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Nick Coppolo, Vice President, Product Development, Spiremedia

Distilling complex business problems down to simple, elegant solutions
1679_ 2/23/15 - Larry interviewed the VP of Product Development, Nick Coppolo who oversees SpireMedia’s delivery team of product owners, project managers, engineers, and designers. Additionally, Nick manages Spire’s suite of service products, engages with clients as a consultant, and personally leads a handful of projects per year. Under his direction, Spire’s product teams work with entrepreneurs and product owners to design, build, and ship products by employing Lean principles focused efficiency, iteration and validated learning. Coppolo is a master at distilling complex business problems down to simple, elegant solutions. He excels at “getting from here to there” by identifying assumptions and opportunities, then molding cross-functional groups into product delivery “SWAT” teams. As product owner and designer, Nick has created solutions for a diverse array of clients and verticals: from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, enterprise application development to digital marketing. He has lead projects at Spire for a wide range of key clients including Pitney Bowes, USDA, Swisslog, and MobileDay...Listen for more business building ideas...
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LISTEN TO: Nick Coppolo, VP Product Dev, SpireMedia

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