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The 2002 E-Ball proved to be "the Event of the Year" Lu Cordova, President CTEK

- and the Good News is that there will be another November 1, 2003 at the Renaissance Hotel - Interlocken! We're talking about the CTEK Entrepreneurs Ball and it's too bad if you weren't there. However, here's the next best thing, Lu Cordova and her CTEK team created a scene that fed the starving west. Being there was more fun than we've had in a long time. (Photos from last year below!)

We asked what should you wear - now we'll see who was there and what they wore! Come back often, with over 200 photos we'll be adding and changing the view - again and again-frequently. The Omni was packed and spilling beautiful people all over. It was fun, it was exciting - the food was great - that sound system from Bang & Olufsen was outstanding... and I want one. We wore name tags (which was nice) but it definitely had the galmour and ambiance of a 'ball' !

Brad Feld, Rick Patch

Morgan Stanley

Tao Bindslev, Jared Polis, Roimello - XIV Records
Robert Welch, Colleen Colarelli
Sean and Rockie Thomas - KNRC
Stacey Silverman
XIV Records Checking out the B&O Sound System

Brad Feld, Mobius VCRick Patch, Sequel PartnersThe First Annual Entrepreneur's Ball

What should you wear at the eBall? Listen to what Brad Feld and Rick Patch recommend. The Entrepreneur's Ball celebrates the trailblazing creators of successful and emerging companies in Colorado. This gala event is decidedly not a typical charity ball. We're doing it entrepreneur-style! Put on the fancy duds, or come in jeans. It's Black Tie/ optional.
Do you know who these folks are? Hover your cursor over their photos for an ID - Click on the Photos for a fun - 60 second discussion on how to dress for an Entrepreneur's Ball - Everyone here will be there!

Chandler Smith, President, Summit Mgmt. Resources
Lu Cordova, President CTEK
Alex Sammoury
Tao Blendslev of Band & Olufsen Donates $6000 Sound System for CTEK eBall Auction
Cathy Ewing, President, CSIA
Don Vanlandingham, COB, Ball Aerospace
Barb & Ken Owens, CEO, Conduant
Julia Pirnak, Mayor, Longmont
Larry L Nelson, Producer, w3w3 Talk RadioGreg & Yvonne Lynott, Lynott & Associates

CTEK in the News: CTEK w3w3® PORTAL || Lu CORDOVA Profile || CTEK AWARDS 2002 || EBALL 2002

Lu Corodova, President  - CTEK

Mobius VC - House Mom

Our gracious host and "house mom" from Mobius VC

Nov 6, 2002— MOBIUS VC Hosts
CTEK Brown Bag Lunch
Gorilla Marketing

CTEK: Gorilla Marketing - Brown Bag Lunch - Hosted by Mobius VC

Chan Smith - CTEK

Beth Wolfson, Marketing Director, Executive Forum


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