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Success for many is elusive. For others it is a long, seemingly never-ending journey. Carlyle said, "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal..." Without exception, the successful people w3w3 has interviewed have more than a story. They have more than survived the tough times and in many cases they have experienced failure along the way. We can all learn from their stories as they are real experiences, of real people in real situations. Take some notes.
Tom Davenport, CoAuthor "What's the Big Idea" Product Innovation vs. Manufacturing Innovation
"What's the Big Idea"
co-author Tom Davenport was the keynote speaker of another successful CITI program. There's a four-step process that can help your company be more efficient, effective and innovative. Scanning, identifying, packaging, advocating your idea followed with, making it happen are the keys.

Sandy Rothe, Managing Partner, Deloitte DenverElizabeth Faber, Deloitte, Senior ManagerJessica Wright of w3w3® the Media Network find out from Elizabeth Faber, senior manager & Sandy Rothe, managing partner at Deloitte in Denver that the key to another Deloitte success is as simple as "paying attention". In 1993 Deloitte started its "Women's Initiative" and reports that men are beneficiaries, too. LISTEN NOW

Technology Helps Home Buyers...
  Joel Horn, President, Access Equity   Larry Nelson, Producer, w3w3 Network   Nan Roecker, Consultant   Brad Hams, Founder, Ownership Thinking

Joel Horn
, president of Access Equity, joined by Brad Hams, founder of Ownership Thinking, Nan Roecker, consultant - along with w3w3 Network hosts, Larry and Pat Nelson discuss the changing mortgage environment. Closing costs have skyrocketed and the average home owner is confused and frustrated. They have answers to the dilemma. Get the Scoop Here! 7.29.03

Paul Berberian, Co-founder, President and CEO - An expert in network development and multimedia applications, Paul is responsible for developing Raindance's vision.

Patrick Engstrom Analysis eLearning Future. Pat is the CEO of Knowledge Factor says Online training has been around in various forms for quite some time, but was not always greeted with a great amount of enthusiasm.

Lu Cordova
Lu is President of the internationally recognized, award winning CTEK (formerly the Boulder Technology Incubator) and Chairman of the new association of individual investors, CTEK Angels.

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