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Invest Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Technology & Development Center
Denver Announces Trade Mission to Colorado

October 16-19, 2005.

Margaret McMahon The Northern Ireland Technology and Development Center Denver (NITDC Denver) will bring thirteen (13) Northern Irish companies and the President of the Northern Irish Chamber of Commerce and Industry to Colorado for a four-day trade mission of one- to- one meetings with Colorado companies. The Trade Mission program of events includes a biotechnology symposium, a reception and networking events.
NITDC Denver is looking for Colorado companies interested in partnerships with Northern Irish companies for purposes of strategic alliances in Europe and the US, distribution agreements, technology licensing, contract manufacturing, joint ventures, and collaborations for research and joint grant funding, among others. To become matched with a Northern Irish company and participate in the events of the mission, please contact Margaret McMahon, Director, at
303 572 5200 or
mcmahondenver@aol.com or InvestNIDenver@aol.com.

Just in: Northern Ireland Trade Mission will be taking appointments with Colorado Companies - Monday 10/17-19/05

spacerRandox laboratories, Dr. Lorna Lawrence

Queens University Belfast, Dr. Robert Bowman,
Keynote speaker Nano conference

Invest NI, Teresa Madden 

ontact Margaret McMahon, Director, at 303 572 5200 or mcmahondenver@aol.com

NITDC Announces


NITDC Newsletter

Issue 01
Issue 02

INI - Business Center Celebration Photos
Ribbon Cutting
Denver, CO, USA
November 2003

Denver, Colorado

Google Maps

Frank Hewitt, Chamber of Commerce House, N IrelandBelfast Chamber of Commerce Visits Denver 11/7/05 LISTEN
For more than two decades the entire economy of Northern Ireland was subjected to sustained and vicious terrorism. Chief Executive for the Chamber of Commerce House, Frank Hewitt shared the dramatic turnaround. Now there is a fast growing economy and Billions of pounds being invested in infrastructure as he shares with Peggy McMahon, Dir. of the N. Ireland Tech & Development Center in Denver.
Robert Bowman, PhDPeggy McMahon, Director, NIreland Nanotechnology, NIST and Northern Ireland LISTEN Seagate is one of many companies that partner with organizations from Northern Ireland. Peggy McMahon, Dir. of the N. Ireland Tech & Development Center in Denver and Larry Nelson talk with Dr. Robert Bowman, keynote speaker at a world-class nanotech conference at NIST recently. Dr. Bowman sheds a new light on advanced applications in storage and other Nano developments. 10/31/05
Participating Northern Ireland Companies (alphabetical listing)

Amtec - Medical - Mr. Will McKee - Tel: 07711 453 433 - 028 9446-0300
C/O 111
Ballymore Rd, Tandragee, Co. Armagh BT 62 2JY.
wmckee@amtec-medical.com - www.amtec-medical.com

Founded in 1987 after a R&D initiative involving Queens University & Musgrave Park Hospital. The company is a developer and marketer of intelligent, innovative medical technology. Products include the Venometer which can detect DVT and the Waveform which is a mechanical prophylactic system for DVT for use during surgery.

Linkubator/Amtec Medical, Ms. Andrea Gallagher - Tel: 087 0242 3012 - 028 9446 0300
C/O 22 Cranmore Avenue, Belfast, BT9 6JH
mail@linkubator.com - www.amtec-medical.com

A joint project with the University of Ulster which invites medical device companies (start up stage) with a need for technologies available in NI (e.g., biotech, engineering, design, software, manufacturing, etc) to open a presence in NI and receive assistance in operating the business and getting approval of the device in order to enter the EU market for medical devices in less time than it takes FDA to approve the devices in the US.

Antrim Transformers, Mr. Ryan Turkington - Tel: 028 9442 8737 - 028 9446 8775
Enkalon Industrial Park, 25 Randalstown Road, Antrim, BT41 4LD
ryan@antrimtransformers.com - www.antrimtransformers.com

Custom design and manufacturer of torroidal transformers of medical devices, the power industry and industrial use.

Causeway Data Communications LTD, Dr. Adrian Moore - Tel: 028 8556 8081 - 028 8556 8082
1 Lanyon Quay, Science Research Park, Belfast, BT1 3BP and
Innovation Center, Coleraine, BT52 1XE
adrian@cdc-ni.com - www.cdc-ni.com

CDC Ltd is a leader in the provision of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based products, services and related Internet technologies with particular expertise in the land and property, and health sectors.

EDS Ireland Limited, Mr. Kenneth O'Hagan - Tel: 078 0127 9819 - 028 3025 2102
55 Stream Street, Newrym BT34 1HJ
kohagan@edsire.com - www.edsire.com

Electronic hardware & software engineering services provided to industry; principal areas of design
RF-microwave technology and medical electronics; have standard and proprietary IP Cones and Modules for high performance, low cost broadband wireless communications.

Maturion Ltd, Mr. Andy Barr - Tel: 028 9266 8882 - 028 9266 9943
415 Enterprise Centre, Enterprise Crescent, Ballinderry Road Lisburn, BT28 2BP
andy@marturion.co.uk - www.marturion.co.uk

Electronic hardware & software engineering services provided to industry; principal areas of design RF-microwave technology and medical electronics; have standard and proprietary IP Cones and Modules for high performance, low cost broadband wireless communications.

OCO Consulting, Mr. Mark O'Connell - Tel: 028 9024 1849 - 028 9024 2597
6 Citylink business Park, BELFAST, BT12 4HD
colin.borland@tomcat.co.uk - www.ococonsulting.com

Company works in over 50 countries worldwide, offering lead generation (investment prospecting) services to investment promotion organizations. Advise at the CEO and Director level. Advise on FDI strategy, organization and sales & marketing operations. Has unique FDI software product LOCOmonitor is the only global online database that tracks and monitors FDI projects and compliments our consultancy services and capabilities.

Tomcat Systems LTD, Mr. Colin Borland - Tel: 028 9077 4228 or 028 9077 6906
BT3 Business Park, 10 Dargan Crescent, Belfast, BT3 9JP
colin.borland@tomcat.co.uk - www.tomcat.co.uk

Software for local distribution companies for gas and possibly LPG. Enables management of gas meters in particular *Meter Management, *Real Time Scheduling, *Customer Communication, *Emergency Work Management

Northern Ireland Chamber, Mr. Frank Hewitt - Tel: 0044 28 9024 4113
22 Great Victoria Street, Belfast BT2 7BJ

The Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce & industry is an independent and not for profit organisation with straightforward objectives - to promote business between its members and others and in doing so, to represent the best interests of the community by encouraging commercial growth and so, local prosperity.

Randox Laboratories, Dr. Lorna Lawrence, Bus. Development Manager - Tel: 0044 28 9442 2113
55 Diamond Road, Crumlin, Co. Antrim BT29 4QY
lorna.lawrence@randox.com - www.randox.com


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