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Chet Marino, Chris Carrington 
           and Don Van Winkle - Advice for entrepreneurs 721_ Advice for entrepreneurs from successful entrepreneurs: Thanks ACG
enclosure-voice Just before the ACG meeting started Larry asked three very successful entrepreneurs what advice would they give entrepreneurs in today's economic climate. Chet Marino, President and founder of Verus Partners (also an ACG Board member) said, "It never hurts to constantly evaluate your service offerings and business model in light of changing market conditions; 2nd, evaluate whether you have the right talent on your team to reach your business goals; and 3rd serving your customers beyond what they expect." Chris Carrington, President and CEO of Alpine Access (also speaker at the ACG luncheon) said, "Having lived through three recessions, my advice to entrepreneurs, especially where we're at in the cycle now, is this is the time to double down. there's that natural feeling of hunkering down cutting expenses. But if there's ever been a time to start investing in your sales and marketing, I think it's now. If there's any hope of coming out of this recession, you've got to start placing your bets and I think doubling down is the way to go. Don Van Winkle, Managing Director of SDR Ventures (Also chairing the ACG Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference) said, "You've got to stay focused on three critical areas all the time. No. 1 is valuation of your firm, everything you do is becoming more valuable/less valuable. No. 2 is your capital access. I mean capital access has become a whole new issue whether it's shareholder, debt or mezzanine finance, you better more fully prepare for capital access. No. 3 You gotta think transition, that's succession planning, your exit, how are you going to transition your company to the next level."
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David Hoover, Chairman & CEO, Ball Corp. and Larry 
           Nelson, Founder, w3w3.com 739_ Assistant to the Treasurer becomes the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
enclosure-voice Recently David Hoover was the keynote speaker at an ACG Denver luncheon. Dave is Chairman and CEO of the Ball Corporation. Larry asked, "When you started with Ball in 1970, did you have any information or feeling that you would become the CEO and Chairman?" Dave's reply, "No, not really. When I started with the company I was young, fresh out of business school, ambitious, but it wasn't in my mind. When I started, the company was still privately owned, it went public in 1972, so it's hard to believe it's been almost 40 years, but it’s been a great ride and I've been very fortunate to do the things that I have with Ball." Larry pointed out that many people in the geographic area think of it as Ball Aerospace, and we know that is only part of the business today? "Actually it's about 10% of our business today, and you're right a lot of the people in Colorado know us best for Aerospace. It is our oldest business; it's been around over 50 years and the next oldest business, we acquired and got started over in Golden in the beverage can business in 1969. But aerospace is still a favorite of mine. It's actually grown well over the last decade or so, sales last year were close to $800 million. But the company is close to $8 Billion now, so we've grown the rest of the company faster, primarily through acquisition but also organically." Larry asked, "What advice would you give to businesses that are addressing the changes they are today?" Dave shared some great advice, "I think the first thing you have to do is have a real good grasp on who you are, what you're good at, what your capabilities may be, and then take a look at the environment you operate in. You know, in our case now, it's a global market. Make sure you've got the people, the capabilities and the resources to go after what it is you think you want to."...listen for more...
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David B. Strong, Partner, Holme 
           Roberts & Owen 717_ Changing times creates challenges, choices and competitive advantages
enclosure-voice "If there is one lesson that history has taught us, it's that even in the midst of what would seem like the greatest point of confusion - that is perhaps when some of the greatest competitive advantages are created." David B. Strong, Partner, Holme Roberts & Owen Denver. Dave is also the immediate past president of the Association for Corporate Growth Denver. "It's been a wonderful past year and my involvement in ACG Denver has just been a wonderful experience." Larry asked Dave about the new and evolving tax changes business is facing. "For those folks who don't deal in the technical workings of tax every day, I think we're in an interesting time because tax during difficult economic times tends to take the stage in way where it's a tool to help create and spur economic development, that's kind of the bottom-line. So we've heard a lot of noise around that, particularly in the beginning of the year when the new tax proposals came out and the Obama Administration put things into place. The question I get a lot is, As a business owner what do I need to know? What's going on in 'tax land' that I need to be aware of? The most basic way to put it, in addition to all the economic incentives that were created by the relief program, aside from tax, you know direct economic expenditures." He talked more about business taxes and incentives and went onto discuss private equity. "I get a lot of Private Equity questions around the so called 'Carried Interest Legislation' which started in middle to late 2008 and really got legs leading up to and through the election. These rules would change the way in which a lot of partnerships are taxed. And the perceived 'evil' is the way in which hedge funds. Listen for more...
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640_ “We're on the verge of entering the Exponential Economy".
Jack Uldrich, Author, Jump the Curveenclosure-voice Jack Uldrich's understanding of nanotechnology has brought him into emerging technologies and in a sense what he is a "Business Technology Forecaster". Jack says, "I don't predict the future but explain a range of possibilities and highlight the broad trends that are pulsating through society and definitely going to impact business." Larry Nelson, w3w3® interviewed the ACG Denver Corporate Growth Conference Keynote Speaker earlier this month. He asked Jack about the economy and how he saw the technological forces changing or impacting the future. The long term economy... Jack is really optimistic, he believes we are entering the 'exponential economy'. He goes on to talk about the nine technological forces growing exponentially (doubling every 6 to 24 months), "These forces are going to break thru, they're going to transform business and they're going to create new business. No doubt we are in a crisis right now and it is easy to focus on the danger, but if we focus on these forces you will see the opportunity and that's what good executives need to do". In the Near Term material sciences... nanotechnology is creating immense opportunities in the manufacturing sector; Mid Term, Jack is really bullish on the energy sector, solar, wind, cellulosic ethanol. and the big trend is in healthcare. "The future is going to be diagnosing disease and preventing them before they take root. There are lots of exciting things coming down the pike". Uldrich, a former naval intelligence officer and Defence Department official, he also served as the Director of the Minnesota Office of Strategic and Long Range Planning.
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Dave Mead, Mead Consulting Group & Chairman, ACG-Denver 616_ Hope for the best, plan for the worst, but prepare for uncertainty
enclosure-voice “Be prepared to execute your tail off in these uncertain times," said David Mead, President, Mead Consulting Group, Chairman of ACG-Denver during an interview with Larry. This is similar to post 9/11, everything was so uncertain in 2001 – the global economy and the effects of terrorism. Today we are uncertain about the banking system, other global economies and how it’s going to impact each and every business. So we advise companies to look at how the next 2 to 3 years can pan out and then rehearse how you would take actions to meeting those. An example, in the 70s Shell Oil made scenario planning popular. They took a scenario, ‘What if oil prices got to $10 a barrel?’. At the time everyone said oil would never go to $10… but they said, well what would we do if..? (Larry was consulting to and training for Shell Oil at that time and using the model he writes about in 'Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos' which helped Shell prepare for the future changes. Today Larry looks at the ground swells all around us.) Well in fact oil went to $8 in the 80’s and you had mass layoffs, the end of exploration for many companies, companies were in a tizzy. Shell Oil had rehearsed oil price increasing to $10 per barrel and they methodically bought properties at discount prices and changed the competitive balance in the oil and gas business for a generation. The most common mistake is to look at this and listen to the economists and say that the economy is going to hit bottom in 2009 and therefore we don’t have to take really strong actions...there's much more...
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606_ Your time and money: How to manage both for a better life
Christopher Pelley, Capital Imvestment 
                Management Company enclosure-voice Most people know that registered investment advisors (RIAs) help people with portfolio management, but they are also in a position to guide them about how best to invest their time. Ben Franklin said, "Time is money, but only the wise know how to spend it." An expert in both areas is Christopher Pelley, CEO and Managing Director of Capital Investment Management Company (CIMCO). In these challenging financial times issues are heightened. Chris said, "Whether it's retirement, better lifestyle, or security they are all driven by a combination of the interaction of four key variables. 1. Saving more money (but, now – paying down debt) 2. Spending less – more thrift 3. Investing for a better return (without getting killed) 4. Work or career – delaying retirement." In light of the current crisis, this may no longer be an option. Research suggests that 80% of Americans may never be able to fully retire. "So, developing networking skills is no longer a luxury," Said Chris. Larry asked him, "Why would an RIA feel the need to advise people about networking skills?" Chris replied, " First, we ultimately learn a great deal about our clients. We’re advising them about 'time and money.' Many people want to pursue a second career, or to find an 'encore' opportunity (a job with more meaning than money from age 60 to 90). We view this as a 'value add.' Frankly, the best RIA firm should do equally well with financial planning. Investment and portfolio advice from the more sophisticated advisors will be similar in many ways – but if we can broaden our client’s horizons about securing better career opportunities – again for themselves – or their kids, that’s a huge benefit. Listen for more great advice...
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Grant Reusch, ACG, Corporate Growth Conference - 
           March 17-18, 2010 752_ Managing Beyond the Recovery: New Realities, New Rules and New Values
enclosure-voice"What we're seeing is that there will be a reset, what some executives call a reset with this economy. And at some point we are going to see a new normal. Some major economists think that what we will see, going forward over the next several years, a lower growth US economy with higher levels of unemployment, a weaker dollar, higher taxes, bigger government spend and I think also some concern about whether we will have a higher rate of inflation going forward," said Grant Ruesch. Grant is the Operational Co-Chair of the ACG Denver Rocky Mountain Capital Growth Conference for 2010 and he also serves as chair of the content committee. The theme is a very important element for us and we began thinking about right after finishing last year's conference. We came up with the theme called "Managing Beyond the Recovery: New Realities, New Rules and New Values." Grant went onto point out, "It is a very important time as we recover from the most serious recession since World War II, with the kind of structural imbalances that we have to really figure out what it's going to be like going forward. Right now the signals are mixed - there are signs we are beginning to lift out of the deep recession but there are also some troubling remnants of the economic contraction that indicate a slow recovery in terms of job creation and the resumption of consumer spending which drives economic activity. These indicators include: a distressed commercial real-estate market; high unemployment; stalled consumer spending; lack of business confidence to support new capital investment; lack of investor confidence; a political and policy environment that is very difficult to discern." The answers and the experts will be at the 2010 ACG Denver Rocky Mountain Capital Growth Conference on March 17 & 18, 2010. We'll be there...Managing Beyond the Recovery: New Realities, New Rules and New Values... Learn more...

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Colleen Stanley, CEO and Founder, Sales Leadership, Inc. 737_ Critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and consultative selling skills
enclosure-voice Building Leaders and redefining Sales was the focus of an interview with Colleen Stanley, CEO and Founder of Sales Leadership, Inc. Colleen points out on her website, "The perfect storm…the recession, impact of the Internet and a global economy has created a new selling environment. The profile for successful sales professionals is changing. The sales force of the future must be equipped with critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence skills, and consultative selling skills." She shares a great deal of helpful information including: How to create high performance sales cultures/ high performance cultures; Learn the reason some sales producers can’t make the leap to sales management/leadership; The leadership qualities of great sales managers. In addition she answered some tough questions from Larry. "What are some things a sales manager can do to insure consistent growth year after year? Sales managers often complain about poor forecasting from the sales team? Is there any fix?" There is so much more...When you listen to Colleen's interview you'll, Learn the value of having a sales process/methodology/systems; Reinforce the importance of hiring the right people – getting the right people on the sales bus!; Learn the real reason some sales producers can’t make the leap to leadership; be ready to take notes. Colleen has a great book out, "Growing Great Sales Teams - Lessons from the Cornfield." Larry recommends you read it if you really want to grow and improve your sales team.
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Larry Nelson with Terry Jones, Kayak 649_ Association for Corporate Growth, Dever brings in fouder of Travelocity
enclosure-voice At the 7th Annual Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference Larry sat down with Terrell (Terry) Jones, founder of Travelosity.com to discuss success in turbulent times. Terry understands dealing with unprecedented change and what has to be done to be successful. During the interview he focused three things, 1) dealing with change and the speed of change; 2) how important innovation is and particularly in large companies. Travelocity began within American Airlines, which is a little rare, ideas don't always flourish in big companies. 3) and then he talked about building digital relationships with your customers. It's not that face-to-face is going away, but if we don't understand that digital connection with the customer, we're not going to have that customer anymore. Terry said, "Travelocity went through unprecedented change in a very short period of time. The Internet is sort of like Darwinism on steroids - everything happens so quickly. We went from 10% commission on our tickets over three years to zero from the airlines - our entire revenue stream was cut out, we had to revolutionize the company." Listen for more sage advice.
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Judi Sheppard Missett, Founder, Jazzercise 651_ Commitment, passion and fun are drivers for a successful business
enclosure-voice Judi Sheppard Missett, founder of Jazzercise was the opening keynote speaker for the annual Rocky Mountain ACG Conference, 2009. Jazzercise, is the world’s largest dance fitness program. Judy explained, "Jazzercise is the only dance fitness program that’s international, that’s global, and it is a fusion of several things actually, of jazz dance, movements that are simple and easy to follow – anyone can do them, but in addition to those movements is the cardio workout that that includes. We also do muscle strengthening, we work through movements that involve Yoga and Pilates and it is really an all encompassing program because we realize that time is very important to people today, so in 60 minutes you can come into one of our classes and get a little bit of everything. This is our 40th Anniversary year; I started in Chicago in October of 1969." Pat asked, "You mentioned innovation and certainly that is important to any entrepreneur. How did you come up with the idea?" She replied, "I was going to Northwestern University and I was a working professional in the theatre as I had from the age of 14. I was also teaching for a professional dance studio, and I was doing it as though the people in class were going to go on and become professional dancers when in fact, that wasn’t their intent. They would come and go thru the class and not stay. So I interviewed a bunch of them. They said they loved the class...listen for more...
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631_ Jazzercise is in 50 states, 32 countries and is still growing
Judi Sheppard Missett, 
                Founder & CEO, 
                Jazzercise enclosure-voice The opening keynote speaker for the annual Rocky Mountain ACG Conference is Judi Sheppard Missett, founder of Jazzercise. It's all business, fun and healthy. Jazzercise, is the world’s largest dance fitness program. Larry asked what this 40 year old company does to remain successful and continue to grow worldwide. Judi replied, "I think it’s about innovation, it’s about reinvention, it’s about ingenuity and I think it speaks to the excellence of the program. I’m really, really proud of the company, of the program, we’re always on the cutting edge, we’re always leading the pack and I think that’s an important reason behind why we have been around so long, and I hope will be around for many, many years to come. The program is always changing; the variety of things that are fun for our customers to do and it’s a form of really helping them with their health and its 60 minutes of fun and entertainment." Judi also talked about the Jazzercise franchise business model. "Most of our franchises are instructor owned, but we do have a business only franchise where the owner staffs his studio with Jazzercise Associates (instructors) to teach for them within their facilities. Most of them come from within our classes where they’ve experienced the fun and joy of Jazzercise." Judi finished with specific advice on what companies must do in these challenging times...this included being principled, ethics at the base, have a passion...and there's more.
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Kevin Custer, Autism Pro 630_ CEO of five companies, two went public, shares some insights
enclosure-voice"We’ve found when times are challenging you need to be out there with your clients – not sitting in your office," says Kevin Custer, CEO Autism Pro and partner in a private equity firm, Arc Capital Development. He is also very involved with annual Rocky Mountain ACG Conference which is coming up on March 11-12th. Kevin’s advice is summed up as, "1.) Go out and be with your customers. 2.) You’ve got to get connected to the people who are going to help you grow your business. And, 3.) Connect with your community and find a way to give back. This has a great return on investment. You need to sit down with them and have a good feeling for their issues and where their opportunities are, the pain they’re feeling and the opportunities that are opening up because of the changing times for them. We spend, as a CEO, literally 20 to 25% of our time, out face-to-face, one-on-one with our customers and 20% of our time more in group settings with customers. Especially during challenging times, people want to work with other people – not companies, but other people. They want to know that you were there and you care for them." Kevin's third element is giving back to community, especially when times are challenging. Kevin has been been an instructor for the last 7 or 8 years at the National Sports Center for the Disabled in Winter Park. "I teach a disabled ski program. Basically it’s an opportunity for a person in a wheelchair to go skiing". See More at Channel 4 link below.
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w3w3® Internet Radio Featured Media Partner Sherry Law, ACG Denver  
 Miss an ACG event? Want to know more about what key ACG speakers are thinking? Curious to learn more about other ACG members? There’s a wealth of information and photos on the ACG channel at w3w3.com. ACG-Denver chose w3w3 Internet Radio as a media partner and they’ve gone over the top in delivering for us. Larry and Pat Nelson get additional perspectives from many of our speakers in their interviews and capture the experience of ACG events through photos. Their interviews with ACG leaders provide insight on a variety of business topics. ACG’s channel is one of many on w3w3. Larry and Pat capture the news and views from the governor, Metro area mayors, business leaders, entrepreneurs and prominent players visiting here from the around the world in their interviews. Join the thousands of business people who keep informed by regularly checking www.w3w3.com. And sign up for the newsletter
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ACG Denver Welcomes Peter Kellner, 12.2.09
Peter Kellner, Justin Rockefeller: Change Your City

ACG 11-3-09, Dave Hoover, Chairman & CEO, Ball Corp.
David Hoover, Ball Corp 11/3/09

ACG Denver 10.6.09 Speaker: Chris 
            Carrington, Alpine Access
ACG Denver October Speaker Chris Carrington

ACG Denver 
            September 8, 2009
Bruce Johnson Global Healthcare Exchange 9/8/09

ACG: Roy Dimoff, Cofounder & CEO, ViaWest
ACG: Roy Dimoff, ViaWest
- 6/2/09

ACG Denver - Thomas Richards, COO, Qwest
ACG Denver - Speaker, Thomas Richards, Qwest 5/5/09

Energy outlook Panel 4/7/09
Energy Outlook Panel: 4/7/09

Corporate Growth Conference 3-12-09
7th Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference 3/12/09

Corporate Growth Conference 3-11-09
7th Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference 3/11/09

ACG Luncheon 2.3.09
ACG Luncheon 2/3/09

ACG: David Perez, "Tides of Change"
ACG: Tides of Change 1/6/2009

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