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"There is a destiny that makes us brothers and sisters.
None goes their way alone.
All that we send into the lives of others,
comes back into our own."  

Edwin Markham (1852 - 1940)

National Center for Women in Information Technology

National Center for Women in TechnologyA United, Amplified Voice
NCWIT serves as a united, amplified voice for the increased participation of girls and women in technology and computing. NCWIT campaigns support training for school guidance counselors, policy reform in K-12 computing education, improving the image of women in computing, outreach to underrepresented groups, innovative approaches to change, and increased awareness of diversity and women’s contributions. NCWIT award programs encourage high school girls to pursue a computing career, reward effective post-secondary recruitment and retention projects, and shine a spotlight on the successes of entrepreneurial women. Together, we can make a bigger difference sooner than if each organization acted alone.

Knowledge Makes the Difference

Capital Investment Management Company (CIMCO) is an CIMCO (Capital Investment Management Companyindependent Registered Investment Advisory firm with financial advisors offering securities through First Allied Securities (member FINRA/SIPC)/An Advanced Equities Company, specializing in Private Wealth Management, retirement plans (pension and profit), portfolio management and business transitions as well as philanthropy/social enterprise.  Today’s money management decisions are complicated.  As stewards of your wealth, we provide unbiased knowledge that makes smart decisions simple. MORE


We'll help your business succeed.

At ViaWest, we listen to your needs, understand your requirements, and deliver what we promise.

ViaWest With 22 data centers and growing, is one of the largest privately-held data center and managed services providers in North America. From our Denver, Colorado headquarters, we oversee enterprise-class data centers in Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Texas, and Nevada, providing a comprehensive suite of colocation, complex hosting, cloud and managed services to business of all sizes nationwide. As we grow, we plan to uphold our commitment to delivering the business-by-business unique experience that drives our success: Service centered around you.

PBC, Inc. spacer Entrepreneurs, Researchers and Technologists
PBC, Inc. can provide your business all the services critical for its start-up to commercialization process. We want your business to thrive by allowing you to do what you do best, and let us worry about all the business and government hassle. We typically win 1 out of 2 SBIR proposals, and have worked with hundreds of companies, all but three are still in business.

Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Technical Communities
Microsoft technical communities provide opportunities to interact with Microsoft employees, experts, and your peers in order to share knowledge and news about Microsoft products and related technologies. These technical communities provide a variety of ways to get answers to questions, solutions to problems, and share your own expertise. For an overview of Microsoft's community offerings, read the "Microsoft.com's Community Resources" article. MORE

LightSpeed Commercial ArtsMoving Ideas into the Future...  Lightspeed is a full-service graphic design and marketing consulting company. Since 1985 we have been serving companies of all sizes, from startups to Xerox, IBM, Ball Aerospace & others: in high tech, biomedical, manufacturing, food products & more. Complete logo & identity packages, brochures, direct mail, websites, e-banners, and tradeshow materials are done on time, within budget, and with complete professional care.
The ART of technology and science...  
Also, whether there are detailed blueprints or just a concept yet to be crystallized, we can bring it to life in a finished marketing illustration. MORE


Swiftpage is dedicated to providing your business with the tools to effectively and automatically communicate with your customers in order to build a profitable relationship. Totally Integrated for On Demand Marketing; Sales Force Automation; Marketing Automation; Swiftpage Drip Marketing. Free tutorials and webinars.

People write because they have a goal in mind, and want to utilize the power of voice to reach that goal. At C3 Writing we help you ensure that your message is clear, concise, and compelling. We're here to help you: Target Your Intended Audience, Research Your Industry, Plan Your Presentation and Produce quality content sure to engage your reader. MORE

Cloud Computing Consulting - Call us Today: 855 723-3448
Cloud Computing Consulting

Our job is to simplify Cloud Computing for businesses and help them make the right choices when moving parts or all of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. We work hard to understand everything there is to know about our customers’ businesses – the objectives, the hurdles, the concerns and craft a cloud solution that matches and supports each company's requirements and goals. Learn MORE...



www.FlyingBeds.com First there were Murphy Beds. In the 70’s FlyingBeds.comit was called a Wall Bed. Today, we would like to introduce you to Flying Beds. Our easy to navigate site includes, photos, prices of our wide selection of Flying Beds.

If you visit our Wall Bed showroom, you will be visiting our factory at the same time. We are the manufacturer of the furniture surrounding the Murphy Bed lift mechanism. If you work with us without visiting, you will receive samples and full renderings of any Wall Bed system we design together. Installation worldwide. MORE


Institute for Change Research

Abraham Maslow's hierarchy, the five levels of human needs, define the fundamental reasons why human beings do or don't do all things.

The 3-Filters(TM)on the other hand, are the mechanisms that process information as it relates to the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of our five levels of human needs. The 3-Filters(TM)provide a framework for understanding how we make decisions, why we take actions or our lack of action, our likes and dislikes, our subconscious priorities and how we communicate and interact with others. MORE

BroadbandVideoStreaming Video - BroadbandAdvertising uses streaming video to sell your products, motivate inquiry and stimulate interaction. By fusing the best selling features of the web with the production values of top-notch commercial production studios - BroadbandAdvertising is changing the way people view advertising. You now have the ability to present compelling requested video information. MORE

CONDIT Exhibits
Condit Exhibits sets the standard in award winning three-dimensional marketing solutions. Our combination of cutting-edge concepts and design, the highest quality production and lighting, on budget and with a can-do attitude has been the key to our 60 years of success. Condit is more than simply a display or exhibit fabricator, we are a true marketing-support partner. MORE Located in Denver, Colorado

What is Green Source Consulting? 

Green Source ConsultingBy saving your time, materials and energy we can help you green your bottom line. Not only can we save you money, we'll show you how the change is saving the planet. We look at how you do business today and give you options for cost efficient green business solutions. We show you how your efforts can save acres of trees, reduce landfills and the environmental fooprint of your business, home or office.

From now on when you hear 'green' you'll not only think of the planet, but dollars saved. MORE





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