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Bringing the ideas, the people and the capital together
Ward Cerney, President, ACG Denver - Vice President Bernstein Global Wealth Managementenclosure-voice 1515_ 3/17/14 - The Association for Corporate Growth is an international organization based out of Chicago. Ward Cerny is president of the ACG Denver Chapter and Vice President of Bernstein Global Wealth Management here in Denver. "We have about 500 ACG Denver members, they span the gamut - corporate heads, professionals in the business community, private equity and investment bankers and we're placed with the premiere middle market organization for bringing the ideas, the people and the capital together when people need to grow their business. And so that's what we do, we provide the content, the meeting place over a nice lunch, dinner or breakfast, so that people can get the resources and advice they need to grow their business." On April 1st, we're having our Annual Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference with General Stanley McChrystal as our Keynote speaker Former Commander of U.S. and International Forces in Afghanistan, will present his ‘Lessons in Leadership’. Larry asked what advice Ward would have for a potential investor. "I would say don't get overly excited, and in the depths of despair, try not to act out of fear. Keep the long run in mind, have a plan from the start and make sure as the valuations go down and everything is on sale that you don't sell at the worst time possible. Then as valuations go up to very high levels, don't get overly exuberant. Don't buy at a high market as well." Ward continued, "Our business is focused on, the only way to have superior results over the long run is to invest in research - over and over again. To make sure you have superior research, superior ideas and that's what will generate superior results." Even as Ward is an MBA in Finance and has worked in investment banking for a long time, "We have a deep bench of analysts around the world and they are really qualified in what they do - and the sum of all that research is what makes us the great institution that we are."
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LISTEN TO: Ward Cerny, President, ACG Denver

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Focus on really being good at what you do
enclosure-voice 1535_ 4/21/14 - Ward Cerny, Vice President, Bernstein Global Wealth ManagementSince the 60s, Bernstein a New York based fund, has been built solely on research based investment management. That singular focus has led them to become one of the biggest companies and one of the biggest public firms in that arena. We're talking with Ward Cerny, Vice President, Bernstein Global Wealth Management and he said, "We've just focused on really being good at what we do and not all the other things that cause conflicts to our investment management clients, such as lending, mergers and acquisitions, having a proprietary trading desk. We just want to focus on ensuring the best outcome for our clients, the fiduciary, and that's what we do." For Ward's part, he is an advisor to individuals, foundations and endowments and in his niche of specialty is "helping business owners, in particular, plan out how their companies and transactions in relation to their companies, is going to benefit them. Transactions like selling a majority or the entirety of their company or buying another company, how is that going to affect them personally? How is it going to affect their goals and help them achieve what they want to get out of their professional lives?" That is quite a tall order. Ward said, "Another hurdle to overcome is most entrepreneurs feel very comfortable taking a ton of risk and having all their eggs in the business basket - just trying to get them to diversify so that their financial future is a lot more secure." Listen for more...
RELATED LINKS: AllianceBernstein || ACG Denver || M&A Channel || PodCast Directory || KEYWORDS: Ward Cerny, AllianceBernstein, Wealth Management, Corporate Heads, Professionals, Business Community, Private Equity, Investment Bankers, Association for Corporate Growth, ACG Denver, bytes=6130941
LISTEN TO: Ward Cerny, Vice President, Bernstein Wealth Management

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Ward Cerny, President, ACG Denver Annual Leadership Development Event, Ward V.S. Cerny, President, ACG Denver - LISTEN

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enclosure-voice 1603_ 9/8/14 - ACG Global - 14,000 members worldwide, "ACG is everywhere!" ACG Denver is the largest, most dynamic chapter "No one focused on the Middle Market, business owners were frustrated - until ACG filled that void. And we fill that void for the entire country and beyond. Now ACG is the voice of the Middle Market." We Sponsors Speak: Jeff Johnson - BKD; Sam Matthews -  Seatoon Hill; Jim Brendell -  Hein & Associatesare a member organization and we can't do it without you. Your volunteer time is a win/win, and we hope you find some areas to direct your energies for a perfect fit. "Speaking as a volunteer nine years ago, you get out of it what you put into it. And ACG has been a wonderful group to grow with in business for me during that period." Jim Brendell, Representing ACG sponsors, Jeff Johnson, BKD; Samuel Matthews , Seaton Hill and Jim Brendell Hein Associates and .......LISTEN
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Committee Chairmen, Pitch to ACG Denver members - Leadership Development Event....
, beginning with Membership Chairman, Greg Anderson, Green Manning & Bunch... "We're really in charge of communicating the 'value add' of ACG to the community."
400+ membership ............LISTEN.

Powered by Podbean.com RELATED LINKS: ACG Denver || M&A Channel || Link No. 3 || Link No. 4 || KEYWORDS: ACG Denver, Membership, Sponsors, Committee Chairs, Membership, Leadership Development
LISTEN TO: Ward Cerny, ACG Denver, President
LISTEN TO: A few Sponsors; Jeff Johnson - BKD; Samuel Matthews - Seaton Hill and Jim Brendell - Hein & Associates
LISTEN TO: Committee Chairs Pitch

Value proposition for both the candidate and client
Kathleen Quinn Votaw, CEO, TalenTrustenclosure-voice 1582_ 7/14/14 - Traditionally staffing and recruitment firms are transactionaly focused, looking at the outcome only. We're talking with Kathleen Quinn Votaw, CEO, TalenTrust. Kathleen tells us that TalenTrust is often engaged with their clients for 3, 4, 5 years to help them through their growth and to ensure they have the right people in the right place and in a pipeline so that when they need to hire, they're ready to go. So they take a very holistic, sales, trust attitude toward recruitment versus a transactional attitude. In addition everything TalenTrust does for their client is guaranteed 100% for the lifetime of the agreement with them. Given that these relationships are three to five years, this is a huge differentiator in the marketplace. Kathleen really gets involved like ACG Denver where she has served on their board for 12 years and is a past president. She's also a member of Vistage, in one of the CEO groups as well as a sponsor of the organization. "Because", she explains, "we believe in their methodology and how they bring CEOs together to solve bigger picture issues. And Vistage is a group of 15,000 members throughout the globe." Also, you'll find Kathleen heavily involved with Colorado Companies to Watch - having just completed their annual gala with 860 people attending. We also are celebrating CCTW's 6th year with 300 alumni. Kathleen sees a bright future ahead and she continues working to ensure that vision. ...listen for more ideas...
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LISTEN TO: Kathleen Quinn Votaw, CEO, TalenTrust

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2015 INDEX

Alan Beaulieu's Annual Economic Forecast - January 2015
Tom Atchison, National Corporate Housing - February 2015
Josh Scott, Founder/COO, Craftsy - March 2015
"RMCGC" Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference - April 2015
Chad Arnold, CEO, Door to Door Organics - May 2015

Scott Schmid, President/CEO, TruStile Doors - June 2015
Rob McColgan, Founding Partner, Modmarket- August 2015
Bob Ogdon, Founder/Chairman, Swiftpage - September 2015

Colleen Stanley, Sales Leadership - 2/15/2015

ACG Denver Annual Leadership Development Event 1774_ 10/12/15 -

ACG Denver with Bob Ogdon, Founder, Swiftpage 1765_ 9/21/15 -

2015 Rocky Mtn Corporate Growth Conference -
ACG Denver
1702_ 4/6/15 -

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High Tea, Women Leaders & Dealmakers
& RMCGC Kickoff Reception - ACG Denver
1704_ 4/6/15 -

ACG, Thank you Sponsors & Committee Members 1691_ 3/16/15 -

2014 INDEX

Annual Leadership Development Event
Alan Beaulieu, ITR Economics® "Fiscal Reality"  
, Seirus Innovation, Inventor, Entrepreneur & NFL Referee
Ward Cerny, President, ACG Denver; Vice President, Bernstein
Ward Cerny, Vice President, Bernstein
Rob Gower, Marketing Director, Advoda
Ian Jacobson, Eco-Products, Inc.; "Waste is a waste of resources"
Lloyd Lewis, Running Non Profit like a Business
Gen. Stan McChrystal, Keynote @ RMCGC [Part 1 of 4]
Susan Morrice, Entrepreneurship from Belfast to Belize
Nate Oatman, CapitalValue Advisors; ACG Denver Board Member
Wynne Odell, Co-Founder/CEO, Odell Brewing Company
Chris Pelley, 8th Annual Business Social Enterprise Event
Howard Potter, Annual Cross-Networking Event
RMCGC 2014, Pre Conference Launch & Welcome Reception
RMCGC 2014, Transformational LEADERSHIP & The Capital Connection
r, President, SteriTec Products Inc.
ACG Denver, November, Dale Schuster, Slideshow
Kathleen Quinn Votaw, The Value Proposition for both...

Nate Oatman, CapitalValue Advisors, ACG Denver Board Member Entrepreneurs, mid-market, large corporations and public sector
enclosure-voice 1523_ 3/31/14 - Larry attended a high-profile ACG Denver luncheon and talked to a number of attendees about the business timing in the marketplace today. Larry interviewed Nate Oatman, ACG Denver Board Member, with Capital Value Advisors, an investment bank - a boutique bank based here in Denver, Colorado. Nate's firm works with middle market, privately held businesses, primarily helping them execute a transaction when it's appropriate, but also working with them multiple years in advance. And, they've been doing this for over ten years. Larry asked what the biggest challenges are facing us in the next years. Nate replied, "I would say there's a bit of a longer term uncertainty out there. I think a lot of our clients current and prospects, are trying to figure out, do they want to reload and go for the next level of growth or do they want to partner with someone else to do that. Or, are they ready to potentially exit and move on to a next chapter. So I think that is a challenge of 'hey we've recovered, the economy is doing very well', from our perspective, right now. But you know good business owners are always looking 3 to 5 years out. So I would say that's one challenge and the other is time. Right. Everyone we work with, and being a boutique outfit, we are very selective on who we work with and so that's always a challenge and we notice with our really strong clients, they're always searching for more time to achieve their goals." Larry asked, you're on the board at ACG, give us an overview of what you have coming up. "ACG is great, we've got our Corporate Growth Conference on April 1st where we anticipate getting about 500 business advisors, intermediaries, private equity groups, investment bankers, lawyers - so they'll be getting together and"...
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LISTEN TO: Nate Oatman, Capital Value Advisors,
and ACG Denver Board Member

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