these people amongst the experts coming in from around the country. Colorado is a leader and has answers the expertise sought. Listen and get a headstart protecting all that's important to you. The Q & A Session: Fundamental Principles






General Ralph "Ed" Eberhart19th National Space Symposium
Gen. Ralph E. "Ed" Eberhart, USAF
Commander in Chief, NORAD and Commander,
United States Northern Command
You can listen to the "chief guru" on Homeland Defense and you might find yourself inspired, motivated and better understand the "awe" in today's military.
The Honorable Robert Walker, Wexler & Walker Public Policy Associates
Pat & Larry Nelson at the 19th National Space Symposium






Governor's Technology Summit
4/21/2003 Who's missing? Government, Higher education, Industry all
working at the Governor's Commission on Science & Technology Winter Retreat!  See More

Valerie McNevin, Director, Homeland Security, CIT 4/10/2003 Cyber Security - Time to Lock the Doors
Valerie McNevin,
Director, Homeland Security, CTI
Dr. Bill Ayen , Director NISSC, CU-Colorado Springs
Robert Golightly, Chancellor, Colo. Technical Univ.
Chris Buechner, Special Agent/Cart Fe, FBI
Warren Lotzbire, Security Analyst, CU-Fort Collins
Dr. Bill Ayen, Director, Network, Information and Space Security Center, Research Professor, CU-Colo. Springs
Warren Lotzbire, Security Analyst, Professor, CU-Fort Collins
Christopher Buechner, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Robert Golightly, Chancellor, Colorado Technical University







4/10/2003 Rina Delmonico - Profile of a Leader
Kevin Mitnick - The Hacker's Next Steps, Watch Out
Pat Engstrom - What Your People Don't Know Could Hurt
Patrick Perrin - Answers to Intellectual Property Questions
Rina Delmonico, CEO, REN
Rina Delmonico
Kevin Mitnick
Kevin Mitnick
Pat Engstrom, CEO, KnowledgeFactor
Patrick Engstrom
Patrick Perrin, Esq., Partner, Hogan & Hartson
Patrick Perrin






w3w3 TV & BioTalk Watch and hear five Life Sciences & BioTech experts explain Colorado's Biotech future - the Batelle Plan.
 Paul Ray,  Dir., Offc. Life Science & Biotechnology
Paul Ray

The Batelle Action Plan 3/31/2003

Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA, Exec. Dir. CAB
A. Meyers, MD
Clay Anselmo, Colo Medical Device Assoc
Denise Brown, Exec. Director, Colo. Biotechnology AssociationWatch w3w3 TV for the entire Panel Discussion or catch:
Jay Gershen, UCHSC
Denise Brown, Exec. Dir CBA
Clay Anselmo, CO Medical Device
Paul Ray, Ofc Life Science & Bio Tec
Dr. Arlen Meyers, CAB and Moderator










*NOTE: Gov. OWENS - Requires Shockwave Download + Slideshow     3/25/03
Governor Bill Owens
*Gov. Owens

Kevin Mitnick
Les Wyatt, Sr. VP Sales, JD Edwards
Les Wyatt
Richard Clarke, Presidential Advisor, Retired
Richard Clarke
      3/25/03 Governor; Ethics; 2002 Score Card; Hacker Guru
Governor Bill Owens corrals his people to get high-tech input. Kevin Mitnick, king of the hackers is wearing a target on his back. Les Wyatt of JD Edwards fame says ethical behavior is deep-rooted (good & bad). Richard Clarke, one-time US cyber security chief tells us in "May 2002" what we must do to protect ourselves.







3/18/03 Catharine Merigold - Bullish on Colorado Companies. $60 Million giveaway. Vista Ventures has that much new money to invest in Colorado companies, now! ALL NEW, Copyrights & Trademarks (IP Mistakes to Avoid) - Complete slide presentation with audio (28K Modem OK) with Pat Perrin, Esq. of Hogan & Hartson. Erik Berg of PriceWaterhouseCoopers reveals the high-tech financial forecast with a CTEK audience. John Hansen, CTO for Colorado attacks Cyber Security.






ALL NEW - Here's More of the Stories 3/10/03 Kevin Mitnick's Dark Side continues... details including his arrest. Parents, hard work and Texas Instruments honed the leadership skills of Les Wyatt of JD Edwards, Part 2. The knowledge factor is the value add many miss says Rob Reuteman, biz editor of the Rocky Mountain News. Betty Pierce of SNS gets a "cyber security question attack" at the w3w3® Live Studio Show .







Kevin Mitnick, Out of Prison - but his Price may Never be Paid!
Kevin Mitnick
Les Wyatt, Sr. VP and CMO, J.D.Edwards
Les Wyat
Rob Reuteman, Business Editor, Rocky Mtn News
Rob Reuteman
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3/3/03 Kevin Mitnick, the world's Number 1 Hacker spent 68 months in prison. Hear firsthand what he did to earn it. Les Wyatt of J.D.Edwards talks of challenges and choices in building a career. Rob Reuteman, business editor for the Rocky Mtn. News talks about the tug-of-war between virtue & vice. There's a limit, but you are invited to w3w3's first live. Radio Show Audience you'll hear about the Myths, Madness& Miracles of Cyber Security, and why you need to know all about Cyber Security!







Stephanie Keller-Bottom, Innovent
S Keller-Bottom Innovent/Nokia
Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA, Professor of Otolaryngology, CoChair TeleHealth Council
Arlen Meyers
Dr. Dudley Finch, CU Boulder, Dept. Mechanical Engineering
Dudley Finch
CU Boulder
Lu Cordova, President - CTEK; Forecast Fair March 11
Lu Cordova
Forecast Fair

2.24.03 Dudley Finch - communicating with "cells" (Not with al Qaeda, but deep-level biotech talk). Inside scoop on a new paradigm shift with Dr. Meyers on TeleHealth. Money for your new business from Nokia / Innovent... for real. Lu Cordova lays the Forecast on the line and you had better bite.. Guy Kawasaki did!






Guy Kawasaki,
Guy Kawasaki
Wally Werner, BroadbandVideo
Wally Werner
Mike Reagan, Sr. VP Marketing, Vericept
Mike Reagan
w3w3 LIVE Talk Radio at HQ Global
Digital Waves
 Terry Freeman, ICC
Lu Cordova, President, CTEK
Caron Hart - Rockies Venture Club
MX on the Rocks
MX Rocks
Guy Kawasaki, Apple Fellow and founder of started as a psych major. Wally Werner, cofounder, BroadbandVideo thinks now is a good time to start. Michael Reagan, Vericept says it can all be caught. Seek and you will find; listen and you will hear the latest, the best and the scariest.









This audience got into the show. This is a 3-Part story! Left: S Pliuskonis; P Nelson; J Wright; J Hybinette; C Ewing; N Glaros; DianaLynn; MWilloughby; Denny Reinert
3/6/03 Cyber Security Listen Now - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

John Hansen,, CTO, Colorado and  President CIT
Larry Nelson, Beyond the Trends Vol 2 - Issue 2
Bob Dutkowsky, JDEdwards on Ethics, part 1 of 2
Broadband Video Partners

Space Shuttle Columbia Tribute

Feb 10, 2003: Jared Polis on Profile of a Leader looks and sounds like a million dollars plus. John Hansen, CTO for Colorado fills us in on Part 2 of Cyber Security in CO. Leadership & Management is Larry Nelson's topic on Beyond the Trends. Bob Dutkowsky relates Community to the Bottom-line. BroadbandVideo links up with w3w3® to reach a new level of effectiveness.









Rachel Yates, Attorney, Holland & HartListen InterviewRachel Yates, (Nov. 2002) attorney with Holland & Hart specializes in space law. So who cares about it? Anyone who understands how it will impact everyone on the planet... not just the big aerospace companies.



First Lady
Laura Bush
Bob Dutkowsky, Profile of a Leader
Jared Polis, Founder, ProFlowers, Vice Chair State Board of Education
Jared Polis

Chralie Fote Does Q&A

Charlie Fote

First Data
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Mark Pollitt, FBI
Mark Pollit - FBI
Robert Dutkowsky, Part 2 Ethics
Bob Dutkowsky
Valerie McNevin, Information Security Director & Information Privacy Director, Colorado
 Charlie Fote, First Data Corp, Addresses CSIA Breakfast Bob Dutkowsky, JDEdwards on Ethics, part 1 of 2 Terry Huffine, CTA - New Tools You Can Use Jeff Finkelstein, Customer Paradigm, Testifies on the "hill"
ISSA Says Think Like a Hacker - Be Proactive Larry Nelson, w3w3 Talk Radio Launches "Ethics Channel" Rockies Venture Club - February 11th  












Governor Bill Owens Bill Essrey, Sprint Richard Clarke, Presidential Appointed Security Chief Valerie McNevin,  Information Security Director and Information Privacy Director, Colorado Admiral Richard Truly, Director NREL Jo O'Brien, Asst. Commissioner for Learning & Results, CDE
Brad Feld, Mobius VC Paul Berberian, Raindance Lu Cordova, President,CTEK Robert Walker, Presidential Appointee, Aerospace Future Rick Patch, Sequel Partners Marc Holtzman, Secretary of Technology, Colorado
Arlen Meyers, M.D., MBA Tom Frey, daVinci Institute John Hansen, President CIT Cathy Ewing, Executive Director, CSIA Jeff Finkelstein, Customer Paradigm
Stan Feld, MD Roy Dimoff, ViaWest John Sifonis, Cisco Systems Robt. Dutkowsky, J.D.Edwards Allison Hartsoe, FWE Pat Engstrom, Knowledgefactor
Mike Hamers, LightSpeed Commercial Arts Elaine Miller, Pres. AITP Ben Forta, Macromedia Guru Ken Owens, Conduant Daniel Feldman, Mobius VC nancy Phillips, ViaWest
Larry Nelson, Beyond the Trends, w3w3 Talk Radio     Terry Huffine, President, CTA
...They have all been guests on w3w3® Internet Talk Radio.