Adm. Richard Truly, Director, National Renewable Energy Laboratory - Golden, Colorado Larry & Pat Nelson of the w3w3® Media Network teamed up with Robert Schwab, business editor for Colorado BIZ magazine to get the latest update on NREL. Admiral Richard Truly, Director of the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory surprised everyone with his look at the present and view of the future. mic listen LISTEN

Admiral Richard Truly Profile of a Leader 5/29/02

Admiral Truly with Larry Nelson

Excelling as a leader is an ongoing methodical process, not an
As the famous Green Bay Packer football coach, Vince
Lombardi said, "Winners are made, not born." Today, w3w3® is
interviewing a leader and a winner who has accomplished the

Official Portrait of Astronaut, Richard TrulyIn 1959 Richard Truly started Naval flight training. A decade later, he became an astronaut and flew in Challenger, Columbia and Enterprise missions. For the next three decades he served many roles for the U.S. government service and then became NASA's administrator. In 1992 he was the Vice National Renewable Energy LaboratoryPresident of the Georgia Institute of Technology and Director of the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

Today, Admiral Richard Truly is the director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL, is the premiere laboratory for renewable energy research, development and deployment and is the leading lab for energy efficiency. NREL is also helping bring renewable energy and energy efficiency to the marekt place.

Space Symposium 2002 - Admiral Truly and 30 Military Astronauts Honored: Details HereMarch 2002
Colorado Springs
Space Symposium
Honors the 31 US Military Astronauts
Admiral Richard
Truly (2nd from right)

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   Profile of an Industry Leader

Richard Truly

Spacecraft leaving the Earth

Contact Info
1617 Cole Boulevard
Golden, CO 80401-3393

NREL Celebrates 25th
an Exciting Story

Karen Stiveson, Executive Assistant to the Admiral
Karen Stiveson, Sr Exec
Assistant to the Director

Jimmy Carter comes to see the work being done at NREL

Gorbachev, President Bush, Admiral Truly and Cody Truly

Admiral Truly shows Larry Nelson one of the bolts holding spacecraft in place before takeoff. At take off, this bolt is cut in half. The bolt shown here was from one of Admiral Truly's missicons.

Robert Walker, Chair., Commission on Future of US Space Industry and Admr. Truly. Long time friends and colleagues  always more ideas to develop.

Nancy and President Reagan with Admiral Truly

Cody, Richard and Lee Truly at the Aerospace Symposium

President & Barbara Bush with Richard and Cody Truly

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