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Scott Binder is Fittest CEO in the World
Posted October 14th, 2007 by ted
Binder of Comcast is 2007 Fittest CEO
in the World

Scott Binder, Sr. VP, ComcastScott Binder has earned the title of the 2007 Fittest CEO in the World by finishing first at the CEO Ironman Challenge World Championship in Kona, Hawaii on October 13. Binder, 45 and CEO of Comcast Colorado in Denver, beat out 12 other CEOs who earned their spot to Kona at one of six CEO Ironman Challenge qualifying events held around the world. Read More:

enclosure-voice386_ Liberty Global - Leading-Edge Coupled with Ultimate Integrity
Mike Fries, CEO and President, Liberty GlobalMichael Fries, CEO and President of Liberty Global grew up with a large family, 7 brothers and sisters. Mike said, "In many ways I think my skills perhaps in listening to people, managing people and having a pretty good EQ or a sense of where people are coming from is partially related to the fact that I grew up in a big family."
      Mike reflected on his early work career, "I’ve only had two jobs. I’ve been lucky to work for, at least in my cable career, two really fantastic entrepreneurs and business people. The first was Gene Schneider, really one of the pioneers in the cable industry – just a fantastic individual. A great leader of men but more than anything has great integrity. And of course, John Malone, our current chairman, and I don’t think you could have a better partner or individual to be working with, who is far-and-away one of the smartest business people I’ve ever come across. But on top of that is a great human being, a really nice individual, loyal and generous. He really loves and is excited by this business. It’s kind of TCI-2. So I’ve been lucky to work for some really great individuals. Sue Wyman and Larry did some more probing. LISTEN

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Keywords: Mike Fries, Liberty Global, Leader, Communication Technology Professionals, CTP, Sue Wyman, Gene Schneider, John Malone> Channels: CTP, In the News > Bytes: 21031604 > 10/1/07 LISTEN

Scott Binder, Sr. VP, Comcast307_ Profile of a Leader: Jump from CPA to Sr. Vice President

What does it take to make a career shift from accounting to senior management? Words like focus, passion and wanting to do something bad enough were drivers for Scott Binder, Senior Vice President for the Colorado Market at Comcast. Scott had to pack up and move to many states in his experience and learning process which included Wisconsin, Kentucky, New Mexico and California before returning to Colorado. He shares insights, with Sue Wyman, Chairman of the revitalized Communication Technology Professionals, CTP formerly DTP. Scott got some great team training in high school and his favorite inspirational book is over 100 years old. You’ll get some great how-to pointers.Related Links:
CTP Channel || Denver Tele Pros || Jivaro Group || Podcast Directory || Channels: CTP
Key Words: Scott Binder, Comcast, Communication Technology Professionals, CTP, Sue Wyman, Leadership > Bytes 3422566 >
LISTEN 5.7.07

313_ Profile of a Leader: Here's the Rest of the Story Part 2 of 2
Scott Binder, Sr. VP, Comcast-Colorado; Sue Wyman, Chairman, CTP; Larry Nelson, Director, w3w3.comWhen you are lucky enough to have talented, creative, hard-working people on your team, it's critical that they are all on the same page and heading in the same direction. Scott Binder, Senior Vice President for the Colorado Market at Comcast, talks with Sue Wyman, Chairman of the revitalized Communication Technology Professionals, CTP formerly DTP and Larry Nelson about the steps (personally and professionally) that he has gone through in his changing professional career. If you would like a FREE copy of Scott's favorite book, "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen, simply click here. Related Links: CTP Channel || Denver Tele Pros || Jivaro Group || Podcast Directory || Channel: News > Keywords: Scott Binder, Comcast, Communication Technology Professionals, CTP, Sue Wyman, As a Man Thinketh, Leadership >Bytes: 6180470 > LISTEN. 5/14/07
Scott Binder, Sue Wyman & Larry Nelson, w3w3.com

277_ Communications Executive of the Year - Scott Binder enclosure-voice
Yes, Scott Binder, Scott Binder, Communications Executive of the YearSenior Vice President of Comcast Colorado has accomplished a great deal. "Scott has brought vision and innovation to Comcast and to the people of Colorado. We're delighted to have him as our 2006 Communications Executive of the Year", said Sue Wyman, chairman of the Communications Technology Professionals (formerly Denver Telecom Professionals).
          But, the story doesn't end there. Scott and his family made five major moves that challenged the family. Those challenges made them all stronger and determined to Scott Binder Familydo the best at all times. Scott's mother at 83 years young went skydiving and Scott's wife won a battle with cancer. His three children are winners too. Tom Clark, Executive Vice President of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, introduces Scott from a very personal side. This is truly an inspirational story.
CTP Awards Scott BinderRelated Links: Communications Technology Professionals || Metro Denver EDC  || Find IT || Event Photos || Channel: CTP, || Keywords: Scott Binder, Comcast, Communications Executive of the Year 2006, Communications Technology Professionals, Denver Metro EDC, Tom Clark - 3/12/07 > LISTEN Bytes: 8896995
PHOTO Album -

CTP Logo

Mike Hamers, LightSpeed Commercial ArtsDTP was celebrating its 10-year anniversary and took this opportunity to announce a name change to better reflect the radically changing playing field. The contest for the new logo design for the "Communications Technology Professionals" (CTP) was awarded to LightSpeed Commercial Arts, Mike Hamers.


400_ Don't Undervalue Luck: An Entrepreneurial Message
Dan CarusoDan Caruso was a founding executive member and officer of Level 3 Communications, Inc., where he was group vice president of Lines of Business and Marketing and group vice president of Network Services. Today, Dan is CEO and President of Zayo Bandwidth, Executive Chairman of Envysion and Chairman of VoicePipe. In this Profile of a Leader interview, Sue Wyman founder of the Jivaro Group and Chairman of the Communications Technology Professionals, CTP along with Gary Gaessler founder of DTP/CTP talked with Dan about the lessons learned on his path to becoming an Gary Gaessler, Sue Wyman & Larry Nelsonentrepreneur. Dan was a founding executive member and officer of Level 3 Communications, Inc., where he was group vice president of Lines of Business and Marketing and group vice president of Network Services. Dan has 21 years of experience in the Telecommunications and Internet industries and was most recently the President and CEO of ICG Communications. They discussed mentors, values, turning point, and Dan said, "Don't undervalue Luck."
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Keywords: Dan Caruso, Zayo Bandwidth, Envysion, Communications Technology Professionals, CTP, Sue Wyman, Gary Gaessler > 10/29/07 Bytes: 11613730  

enclosure-voice 348_ Converting a Problem into a New Career Path
Women in IT, Sue Wyman and Terry Morreale
Terry Morreale, Senior Engineer, Applied Trust and producer of the Women in IT Channel reveals in this interview, the other side of Sue Wyman that few people are aware of. Sue is the founder of the Jivaro Group and Chairman of the Communications Technology Professionals, CTP. When at Westinghouse Sue reached out to the “Data processing Guy” and they developed a system somewhat like googling today. What Sue learned was that IT made her job easier and made her look good. She went to work for Savin, Minolta and ultimately US West and has been involved in technology ever since, but on the business side of technology.

Related Links: Jivaro Group|| Women in IT Channel || Applied Trust Engineerng ||
Jivaro CXO
|| CTP Channel || Keywords: Sue Wyman, Jivaro Group, Communications Technology Professionals, CTP, DTP, Women in IT, Terry Morreale, Applied Trust> Channel: CU TTO > Bytes: 16699035> LISTEN 7/30/07

Stephanie Smeltzer McCoy, Managing Director, Meritage Funds Venture Capitalist, Stephanie Smeltzer McCoy Looks at the Future - Part 2
343_ In part 1 of 2 Stephanie addresses "The three deadly sins (most common mistakes) made by entrepreneurs seeking venture capital". It relates to introductions, timing, and the ability to change on a dime along with some hard-hitting advice for entrepreneurs seeking venture capital. I

Today, in part 2 Stephanie makes some predictions, as she looks at the coming year. Some later stage deals can get in the way, but she feels it is a healthy market and the solid firms will get funding.  Stephaie identifies some hot markets, some of the trends as well as some exit strategies
Part 2 of 2: Bytes
: 7919807 > LISTEN 7/23/07

Stephanie McCoy, Venture Capitalist Addresses Entrepreneur’s Capital Challenges with Answers
341_The three deadly sins (most common mistakes) made by entrepreneurs seeking venture capital relate to introductions, timing, and the ability to change on a dime. Stephanie Smeltzer McCoy, managing partner at Meritage Funds lays it on the line when giving advice to entrepreneurs seeking money. Some of her ideas sound like common sense, however others are hard-hitting and can seem hard to gulp…but she is right on track. The “rules” have changed post 2004 and today 2-way due diligence will often make the difference. Stephanie has an interesting take on ‘commitment to your idea’. Listen carefully; this can help make the difference how a VC looks at the possibility of investing in your company.
Related Links:  Meritage Funds || Venture Capital Channel || CTP Channel || Podcast Directory || Keywords:Stephanie Smeltzer McCoy, Meritage Funds, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurs, VC
Channels: Venture Capital >
Part 1 of 2: Bytes: 11493358 > LISTEN 7/16/07

enclosure-voice330_ Integration of Technology Impacting TV User Experience
John Suranyi, DirectTV
What would you like to ask a top-level executive in a large and growing company? Sue Wyman, Chairman of the Communication Technologies Professionals (CTP) and Larry Nelson went to John Suranyi's office to ask some very pointed questions about his development and where he is heading. John is the President of Sales and Services for Direct TV. Sue asked John to rewind a little and talk about the past and what he went through in his development, the challenges he faced, the turning point in his career as well as a number of other topic areas.   Related Links: CTP Channel || Communication Technology Professionals Home || Jivaro Group || Find It || Keywords: John Suranyi, Direct TV, Sue Wyman, Communication Technologies Professionals, CTP  > Bytes: 5910259 LISTEN 6/181/07

Professor Phil Weiser, Founder and Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons309_ Communication Technology Professionals -
Heads Up about What is Coming Up

It is so easy to fall behind when you are not paying attention or you are too busy with today's activities or/and not taking the time to make yourself aware of impending events. Sue Wyman, Chairman of the Communications Technology Professionals (CTP) and Phil Weiser founder of the Silicon Flatirons Program and professor at CU discuss some very important issues and events...they include...
space9/05/07 Taking Stock of the Antitrust Modernization Commission Report
10/10/07 The Future of User Generated Content
11/09/07 The Regulation of Software
11/28/07 Public Safety, New Technologies, & Future of Emergency Response.

Related Links: CTP Channel || SFP || Denver Tele Pros || Jivaro Group || Podcast Directory || Keywords: Phil Weiser, SFTP, CTP, Telecommunications, Leadership, Sue Wyman >> Channels: CTP > Bytes: 4008754 LISTEN 5/7/07

305_ Perspective of an Underdog and Intellectual Honesty Keys to Leadership
Sue Wyman, Communications Technology Professionals & Phil Weiser, Law Professor and Founder & Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons Sue Wyman, Chairman of the Communications Technology Professionals (CTP) and Larry Nelson interviewed Phil Weiser founder of the Silicon Flatirons Program and professor at CU, for the 'Profile of a Leader' series. Phil was interested in ‘public policy’ in law school and didn’t even get engaged in technology issues. Working with Joel Kline was transformative. It launched Phil into the technology sector. David Bell, Federal Appeals Court Judge, Colorado, stressed 'Intellectual Honesty' with Phil. Here's more. Related Links: CTP Channel || SFP || Denver Tele Pros (CTP) || Jivaro Group || Podcast Directory ||
Keywords: Phil Weiser, SFTP, CTP, Telecommunications, Leadership, Sue Wyman, Channels: CTP, Profiles>> Bytes: 5909841 LISTEN 4/30/07
enclosure-voice 290_ Open Source Tech: Myth, Malidy or Miracle?
Stormy Peters, Jason Haislmaier, Sue Kunz and Paul Ohm - Open Source Panel MembersA panel discussion about Re-Examining Open Source and Community Development was held at the University of Colorado School of Law. Is this today's fad or rather a fundamental new model for the future of innovation and ideas? Panelist include Paul Ohm (moderator) Associate Professor, University of Colorado School of Law; Jason Haislmaier, Partner, Holme, Roberts, and Owen; Sue Kunz, CEO and Founder, Solidware Technologies; Stormy Peters, Director of Community and Partner Programs, OpenLogic.
Related Links: SFTP || Conference || CTP Channel || Event Photos|| Channel: CTP || Keywords: SFTP, Open Source, Sue Kunz, Paul Ohm, Jason Haislmaier, HRO, Stormy Peters > Bytes 13667790 LISTEN 4/2/07

Gary Gaessler, Sue Wyman, Phil Weiser and Gregg Sutherland267_ Consumers May Win in the Communications Battle
What do telecom, cable, wireless and satellite have in common? Businesses & consumers could benefit from the duopoly transition to unlimited choices.
was a year that delivered mega-mergers and acquisitions of industry giants and neophytes. The promise of convergence was realized and triple play and quadruple play bundling options became the norm. Cable and telecommunications companies battled for the wallet of both corporations and consumers and satellite companies collaborated and searched for products to round out their offerings. User generated content exploded into the limelight with the $1.65B Google acquisition of YouTube.
Related Links: Denver Tele Pros || Jivaro Group || Trillion || SFTP || Event Photos ||
Channel: CTP, DTP || Keywords: Gregg Sutherland, Ernst & Young, DTP, CTP, Communications, Telecom, Cable, Wireless, Satellite, Google, You Tube - 2/26/07
7th Annual Future of Communications PanelLISTEN Open Announcements Bytes: 2668359
LISTEN Keynote, G Sutherland Bytes:10236136
Panel Discussion with All the Dicey Issues
, Bytes: 35135129
The 7th Annual Future of Communications
Keynote speaker Gregg Sutherland, Partner, Ernst & Young – Strategy of Communications along with a distinguished panel (Phil Weiser, Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program, University of Colorado Law; Donna Jaegers, Senior Research Analyst, Janco Partners; Scott Binder, Senior Vice President, Comcast Colorado; Dan Yost, Executive Vice President, Product and Marketing, Qwest; Mike Rouleau, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategy, Time Warner Telecom) discuss and debate the disposition of the telecom and communications industries in 2007.

  • What part will fiber optic networks play for telecommunications company’s delivery of on-demand entertainment. How will capacity increase for both telecos and cable companies?
    • What type of systems and best practices will enable next generation services for communications service providers?
    • Will and ‘should’ broadband network providers be subject to a "network neutrality” mandate?
    • Voice over Internet has eviscerated long distance and is beginning to do the same to local phone service; what will Video over Internet’s impact be on cable and satellite service providers?
    • WiMax...where are you?
    • What part does mobile networking play in the corporate environment?
    • Hosted IP Services versus premise based VoIP solutions – will a winner emerge?
    • Who’s left to sell and who still has the financial ‘bandwidth’ to buy?

Opening remarks and 10-year anniversary celebration LISTEN Open Bytes: 2668359
Gregg Sutherland Keynote Address with Predictions: LISTEN Keynote, Bytes:10236136
Panel Discussion with All the Dicey Issues
LISTEN Panel, Bytes: 35135129 (This is 1 hour and 13 minutes long. You can listen to all or part and return later)

261 Consolidation, Competition, Convergence; Can Equal Chaos enclosure-voice
Gary Gaessler & Sue Wyman Co-Presidents, Denver Telecom ProfessionalsWhile consolidation within an industry creates opportunities, the concern for many employees is redundancy and some will lose their job. It also creates more choices for business consumers. We have gone from a duopoly to a triple play with more for all of us explains Sue Wyman and Gary Gaessler, co-presidents of the Denver Telecom Professionals (DTP). The 7th Annual DTP Future of Communications is coming up 2/22/07 where you'll meet experts in Voice-Video-Data to the home, “all you can eat.. bandwidth” , Wireless, Internet connectivity and more. Related Links:
Denver Tele Pros || Jivaro Group || Trillion || SFTP || Photo Album: Keywords: DTP, Silicon Flatirons, Gary Gaessler, Sue Wyman, Telecom, Communications, Convergence > Bytes: 2343186 || LISTEN 2/19/07

242 Dick Notebaert's Take on Putting Network Neutrality in Perspective enclosure-voice The hottest debate in telecommunications policy Richard Notebaert, Qwestcircles is whether broadband network providers should be subject to a "network neutrality" mandate. This mandate, although often undefined, suggests that the traditional "best efforts" Internet provides an open platform for innovation that is threatened by the plans of broadband providers to begin offering quality of service arrangements for a fee. Richard Notebaert, Chairman and CEO, Qwest Communications International defines Network Neutrality says it's "nuts". Related Links: Rocky Mountain News || Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program || Network Neutrality || Denver Telecom Pros || Center for the New West || Keywords: Dick Notebaert, Network Neutrality, Phil Weiser, Richard Notebaert, QwestTelecommunications, DTP, Telcos, Qwest || Bytes: 9584225 > LISTEN 1/15/07

Network Neutrality: Nuts, Necessary or a Nuisance? enclosure-voice
In Part 2 of 2, Dick Notebaert lays it on the line as he loathes it and others love it. Admittedly he presents it from his perspective, but you will understand the debate much more. Listen Now:
Bytes: 9584225 Part 1of 2
LISTEN 1/15/07 and Part 2of 2 > LISTEN 1/22/07
2/11-12/07 The Next Wave of Innovation - Photo Album

230 Telecommunications is Becoming as Outdated as the Rotary Telephone enclosure-voiceDigital Crossroads, CoAuthor Phillip WeiserPart 1 of 2 Internet, telephones, answering machines are some of the communication words that are being replaced with words like bundling, network neutrality, voice over IP, convergence, wireless and others we have not heard about as yet. All of these challenges and changes impact companies of all sizes, points out Phil Weiser founder of the Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program and professor at CU. The the Deming Center, CU Tech Transfer office and the Entrepreneurial Law Center at CU are stepping up to the plate to help entrepreneurs. Bytes: 7079291> LISTEN 1/1/07 - Part 1 of 2
Legal and Business Issues - Can the FCC Work in Internet Speed? enclosure-voice
Phil Weiser, Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program
Part 2 of 2_ Phil Weiser founder of the Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program and professor at CU shares his personal opinion with Larry and Pat that could have a tremendous impact on communications in the US. Phil's personal opinion is bold, but not easy to get through the "web" of the FCC. He feels that the FCC must move to a new orientation - one that looks at development after the fact, as opposed to the traditional 'before the fact'. Today, without the blessing of the FCC ahead of time, nothing gets done.
Related Links: Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program || Digital Crossroads || Network Neutrality || Denver Telecom Pros || The Next Wave of Innovation || Keywords: Phil Weiser, Telecommunications, Silicon Flatirons Program, CU, Network Neutrality, SFTP, FCC || Bytes: 7181795 > LISTEN - PHOTO Album

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