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Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability—shaping the built environment to maintain and enhance the natural environment—is a powerful concept that inspires innovative problem-solving.

Motivated to achieve the "triple bottom line" benefits of environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic progress, CH2M HILL's professionals apply sustainability principles to practically every design, construction, and operations challenge our clients face.

CH2M HILL possesses both the culture and the talent to deliver lasting results for complex, multi-disciplinary, long-term projects. We promote the technical interaction required to create robust, system-based, and integrated sustainable solutions, producing tangible benefits for the environment, communities, and our clients' business success.

Your projects reap the benefits of CH2M HILL's sustainability expertise, including long-term cost savings and greater efficiency, decreased risks and liabilities, as well as new business opportunities, increased asset values, and improved public image and stakeholder relations. Of course, we tailor our work to suit your needs and your specific criteria for success.

Because sustainable approaches are embedded in a host of service areas found throughout this web site, the services listed below provide a sampling only. We invite you to explore the web site further to find additional sustainable service capabilities.

Andrea Ramage
Director, Sustainable Solutions
Phone: +1.425.453.5000
Fax: +1.425.468.3100

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eight things to do

Here are 8 simple things you can do and how much carbon dioxide you’ll save doing them.

  1. Change a light - Replacing one regular bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb will save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.
  2. Drive Less - Walk, Bike, carpool or take mass transit more often. You’ll save one pound of carbon dioxide for every mile you don’t drive.
  3. Recycle more - You save 2400 pounds of carbon dioxide per year by recycling just half of your household waste.
  4. Check your tires - Keeping your tires inflated properly can improve gas mileage by more than 3%. Every gallon of gas saved keeps 20 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air.
  5. Use less hot water - It takes a lot of energy to heat water. Use less hot water by installing a low flow showerhead = 350 pounds of CO2 saved per year, and washing your clothes in cold or warm water = 500 pounds of CO2 saved per year.
  6. Avoid products with a lot of packaging - Moving your thermostat down just two (-2) degrees in winter and up 2 degrees in summer would save about 2000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.
  7. Plant a tree - A single tree will absorb 1 tone of carbon dioxide over its life time and don’t cut a tree down unless it’s absolutely necessary!
  8. Turn off electronic devices - Simply turning off your television, DVD player, Stereo and computer when you’re not using them will save thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

CORE Fusing sustainability with business.

Thanks to our sponsor...

SOLUTIONS Without Boundaries
CH2MHILL is a global leader in full-service eingineering, construction and operations.
Photo Album Links Sustainability Opportunities Summit 2008

CleanTech Awards 2-26-08
At the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
Summit 2008 Day 1  
 Featuring Ray Lane, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
SOS 2008 Day 2,
Featuring Governor Bill Ritter and the
Cleantech Venture Challenge 2008

451_ Getting Thanked for Doing the Right Thing...Awards Too
Dan King, Ambassador of Cool, Boulder Outlook Hotel enclosure-voice Five years ago Dan King and partners bought the Outlook Hotel in Boulder. It had been a Holiday Inn. Dan went onto point out, "We made it an independent hotel and from the beginning we wanted to make it feel like Boulder, act like Boulder, look like Boulder. We really wanted to develop that attitude, and it was a process. We didn’t start out being very ‘green’ – I mean we had some green initiatives, but it’s really grown with our business plan." Today the Boulder Outlook Hotel is Boulder's first Zero Waste hotel" and Dan wants to see more! "This is how we’re reflecting our community, and it is part of what we are about." Larry asked Dan to recommend the beginning steps an organization should take if going 'green'. "Recognize that it is a journey. It’s important for a business to figure out what they can take on first. What can they do and do well and accomplish it. Commit to the journey. I think each business has to look at what is within their reach first. I mean we’re a small business, we don’t have a lot of money to throw around. So I have to look at things that don’t require a lot of capital dollars." Dan went on, "The challenges are, it’s not going to happen until you get corporate buy-in, you’ve got to get everyone to buy-in and make the commitment. You do need commitment from the top. Then you need a champion within the organization who is not from top management. I was lucky enough to have a woman chef, Diane, who is our 'green goddess' at the hotel. And she became our champion. She got staff buy-in. But change is hard." Dan was a speaker at the CORE Sustainable Opportunities Summit. LISTEN 3/3/08

Related Links: Boulder Outook Hotel || Conscious Economy Channel || CORE Colorado || 2008 Sustainable Opportunities Summit || Keywords: Dan King, Outlook Hotel, Boulder, CORE, Going Green, Sustainable Opportunities Summit, Zero Waste Hotel LISTEN

450_ Going Green - Definitely a Hot Topic Here's Why & How
Jeff Scott, Founder & President, SolSourceenclosure-voice It was the seed of an idea that he had when living in Japan. Jeff Scott, Sol Source, Founder & President said," I was thinking about the concept of people, planet and profit and working to see if there was some way to mainstream the green. I thought Colorado was the perfect place to do that; great solar resource, wind resource and we have the NREL, we have a great “building systems program” at CU Boulder, CU Denver has a great sustainability program, I just thought Colorado was the right place to come back to." Larry brought up how being 'green' seems to be the 'in thing'. Dan replied, "It’s definitely a hot topic. There is a definite trend toward the green; we see it on all the major media, local media of all kinds. It’s a very exciting space, but what we’re finding is there are not a lot of people that are technically qualified to be in this space. Getting the technical expertise into the workforce, there is probably a huge opportunity for someone to really tap into." First steps: Really get buy in from all of the people internally – get your workforce behind you, everybody that’s involved in your company, to understand what your position is. We’re actually working with several companies that have developed internal green teams, green task forces within the company, determining how they can reduce their impact. Energy audits are a great way to reduce our consumption. And because of the solar rebates in Colorado, as well as the federal tax credits that are available, there are great incentives for commercial companies to put solar hot water, solar electric or solar hot air into the building. Jeff was a speaker at the CORE Sustainable Opportunities Summit...here's more... 3/3/08  LISTEN

Related Links: SolSource || Conscious Economy Channel || CORE Colorado || 2008 Sustainable Opportunities Summit   Keywords: Jeff Scott, Sol Source, Going Green, CORE, Sustainable Opportunities Summit, Tax Credits Bytes: 14829508 LISTEN

Doug Hietkamp, Teknion449_ In the Beginning There Was Resistance, But Slowly Caven Hill, District Manager, TeknionOne Plant at a Time...
enclosure-voice At the SOS conference Doug Hietkamp, Director Sustainable Programs, Teknion Corporation – Toronto, Ontario, Canada was addressing the greening of the manufacturing process. The main thing he brought to the discussion was the implementation of ISO 42001 environmental manufacturing system and changing the culture of the company. Teknion is a manufacturer of office furniture products, architectural products and Caven Hill is the District Manager, of Teknion in Denver. They discussed with Larry the challenges, the changes and the future of going 'green'. They pointed out that the biggest challenge was just changing people, changing their minds, getting them to think a little bit differently. Make sure there not afraid of a new approach, that goals coincide with the change in the culture. It’s getting people to start with something, doesn’t matter how small it is, just as long as they start with it and continue to move toward bigger and bigger things. "One of the things we did at the start was to show quick results, that people can see. So instead of starting with wasted kilowatts, you know, nobody can touch or feel a kilowatt. We have our waste programs, people can see waste, they understand reducing it, diverting it, whatever it might be and they can actually be a part of that. That was a good first step where people could grab a hold of it. Caven and Doug talked about the future and how carbon credits will be important and how we interact with those carbon offsets or taxes. There's more... LISTEN 3/3/08

Related Links: Teknion || Teammates Commercial Interiors || Conscious Economy Channel || CORE Colorado || 2008 Sustainable Opportunities Summit || Keywords: Doug Hietkamp, Caven Hill, Teknion, Sustainable Programs, Change, CORE, Sustainable Opportunities Summit Bytes: 17878938 LISTEN

CORE – 3rd Annual Sustainable Opportunities Summit
The rules of business are changing. Climate change is at the height of media attention and has become an important part of current business trends.You can't afford to miss this: 2/27 – 29/08 W-F 3rd Annual Sustainable Opportunities Summit

439_ Welcome to the Sustainabilty Era - Defined and Debated
Bud McGrath, COREGraham Russell enclosure-voice Addressing Climate Change for Sustainable and Profitable Business is no simple matter. Differing definitions and understandings along with misunderstood concepts make it challenging for some. Bud McGrath, Executive Director of CORE and Graham Russell, Director of the CORE Foundation discuss what is going on in the Clean Tech and Sustainability space and clear up many of the misunderstandings. Regardless on your position on the topic, the rules of business are changing. Climate change is at the height of media attention and has become an important part of current business trends. Companies are recognizing significant opportunities by creating new sought-after products, realigning the way they operate, and reducing their energy costs. Companies are finding that managing the risk of climate change and lowering their impact on the environment allows them to gain investor confidence, reduce their exposure to non-compliance, and increase their profits. The most significant conference (SOS) with world-renowned leaders will be in Denver February 27 - 29...w3w3.com will be there. LISTEN 2/11/08

Related Links: Conscious Economy Channel || CORE Home || 2008 Sustainable Opportunities Summit || Cleantech Venture Challenge || Keywords: CORE, Sustainability, Cleantech, Sustainable Opportunities Summit, Bud McGrath, Graham Russell, Climate Change > Bytes: 18960616 LISTEN

Paul Jerde, The Deming Center, 
                   Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado at Boulder 434_ Will Sustainability and Cleantech Work Together in the Real World?
It’s all about the sea of change for the acceptance of the principals, practices and opportunities that intersect under the overarching umbrella of sustainability according to Paul Jerde, Executive Director of the Deming Center of Entrepreneurship, Leeds School of Business. What’s changed in the past couple of years with regard to Sustainability – trends, business acceptance and understanding of it? Will and how does Sustainability and Cleantech come together and if they do, will it last? How does Sustainability and Entrepreneurship intersect? These are questions that will be addressed head-on at the third annual Sustainability Opportunities Summit. Listen to Paul and you will gain further understanding of and some context pertaining to the ideas of sustainability, sustainable venturing, and business opportunity. He goes on to suggest," Perhaps some understanding of the myriad drivers...and hopefully some understanding of why this vague term has been so firmly adopted within business lexicon."
2/04/08 > LISTEN

Related Links: Conscious Economy Channel || CORE Home || 2008 Sustainable opportunities Summit || Cleantech Venture Challenge Keywords: Paul Jerde, Deming Center, Leeds School of Business, Sustainability, Cleantech, Green Tech > Bytes: 19275758 LISTEN

enclosure-voice384_ Climate Change - Legal Implications of the Risks and Challenges
Colin Harris, HRO, Climate Change LawInstitutional investors and environmental groups are pressuring corporate America to address the potential risks associated with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and related climate change, which is defined here as variations in the Earth’s climate that may be attributed to human activity. Many companies are actively managing their carbon footprint through disclosure, trading and reductions. Colin Harris attorney Holme Roberts & Owen explains that most, however, are a step behind, or more. The reality is that the U.S. economy will almost certainly continue to be driven by carbon-intensive fuels and industries for the foreseeable future, even with our continued emphasis on “green” initiatives and despite the enactment of GHG regulations, which now seems inevitable. Nevertheless, the pressure on corporations to act responsibly and promptly on climate change is increasing, with a particular emphasis on the disclosure of the risks posed by climate change. It is a difficult balancing act faced by corporations regarding the challenges of climate change, particularly regarding increased pressure to be more transparent about risk. Listen for more timely information. LISTEN
Related Links:   Holme Roberts & Owen || It's the Law Channel || Podcast Directory || Conscious Economy Channel || Keywords: Climate Change, Colin Harris, Holme Roberts & Owen LLP, HRO, GHG regulations Channel: It's the Law > Bytes:
12012045> 10/1/07 LISTEN

Nigel Nugent, CH2MSolar Mapping: San Francisco Takes the Lead, for Now
enclosure-voice 345_ For the first time ever a resident of a city or a business owner, can get an estimate of the benefits of installing solar, in minutes. They are given info, case studies to read, and info about city rebates. Solar mapping can help reduce Co2 gas emissions, which is the largest in the family of greenhouse gasses. Nigel Nugent leads the charge for CHM2 HILL in its Enterprise Spatial Solutions group and points out how timely their proprietary SAFE Method (Solar Automated Feature Extraction) is and what it will mean to cities and states pushing for 'Clean Tech" for their communities. Nigel also feels we are seeing kind of city wide or state wide goals that are being put in place, but very quickly we’re going to see a kind of “Green Sarbanes Oxley” setting out specific requirements around use of green energy.

Related Links:  Enterprise Management Solutions || Enterprise Spatial Solutions || PodCast Directory || Denver Post || Keywords:Solar Mapping, Nigel Nugent, SAFE Method (Solar Automated Feature Extraction), CH2M HILL, Enterprise Spatial Solutions >> Channels: CEC > Bytes: 11865759> LISTEN 7/23/07

272_ Zero Landfill: Is That Even Possible?
Bill Reinert, opening keynote speaker at Gary Gaessler, Sue Wyman, Phil Weiser and Gregg Sutherlandthe CORE Sustainability Opportunities Summit (SOS), surprised (even shocked) many attendees when he shared what Toyota is doing to be a leader in Clean Tech and Climate Change. Bill sites the three biggest challenges for the coming year.
Bill Reinert is National Manager of Advanced Technology for Toyota Motor Sales, USA. His primary function is to coordinate Toyota’s various research, development and marketing activities related to alternative-fueled vehicles and emerging technologies. He is currently working on several advanced hybrid electric products, direct hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, reformed fuel approaches for hydrogen, full-featured electric vehicles, city electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid concepts, ethanol fuels and sustainable transportation systems.
Related Links: 2007 Sustainable Opportunities Summit || CORE Colorado  || Cleantech Innovation Challenge || Toyota Environment|| Event Photos || Channel: CEC, || Keywords: CORE, Sustainability, Opportunities Summit, Bill Reinert, Toyota, Clean Tech, Climate Change - 3/5/07 > LISTEN Bytes: 4069149 > PHOTO Album - Reception 2/28/07

Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Venturesenclosure-voice323_ Big Money for Photovoltaics, Solar Cells, Clean Tech
Garage.com decided it was important to invest in emerging technologies that could have a lot of potential for investment. Bill Reichert, Managing Partner at Garage Technology Ventures said, "We saw lots of activity, in universities and government labs, around a wide variety of ‘materials science’ that had applicability across business and the economy that struck Bill as having significant global implications. Many had an orientation toward energy technology, subsequently called ‘clean technologies’. Here's more...
Related Links: Garage Technology Ventures || Colorado Capital Conference || Event Photos || Venture Capital Channel ||
>Channels: Venture Capital; Conscious Economy >
Keywords: Venture Capital, Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Ventures, Rockies Venture Club, Clean Tech  > Bytes: 5398154 LISTEN 6/4/07

Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Venturesenclosure-voice326_ ‘Clean Tech Community’ on the Good Side and the Bad
It’s interesting to see what’s going on in the ‘clean tech community’ on the good side and the bad. There has been a bit of a bubble in the area. A lot of us in the community and the popular press have gotten a little over excited about the pace of technological innovation. The venture community in the US hasn’t jumped heavily into ‘wind power’ and that ironically has one of the best economics in terms of its efficiency and cost per watts produced. There has been huge public market investment and private equity investment in that area. Bill Reichert, Managing Partner at Garage Technology Ventures shares his insights.
Bytes: 5398154 LISTEN 6/11/07

enclosure-voice320_   Energy Initiative - Innovation, Entrepreneurship and TransformationLarry Nelson, w3w3.com; Carl Koval and Kate Tallman, University of Colorado

It's a Colorado priority and numerous CU departments are very involved. If we do transit from fossil fuels to renewable energy in the 21st century, that is an enormous change. So transformation is change. And that effects politics, it affects products people buy just a lot of things. So that involves people from the Law School, the Sociology Department and people around the campus who study “carbon credits”. Carl Koval, Faculty Director of the CU Renewable and Sustainable Energy Initiative discusses with Kate Tallman, Director at CUTTO. Related Links: CUTTO Channel || CU Energy Initiative || C2B2 || Collaboratory || >Keywords: Collaboratory, Carl Koval, Kate Tallman, CU, Sustainable, Energy Initiative, CUTTO > Bytes: 3619216 LISTEN 5/28/07

enclosure-voiceKarl Dakin, Esq., Green Up Denver321_ Does Lost and Found Have Your Hard Drive?
Data is becoming very sensitive., That information is on hard drives and people need to be concerned about the information that’s on there. This is the ultimate, take your computer to an event like this and you can watch your hard drive being shredded. It’s all about destroying that data. Recycling is the right thing to do, but you have to make sure it’s being done correctly. Computer & Electronic Recycling Sponsor, Luminous Recycling, Steve Fuelberth discusses this dicey issue with Karl Dakin, Green Up Denver.
Look for Luminous Recycling + all the other Colorado Exhibitors at the IT Summit Exhibitors Floor Plan - Tuesday, May 30th. Related Links: Event Photos || Green Up Denver || Luminous Electronics Recycling || Conscious Economy Channel || Data Destrucion || Channel: Recycling || >Keywords: Green Up Colorado, Luminous Recycling, Karl Dakin, Steve Fuelberth > Bytes: 3524757 LISTEN 5/28/07

Winston Hickox, CalPERSenclosure-voice289_ Investing in Companies that Embrace Sustainability
"Put your money where your mouth is," took on a whole new meaning when Winston Hickox, Senior Portfolio Manager, Environmental Initiatives, CalPERS gave his keynote address at the 2nd Annual Sustainable Opportunities Summit in Denver. CalPERS is a major institutional investor and Winston describes its focus on companies with a proactive approach to energy, environmentalperformance and the impact that it has had. He was talking in the $ Billions. Related Links: CORE || SOS Summit || Event Photos Day 1 || Day 2 || Day 3 || Keywords: Conscious Economy, CORE, sustainability, Winston Hickox, CalPERS, investing || Channels: CEC, VC, || Bytes: 5446115 LISTEN 4/2/07
Jaycie Chitwood, Toyota285_ Bunch of Oil & a Bunch of People, Creates a Vision enclosure-voice
A population increase from 3000 in the 1980s to 30,000 permanent residents today has created quite a concern points out Jaycie Chitwood, Sr. Strategic Planner and project manager for the Advanced Technologies Group, Toyota Motor Sales USA. Then about 5 years ago a tanker sunk just off the islands, releasing 100’s of thousands of gallons of heavy fuel and diesel. That history of the Galapagos Islands was the genesis of a 10-year master plan. Related Links: Conscious Economy || CORE || SOS Summit || Toyota: Galapagos Islands || Event Photos Day 1 || Day 2 || Day 3 || Channel: CEC || Keywords: CORE, Jaycie Chitwood, Toyota, Galapagos Islands, Sustainable Opportunities Summit > Bytes 3943134 LISTEN 3/26/07
262 Business Upside Down: The Unthinkable Becomes Mainstream enclosure-voice
Graham Russell, President, CORE Mayor John Hickenlooper will be kicking off the Sustainability Opportunities Summit(3/1/07). Businesses have always understood the basic that the marketplace and the end users determine the direction of the company, and if not, customers would take their business someplace else. Businesses like Nike now realize that consumers will not buy products being made in undesirable sweatshops. Graham Russell and Bud McGrath discuss sustainablity, or 'doing the right thing'. This is also a demand of their stockholders. Related Links:
Cleantech Innovation Challenge || CEC Conscious Economy Channel || 2007 Sustainable Opportunities Summit || CORE Home Page || Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Graham Russell, Sustainability, Innovation> Bytes 5332221 || LISTEN 2/19/07
257 Building the Spirit of Change, Creativity and Innovation enclosure-voice
Paul Jerde, Director the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado at Boulder Escalating worldwide competition for resources, such as energy and water, and related environmental issues are creating substantial demand and opportunities for innovation, new technologies, and new ventures to serve existing and emerging markets. Paul Jerde, Executive Director of the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, Leeds School of Business, CU Boulder, points out that's exactly why they are involved with and tackling this important economic sustainability issue.
Related Links: Cleantech Innovation Challenge || Partner Spotlight || 2007 Sustainable Opportunities Summit || CORE Home Page || Keywords: Deming Center, Entrepreneurship, Paul Jerde, CU Boulder, Sustainability, Innovation > Bytes 6769792 || LISTEN 2/12/07
254 Profits and Social Responsibility Become Partners enclosure-voice
Bud McGrath and Rich EidlindMoney motivates and now many are hopping on the bandwagon with an added push from customer demands. The 'buzz word' that has the attention of everyone in Colorado interested in economic development is 'sustainability'. Do you know what the CORE criterion is for being considered a sustainable organization? Sustainability includes being socially responsible, recycling, community support, thinking green and yes...PROFITS. Bud McGrath, executive director and Richard Eidlin board member of CORE explain what we should all know. Related Links: 2007 Sustainable Opportunities Summit || Riding on the Wind || CORE Home Page || Cleantech Innovation Challenge || Renewable Energy Channel ||
Keywords: Sustainability, CORE, Cleantech, Sustainable Opportunities Summit, Bud McGrath, Richard Eidlin, Economic Development > Bytes 5825622 LISTEN 2/5/2007
247 Renewable Energy Research Marching into the Future enclosure-voice
Admiral Richard Truly, Past Director, NRELRobert Schwab, ColoradoBIZ MagBeing innovative and out on the edge conjures up the good, the bad and the ugly. "The future is infinitely more important than the past." said Admiral Truly on July 15, 2002.
Related Links: 2007 Sustainable Opportunities Summit || CORE Home Page || Cleantech Innovation Challenge || Renewable Energy Channel || Keywords: NREL, Richard Truly, Sustainability, CORE, CU, Cleantech, Sustainable Opportunities Summit, Renewable Energy || LISTEN > Part 1 Bytes: 7440408 and LISTEN Part 2 of 2 1/29/07 Bytes: 7880519 READ more about NREL
243 Sustainability is a Very Profitable Business Differentiator enclosure-voice
Paul Jerde, Deming Center, Leeds School of Business - CU BoulderBud McGrath, Executive Director, COREThink of the things that have become mainstream that only a year or so ago were in the shadows. The long-term winner in that group is 'sustainability'. Bud McGrath, a successful entrepreneur joined the ranks of CORE, an important association that is making a difference, and Paul Jerde, the Executive Director for the Demming Center, Leeds School of Business have teamed up for their second year for the Sustainable Opportunities Summit. Listen here for the latest and get the definitions first-hand.
Related Links: 2007 Sustainable Opportunities Summit || CORE Home Page || Colorado Leeds || Cleantech Innovation Challenge || Renewable Energy Channel || Keywords: Sustainability, CORE, CU, Cleantech, Sustainable Opportunities Summit, Renewable Energy || Bytes: 5997821 > LISTEN 1/22/07
Niel Golightly, Director of Sustainable Business Strategies, Ford Motor CompanyFord, 100 Years Old Heading for a Sustainable 200
"Companies still standing 10, 20, 30 years from now will be those companies that get the sustainability agenda right," says Niel Golightly, Ford Motor's Director of Sustainable Business Strategies. Bud McGrath, Executive Director of CORE and Treasure, Graham Russell question Niel about Ford's direction and seeing if it is sustainable. Short-term and legacy issues still persist. LISTEN 3/6/2006
Related Links: CORE Summit page - Ford Hybrids - Renewable Energy Channel - CORE Event Photos
William Vass, Sr. Vice Pres. & CIO, Sun MicrosystemsSun, Expecting 12 to 15 Year Desktop Life Cycles
"It's really time for the IT industry to grow up," says Bill Vass, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Sun Microsystems. Bill was the luncheon keynote speaker at CORE's first annual Sustainable Opportunities Summit. He focused on the challenges of disposable IT products and pointed out that Google uses about 100 million kilowatt hours of power. Energy is not in the CIO budget. LISTEN 3/06/2006
Related Links: Sun Microsystems - CORE Coming Programs
John CasesaChallenges and Opportunities for Green Investing
It will take a public sector and private sector partnership to achieve the next level of success in the clean energy field. John Casesa, First Vice President, Merrill Lynch points out that the, “Horse has already left the barn. And consumers want this technology. There’s no turning back now.” John was a keynote speaker at the Sustainability Opportunities Summit - "A Call to Sustainable Action: Energy, Security and Climate Change". Political tempers could rise in 2007- a hot year ahead. LISTEN 2/27/2006
Related Links: CORE Home page - Merrill Lynch - Renewable Energy Channel

The NreL Tech Transfer Team: Left to Right:  TomWilliams, George Douglas, Marty Murphy, Bobi Garrett, and Walter Copan
NREL: Tech Transfer Success Stories


NREL - Energy Straight from the Boss!The Tech Transfer Team of NREL supports the Mission of “Realize the Value of Public Investment.PART 1 >” Listen to them explain how it’s done for everyone to see. Tom Williams, Bobi Garrett, Walter Copan, Marty Murphy, George Douglas explain how the barriers to use are overcome by leveraging knowledge. PART 2 The NREL Way to Bring it to Market > PART 3 Answers to Renewable Challenges - NREL > PART 4 Unlimited Energy – Fact or Fiction?

Admiral Richard Truly, Director, NRELRobert Schwab, Editor, Colorado Biz MagazineLarry & Pat Nelson of w3w3® Media Network join Robert Schwab, business editor of the Colorado BIZ Magazine at the NREL offices with Director, Admiral Richard Truly for part-2 of an in-depth interview about the National Lab's challenges and triumphs. LISTEN
Adm. Richard Truly, Director, National Renewable Energy Laboratory - Golden, Colorado mic listenRobert Schwab, business editor for Colorado BIZ magazine teamed up with Larry & Pat Nelson of the w3w3® Media Network to get the latest update on NREL. Admiral Richard Truly, Director of the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory surprised everyone with his look at the present and view of the future. LISTEN
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