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Information is critical to all types of businesses. Whether you have a business that has not traditionally worried about computers and networks, or if your business is steeped in technology, you know that businesses are enabled and improved by effective use of technology. But how do you select an IT infrastructure and security company?

Many times Web sites and brochures offer services that appear to be the same or similar. How do you choose the right one? The answer is trust. When you are looking to secure your information and your network, you need to trust the partner you select. So why should you trust Applied Trust more than our competitors? There are many reasons, all of which are based in the tenet that we provide the best security, infrastructure, performance and availability services for your networks and systems. Learn more…

208_ Three Focused Recommendations Trent Hein, Applied Trustfor Entrepreneurs.. Adapting your business model to what the client really wants can be tricky. One sure way to become a broken company is to not be aware of client needs. More... Applied Trust

Ned McClain, Applied Trust172_ The ATE Employee Canon has Redefined the Big Bang .. You don`t need a secret password to find out what is happening at Applied Trust. Their canon was designed entirely by techies but we can all understand it.

169_ East and West Coast Duke it Out While Colorado Has Fun .. Applied Trust Engineering has given `Green Backs` a whole new meaning. Building your own company requires 24/7/365 passion.

221 When Change is in Order, You Need a Qualified Project Sponsor
Rina Delmonico, REN ConsultingWhen an IT project will create a value for the business and is truly worth investing in, a project sponsor is required, points out Rina Delmonico, CEO and Founder of REN Consulting. While the project sponsor is generally an internal executive from the appropriate business unit, at times an external consultant can be utilized. There are common mistakes made by project sponsors and Rina offers an invaluable list of tips that will save time, money, grief and aggravation. Here are clear steps leading to project success. Related Links: REN Consulting || Employment Panel Info || CU Business School: CITI || Find It || Keywords: IT, Project Sponsor, Rina Delmonico, REN Consulting, CU Business School, CITI Bytes: 6448590 > LISTEN 12/3/06
219 Tough Math Teacher and Roaming Free Made the Difference
Lucy Sanders, CEO and CoFounder, NCWITMaking mistakes turned out to be a learning experience for Lucy Sanders, CEO and co-founder of the National Center for Women in Technology. She hated making mistakes, but ultimately learning from them is a good thing. A background that included strong family members and rich experiences including becoming a Bell Fellow laid a solid foundation for Lucy's biggest challenge. Totally stretching her horizon, Lucy left industry and started a non-profit while joining academia. Listen to this fascinating true story. Related Links: Nat. Academies Report || NCWIT Blog || Profiles of Leaders || NCWIT Practice || Keywords: Lucy Sanders, Lucinda Sanders, Bell Fellow, NCWIT, Profile of a Leader, Turning Point || Bytes: 13067496> LISTEN 12/3/06
216 Colorado is a High-Tech Hub - Without Women, it's Tenuous at Best!
Lucinda Sanders, CEO and CoFounder of NCWITNational Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) was founded on the idea that we must research, codify and implement practices focused on increasing the number of girls and women choosing IT educations and careers. Lucy Sanders, Co-Founder and CEO of NCWIT claims one person in a corporation can make a huge difference. An important key is outreach and Lucy explains the why's, the how's and benefits. She also brings up the perfect storm, along with some solutions. Related Links: Nat. Academies Report || NCWIT Blog || CO Coalition for Gender and IT || NCWIT Practice || || Keywords: NCWIT, Lucy Sanders, Women in IT, National Center for Women & Information Technology - Channel: News - Bytes 6539914 > LISTEN 11/27/06
Ani Babaian, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft212_ Is Web 2.0 a Myth, Malady or a Miracle?
It's all about the user experience, points out Ani Babaian, Developer Evangelist for Microsoft. In the recent past, the Web offered catalogue pages that were static, one-way experiences. Today there are millions of weblogs on literally every topic you can imagine. Yes there are challenges and corporate concerns, but more and more people and companies are embracing this inevitable wave that allows everyone to share points of view, rank products, ask questions and be part of the user experience.> Related Links: Microsoft Vista website || w3w3.com Blog || Ani's Blog || Software Channel |
| Keywords: Vista, Microsoft, Ani Babaian, Live, Office, Exchange, Web 2.0, Blogs, User Experience - 11/20/06 LISTEN - Bytes 4893782
Susan Kunz, CEO/Founder, Solidware204_ The New Award Winning Mantra is Time to Money
The average car has 35 million lines of code in it, with 100+ million lines of code in a high-end car. Really good code has one error for every thousand lines of code. Do the math and you might feel very nervous about how you are getting to work, points out Susan Kunz, CEO and Founder of Solidware Technologies. Today’s software development teams face twin dilemmas of exponentially increasing complexity and scale. It is more important than ever that developers deliver the right code the first time and that's what Susan says is 'time to money'. Susan is a keynote panelist at the Rockies Venture Annual Fall Finance Forum. Related Links: Solidware Website || Software Channel || IQ Award Photos || Bytes 4398292 - Keywords: SolidWare, Susan Kunz, IQ Awards, Software, Code, Time to Market, Time to Money 11/06/06 LISTEN
201_ Sustainability is Here to Stay, Maybe Forever
Monica HeronAndrew BowerbankThe Archetype Sustainable House Demonstration Project began with a National Competition to design a green home that could be adopted by Canadian production home builders. Construction is planned to begin in the spring of 2007 in Toronto, Canada. Andrew Bowerbank, Manager, Sustainable Development is a key speaker at the International Greenbuild Expo being held in Denver. Monica Heron, Senior Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner for Canada in Denver Consulate General of Canada asked Andrew some probing questions. > 10/30/06 LISTEN - Bytes 4813952
Related Links: Toronto & Region || Canada || CORE || Greenbuild Expo || - Keywords: Canada, Toronto, Andrew Bowerbank, Monica Heron, Greenbuild Expo, Denver, Colorado, Sustainable House
199_ Out of Site, Out of Mind Until the Predator Strikes
Jeanne SmithIt's the good news and the bad news. "The Internet is a wonderful tool to exchange knowledge and ideas in ways not possible before," says Jeanne Smith, Deputy Attorney General for the state of Colorado. Jeanne goes on to point out, "It's also a place where bad things are happening at the same fast pace." Predators are pervasive on the Internet and it's difficult to pin them down. Predators are in every chat room. The Attorney General's office has a 'Safe Surfing Initiative' and Larry & Pat of w3w3.com hope you are taking stock of this important and hot topic. - Related Links: AG Safe Surfing Initiative || NCSP || Cyber Security Toolkit || Applied Trust || > 10/30/06 LISTEN - Bytes 1774135 - Keywords: Cyber Security, Jeanne Smith, Colorado, Safe Surfing, Colorado, Internet Predators, Applied Trust
196_ Video Gaming, Homeland Security, Wireless
Melodie Reagan, CEO, Auromira
With entrepreneurs in mind and focused on three powerful tracks, the Second Annual TiEcon is working and planning closely with business and universities. In addition to a number of international experts sharing their wisdom, participants will have a chance for some head-on-head conversation with the pros. Melodie Reagan, chair of the event points out that the best-of-the-best in Video Gaming and Business Simulations, Homeland Security and Wireless Technology will be also shown during the Demo Extravaganza throughout the day. > 10/23/06 LISTEN
Related Links: TiEcon Home || Auromira Executive || TiE Rockies Home || Find It || Bytes 5047382 - Keywords: TiEcon, TiE Rockies, Video Gaming, Homeland Security, Wireless, Melodie Reagan, Innovators, Demo Extravaganza
187_ Colorado Supports Nanotechnology in a BIG Way
Brian Vogt, Director, OEDITDebbie Woodward, Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance CNA
Following the Governor's Tech Week Launch, Brian Vogt, Director of Colorado's Office of Economic Development and International Trade talked about the new era we are entering which includes growing international competition as well as the new kinds of networks, relationships and economic principles. Jobs of the future and wrapping it all together with a long term strategy is critical. After addressing other important issues, Brian introduced Debbie Woodward, Executive Director, Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance. She unveiled the Nano Roadmap. 10/02/06 LISTEN SOUND FILE REPAIRED !!!
Debbie Woodward, Exec. Director, Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance179_ Impossible Becomes Reality with a Little Manipulation
The strategic action plan for CNA, called the Colorado Nanotechnology Roadmap was released today. Debbie Woodward, Executive Director, Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance pointed out as an economic driver, nanotechnology is no 'small matter'. Global demand is expected to reach $28.7 billion by 2008 and a $1 trillion global market is forecasted by 2015 with an estimated 7 million new US jobs will be created with an average wage of $97,978. We need to pay attention to this emerging market and not let it get away.> LISTEN 9/18/06

Lucy Sanders, CEO, NCWIT155_ National Center for Women & Information Technology
The name of this 'innovation group' is the "National Center for Women & Information Technology" or 'NCWIT' points out Co-Founder and CEO Lucy Sanders. Women make up about 25% of the IT workforce today and about 50% of the overall workforce. With declining of female enrollments for bachelor degrees in computing and IT, coupled with the declining number of high school girls interested in technology as well as the retirement numbers, it's easy to see the work-shortage problem.>

LISTEN 7/31/06 - PART 1 and PART 2
150_ New Technologies and Operational Best Practices
Rina Delmonico, CEO, REN Consulting, Inc.Implementing new technologies represent 30% of the total cost. Rina Delmonico, Founder of REN Consulting and a true pioneer of female CIOs, points out that maintenance captures 70% of the cost. She goes on to point out another challenge, that many if not most new techies are not very respectful of older techies and technology. Today blending the old and the new are the best practices for going forward. Rina suggests we can't ignore things like instant messaging and My Space type portals. Security issues are a concern. > LISTEN 6/26/06

146_ Challenges and Choices for Women in IT
Lucy Sanders, CoFounder, NCWITWomen make up about 25% of the IT workforce today and about 50% of the overall workforce. With declining of female enrollments for bachelor degrees in computing and IT, coupled with the declining number of high school girls interested in technology as well as the retirement numbers, it's easy to see the work-shortage problem explains Lucy Sanders, Co-Founder and CEO of the "National Center for Women & Information Technology" or 'NCWIT'. Lucy explains some innovative solutions. Part 2 of 2
> 6/12/06 LISTEN
145_ Lucy Sanders - Is There a Significant Place for Women in IT?
Lucy Sanders, CEO & Founder, National Center for Women in ITThe name of this 'innovation group' is the "National Center for Women & Information Technology" or 'NCWIT' points out Co-Founder and CEO Lucy Sanders. Housed at CU Boulder, the NCWIT mission is to ensure that women are fully represented in the influential world of information technology and computing. Brad Feld of Mobius is on the board with a host of other notables that are all passionate about the about diverse thought in innovation and this collaborative creation process. >
6/05/06 LISTEN
Melodie Reagan, Larry Nelson, Rina Delmonico131_ Benefits and Pitfalls of
Working Virtually are Changing

Colorado's employment rate is healthier than the national average points out Melodie Reagan, founder of Auromira Executive Advantage. Terminal Service Projects are impacting working virtually especially with the well educated and high-tech workforce in Colorado points out Rina Delmonico, founder of REN Consulting. They also shared the practices to use in order to avoid the pitfalls for hiring as well as the pitfalls when applying for a job.. >
LISTEN 5/08/06

Larissa Herda, CEO, Time Warner TelecomHere's What it Will Take to Make it in Telecom 1.23.2006
Winner of the 2004 Telecom Executive of the Year, revisited. Larissa Herda , CEO of Time Warner Telecom since 1998, has experienced the telecom roller coaster, and has stayed the coarse. She shares thoughts on the fundamentals, disruptive technology and listening to your customers

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