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DENVER, (Dec. 8, 2004) – The Advance Colorado Center (ACC) opened its doors Dec. 2, ushering in a new era in Colorado economic development as emerging industry associations joined forces to share space within the same building of the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade (OEDIT).

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Mark Baisley, Intelligence & Info Sys., RaytheonHere’s an Idea – Making Geography Interesting 5/23/05
There are five industry clusters that the Denver Metro Economic Development Corp has identified as for bringing in new business into the state. Mark Baisley, senior manager at Raytheon, says we are still challenged with the lack of young students getting involved with sciences. Mark and others offer satellite solutions.
Youth and the pipeline.

Governor Bill OwensA Salute to American Heroes, a Look at the Past 5/02/05
What a great spot to be in. Governor Bill Owens opened a special
luncheon at the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs. He reflected on incredible events in the past, acted as a Colorado ambassador to hundreds of leaders from around the world and welcomed the attendees to honor an American hero.

Ray Kolibaba, RaytheonReaching Out to Teachers – Is It Too Late? 5/16/05
Raytheon, an award winning aerospace company is concerned living up to commitments on large contracts. Here’s the good news and the challenge. About 25% of the folks hired are coming out of the CU system says Ray Kolibaba. That must be increased. In just a few minutes, Ray points out what needs to happen.

Lt. Governor Jane NortonSenior Managers Retiring – And Pipeline Problem 5/09/05
The 2005 Space Symposium was spectacular. The tone was up and realistic. Colorado had the best presence ever. Lt. Gov. Jane Norton spoke a few times at the 4-day event. In Colorado, space is in a great place with its educated work-force, universities, national labs, commercial and military presence…BUT. LISTEN
Pete AldridgeAir Force, NASA, now Moon to Mars Commission 5/02/05
The prestigious General James E. Hill Lifetime Space Achievement Award was given to Edward C. “Pete” Aldridge, Jr. at the 2005 Space Symposium. Surrounded by some of his heroes, Pete listened to the accolades and humbly accepted the great honor. Here’s an interesting story and lessons to be learned.LISTEN
Out of the World Photos - Were You There?
Ray Kolibaba, Raytheon, VP Denver OperationsJane Norton, Lt. Governor, ColoradoThe Pipeline of Youth for Aerospace is Up in the Air -- Lt. Governor Jane Norton, Honorary Chair, Space Foundation and Colorado Space Coalition, welcomes, Ray Kolibaba, Vice President of Raytheon’s Denver operations believes in team play, challenging the competition and collaborating with the competition. There’s been a 30,000 increase in space industry employees the past five years and an expected 90,000 increase the next five years…big challenge and tough solutions. 4/11/05  LISTEN

Willie Daniels, Our Shades of BlueFlying on the High Side – Will Mentoring Work? 5/16/05
Shades of Blue is an educational organization designed to help identify and prepare students for a career in aviation and aerospace says Willie Daniels. He is an airline pilot and has helped bring together a group of business people and professionals from a variety of disciplines to create a pipeline for today and tomorrow.

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