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Valerie J. McNevin, Esq., is a public policy and international legal consultant in electronic commerce. She is the Information Security Director and Information Privacy Director for the State of Colorado,. an advisor to the U.S. Treasury International Technical Assistance Office and a consultant with the World Bank. She lectures, trains and consults with public, private and non-profit entities on critical thinking skills in architecting change in the telecommunications and financial services industries. She is a co-founder of the Center for Global Leadership in Trust, also known as the Center for Public Trust,  headquartered in Colorado.

A Fellow of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, Ms. McNevin's research focuses on how
technologyimpacts public trust in democracies and their financial systems. She has an LL.M. in European Community Law from the University of Leicester in Leicester, England. Her dissertation analyzes the key policy issues concerning the free movement of capital in an information- based society. She holds an LL.M. In International Banking Law from Boston University School of Law, Boston, Massachusetts, where she ranked second in her class. She also holds a Diploma in Mainland Chinese Law from the University of East Asia in Macao. Her J.D. was obtained from Gonzaga School of Law in Spokane, Washington. She holds a B.S. in Telecommunications.

Presently, Ms. McNevin teaches International Electronic Commerce Law at the University of Denver School of Law. From 1995-1999, Ms. McNevin developed and taught a cutting-edge course on electronic commerce entitled "International Electronic Financial Services Law" at the Morin Center for Graduate Banking Law at Boston University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts.

Recently w3w3 Talk Radio attended a Town Hall meeting on Cyber Security. The star-studded panel included Richard Clarke, Bush Administration Cyber Security Chief. Valerie was also a panelist at the Cyberspace Security session.

The United States is the Land of the Free, and with that freedom, we open the door to a certain amount of risk. Today, that risk is heightened because the open use of the Internet. There are many complex issues intertwined that make it extremely challenging to deal with. These challenges bump up with the US Constitution and many state laws.

Public Trust & Technology along with Privacy & Security issues are being re-examined since 9-11. Many are asking, "Should government migrate to an e-environment?" "Do citizens see a value in this, and if so, what services would they like to see available…24/7?" and, " How do we protect the privacy of the information collected by the government?"

And of course, the big commitment question, "Are we ready to invest in the necessary infrastructure to 'securitize' the networked environment?" We all want to know, what's on the horizon?

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