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Computer & Electronic Recycling, Sponsored by Luminous Recycling

Steve Fuelberth, Luminous Recycling473_ Lead in Computer Monitors and TV Monitors Going into Landfills
enclosure-voiceCRT monitors are the magic pieces that make everything on our television sets and our computors come to life. When they die or are being replaced by an upgrade they are often shipped overseas and in too many cases end up in our landfills. The lead (seversal pounds) in those monitors is hazardous and potentially dangerous to the wellbeing of humankind. Steve Fuelberth, President & CEO of Luminous Electronic Recycling (LER) has often been quoted as saying, " Itís not just pollution and doing your part, that is socially responsible. Itís also being responsible for customer data, intellectual property or other confidential information. Today, every business, institution and home has numerous electronic devices which will need to be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner." Now, LER is taking that whole concept to a new level by installing the 'Angel'. We had a chance to see it first-hand, and it is truly remarkable. No more lead in the landfills.Many states have adopted regulations on end-of-life electronic goods. Most electronic goods contain materials that if put into landfills, could effect the surrounding area. All communities believe that recycling will save valuable landfill space and provide a safer environment. Listen now!

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enclosure-voice303_ Tracking the Life (and Contents) of a 3-Year Old Computer
Steve Fuelberth, President/CEO, Luminous Recycling
Look around your office. In the next one to three years, estimate how many electronic items, big and small, will be replaced; computers, printers, copiers, keyboards, mice, cell phones, monitors, PDAs, laptops, servers…

Next, how will they be disposed of? It’s not just the physical components, it’s also the vital and confidential information stored on those devices.

It’s not just pollution and doing your part, that is socially responsible. It’s also being responsible for customer data, intellectual property or other confidential information.

Steve Fuelberth, President & CEO of Luminous has the solution that is leading edge, socially responsible and cost effective.

. Related Links: || Luminous Recycling || Mobile Technology Destruction || Green Up Denver || Podcast Directory || Channels: Recycling, In the News Keywords: Luminous Recycling, Steve Fuelberth, computers, printers, cpiers, keyboards, mice, cell phones, monitors, PDAs, laptops, servers > Bytes: 5400976 LISTEN 4/30/07
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Luminous Electronics Recycling Inc.  Click Here.Luminous Electronics Recycling Inc. (LER) was founded in 2003 by Steve Fuelberth, President of LER, who has over 15 years of environmental and waste management experience. Due to the unique capabilities of our company, we have experienced an unprecedented growth of more than 300% per year.

We attribute this to our unique approach to our customers, with “flexibility” being the cornerstone of our company. LER designs flexible, individually customer tailored recycling programs, which eliminate our customer’s security and environmental risks, resulting in customer “peace of mind”. We are focused on “green” initiatives and the preservation of our natural resources to ensure that less than 1% of all products are land filled, essentially a 100% no landfill program.

Luminous Electronics Recycling (LER) Capabilities

Currently LER has the capacity to recycle a 2,000,000 lbs per month. We recycle anything that is electric or battery powered to include; computers, monitors, printers, keyboards, mainframes, phone systems, metals, and virtually all types of materials that a customer has a need to recycle responsibly. Our “only handle a product once” recycling process maximizes the efficiency of our personnel resulting in lower overall destruction costs. At a minimum, all customers receive a “Certificate of Recycling” or “Certificate of Destruction”. Other documentation is available to include make, model, serial number, asset tag or other customer information can be provided as well.

As a professional organization we understand the need for quality to be imbedded into everything we do. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our ISO 9001 and 14001 registration which is expected to be completed
by Q1, 2008.

Our recycling headquarters located in Denver Colorado has the logistic capability to support customers on a local and national basis.

In addition, LER specializes in the destruction of sensitive information that resides on all types of electronic media. Our MT3 product, offers a unique, patent-pending mobile service for the secure, customer location destruction of sensitive data that resides on hard drives and other electronic media. The MT3 process includes:

  • Hard Drives and other media are completely destroyed at your facility by shredding.
  • Fully self contained truck or container mounted units deploy quickly to any facility.
  • Customer security personnel witness and monitor the destruction process and verify results.
  • Comprehensive, customizable audit trail documentation by make, model, serial number, asset tag, etc. captured in real time.
  • Quickly operational when and where needed.
  • MT3 Assured Destruction service available at cost effective rates.
  • MT3 accommodates your schedule.
  • All processes designed to meet or exceed EPA, OSHA, state and local laws.

Customer revenue sharing program:

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers. One of the many ways we do so is to compensate our customers for products that are recycled through LER. If it is determined those products have value and can be remarketed; LER will work closely with our customers to ensure they receive the greatest value possible for their products.

Social responsibility:

LER is fully committed to protecting our environment. Our company continues to educate the community to actively participate in responsible recycling, thus keeping electronics out of our landfills. LER's primary focus is working with local and state collection agencies, recyclers, and consolidators for all their recycling needs. The company also provides assistance to local businesses, non-profit organizations and commercial property managers in the recovery of electronics for recycling, refurbishing and remanufacturing.

LER is the exclusive recycling partner for the upcoming “Green Up Denver” initiative that will be taking place each weekend during the month of April, 2007. For more information on this event, please log on to www.greenupdenver.org.

Current Customers

We have a number of customers that we can provide as references as needed.

Reasons why our customer’s find value in working with LER
  • Competitive Pricing - Full service recycling of electronic goods takes place at LER, thus providing a cost-efficient service.
  • One-Stop Recycling - LER accepts a wide range of electronics. Clients appreciate the convenience of working with one company for all their recycling needs. Since its inception Luminous Recycling has never lost a customer due to service.
  • Secured Data Management - Sensitive data and hard drives are destroyed to ensure vital information is kept confidential.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with the many capabilities that Luminous Electronic Recycling offers.
For additional information please visit our following websites at:

www.luminousrecycling.com and www.mt3co.com

14135 East 42 nd Avenue ● Denver CO 80239
303.660.2000 ● 303.660.2333


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