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DENVER, (Dec. 8, 2004) – The Advance Colorado Center (ACC) opened its doors Dec. 2, ushering in a new era in Colorado economic development as emerging industry associations joined forces to share space within the same building of the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade (OEDIT).

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Governor Bill OwensA Salute to American Heroes, a Look at the Past 5/02/05
What a great spot to be in. Governor Bill Owens opened a special
luncheon at the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs. He reflected on incredible events in the past, acted as a Colorado ambassador to hundreds of leaders from around the world and welcomed the attendees to honor an American hero. LISTEN
Pete AldridgeAir Force, NASA, now Moon to Mars Commission 5/02/05
The prestigious General James E. Hill Lifetime Space Achievement Award was given to Edward C. “Pete” Aldridge, Jr. at the 2005 Space Symposium. Surrounded by some of his heroes, Pete listened to the accolades and humbly accepted the great honor. Here’s an interesting story and lessons to be learned.LISTEN
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Rick Patch, LifePicsA Winner Stresses, It’s the Bumps in the Road 5/02/05
The Rockies Venture Club turned 20 years old, and on the same evening Rick Patch, CEO of LifePics was presented with the 2004Duane Pearsall Entrepreneurial Award. Rick touches on some “learning moments” from his past, but then lays it on the line with the challenges and triumphs of today.
John Farnbach, Co-Founder, Silver Streak PartnersHere’s an Idea, Make Innovation for Fun and Profit 5/02/05
Product innovation is an enterprise wide operation points out John Farnbach, co-founder and principle of Silver Streak Partners. New product development must be lead by the CEO while aligning the whole company in the process. New product development is never done the same way twice.
Here are some tips.

Tom Washing, Founding Partner, Sequel Venture PartnersThere’s a Huge Amount of Venture Capital Available 4/25/05
Tom Washing, Founding Partner Sequel Venture Capital in this interview with Larry, covers lessons learned from the past, today’s VC mantra and a view of “access to capital” in the future. There is a HUGE amount of money available today, there is more angle funding and Tom offers some advice to help get it. LISTEN
Governor Bill OwensHere’s a 60% Growth Rate After Two Flat Years 4/25/05
Aerospace is beginning to re-build momentum but they are still facing some of the same challenges as 22 year old Single Source Circuit Design…difficulty finding young people to replace those retiring. Jody Singleton, President of SSCD was very active with a commercial focus at the recent Space Symposium. LISTEN

Robert McDowell, Corporate VP, Microsoft CorporationPatricia Gabow, M.D., CEO and Medical Director, Denver HealthHere’s $170,000,000 Invested in IT for Health Care 4/25/2005 - Change is hard and it’s more than IT challenges…it is management. Robert McDowell, Corporate VP of Microsoft in his book, “In Search of Business Value” discusses solutions for business and health care with Patricia Gabow, CEO and Medical Director of Denver Health. LISTEN

Pete Estler, Managing Member of QuintessDom Di Dia, TECHere’s a Serial Entrepreneur Message to the Winner - Awarding the 2004 Duane Pearsall Entrepreneurial Award to Rick Patch, currently President of LifePics, highlighted RVC’s 20th Anniversary Celebration. Dominic Di Dia of TEC gave some background about Pete Estler, Managing Member of Quintess who turned on the heat for his award-winning friend Rick. LISTEN 4/25/2005

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