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Brad Feld - into the emergency room - off the bike!
That's Brad at Boulder Community Hospital1626_ 10/20/14 - "Ouch"
A disembodied voice said, "You’re in an ambulance. I’m just putting an IV in your arm," I had no idea where I was. I had a vague recollection that I had been on a bike. "You’re in an ambulance. You are ok. Stay calm." I realized I was tightly strapped to a board and couldn’t move if I wanted to. My legs hurt. My ribs hurt. My shoulders hurt. I couldn’t figure out what had happened. I couldn’t process where I was. I felt like I was coming out of a dream, but I couldn’t remember the dream. I couldn’t open my eyes. The doctor asked, "What day is it?" I responded, "I have no idea." I forgot to say that I usually have no idea what day it is. Patiently, the doctor asked, "Who is the president?" I thought to myself 'George Bush' but I paused, knowing that wasn’t correct. After a short time, I answered "Barack Obama". "What is your name?" "Brad." "Good. You seem ok. Do you know what day it is yet?" I responded, "I generally don’t know what day it is." The next thing I remember was hitting a bump and opening my eyes to see a woman pushing me through some doors. "Hang on – we are just wheeling you into the emergency room." Read the rest of the story...

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Ron McKey, President, FlyingBeds International, Inc. - www.flyingbeds.com

Talking about having a global presence
enclosure-voice 1620_ 10/6/14 - We're speaking with the 'master of deception', that is in terms of finding those creatively hidden beds in some very cleverly designed, hand-built furniture, to achieve a dual purpose room. Located in Denver, FlyingBeds International, Inc. and Ron McKey, president/founder, are very well known locally and internationally. We're talking about having a global presence, and Ron tells us how it begins with the presentation of your best. In this case, at the show. That would be the Hospitality/Design Expo in Las Vegas this past May - with 900 exhibitors. It was a very good show for Ron because he was able to demonstrate to the hotel trade that you can lift a king-size bed with one hand. They were pretty impressed - it was a giant mattress in a very nice unit that he'd done for the Marriott Corporation. Right now in their factory Ron has two queens in a rustic cherry that are going to Bermuda with a very unusual finish to it. He's actually got a great amount of crazy stuff going through right now, including a bed from a New York designer that has antique books that came from London. It is actually books and a television put together... but you'll just have to look at the website where hundreds of amazing examples are displayed...
RELATED LINKS: FlyingBeds International || FAQs || Economy Builders || Blog || KEYWORDS: Ron McKey, FlyingBeds International, Murphy Beds, Furniture, Custom Made, Space Design Company, Home Office, What do You Want this Room to Accomplish, Hospitality, Design Expo, Marriott Corporation, Bermuda, bytes=6704799
LISTEN TO: Ron McKey, President/Founder, FlyingBeds International

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Game changing technologies in powertrain
David Moll, Infield Capitalenclosure-voice 1597_ 9/2/14 - We're talking with David Moll, venture capitalist and founder of Infield Capital. We asked David to tell us about their work. He said, "Infield Capital. is a fund that invests in early stage technologies for the transportation industry. In particular we are interested in those things that improve the economy and emissions profile for vehicles. That stuff is between the key and the wheel." So they really like things like new advanced combustion engines and new systems like air handling your fuel injection for those engines. David says they love batteries and power electronics and electric motors and they've been looking again at fuel cells - all of those technologies are within their purview. "If we get jargony," he said, "we invest in the things that store and convert energy for mobile applications." Now half-way through their fund, with 15 investments and a couple of exits, David tells us they've seen the landscape around the companies in their portfolio change dramatically. He thinks about the relatively new phenomenon of abundant, low cost natural gas, domestic natural gas. That certainly wasn't something they saw coming in 2007.

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KEYWORDS: David Moll, Infield Capital, Power Train, Transportation Industry, Emissions, Batteries, Power Electronics, Electric Motors, Domestic Natural Gas, bytes=7455454
LISTEN TO: David Moll, Infield Capital

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Leaders often impede the success of their businesses
David Feasby, President, IMPACT Management Systemsenclosure-voice 1595_ 8/25/14 - Larry was talking with David Feasby the president of IMPACT Management Systems, Inc., a management consulting and training company which provides organizations customized programs and services to enhance personal effectiveness and create measurable results. IMPACT has been operating successfully for over twenty years and has a wide range of clients from the private and public sectors. Larry asked David, "Why do Business Leaders impede the success of their businesses?" David really shared some helpful points of understanding so Larry asked him to expand on "What are the main reasons that business leaders impede their company’s success? As well as, How can business leaders get themselves out of the way?" ...listen for some great ideas that you can apply immediately...
RELATED LINKS: IMPACT Management Systems || Mastering Change || Comer & Associates || Institute for Change Research || KEYWORDS: David Feasby, IMPACT Management Systems, Line Management, Business Consulting, Executive Coaching, Management Development, bytes=7319617
LISTEN TO: David Feasby, President, IMPACT Management Systems

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Guy Kawaski, Author, Enchantment

Guy Kawasaki: The art of changing hearts, minds and actions
Enchantment, by Guy Kawasakienclosure-voice 1601_ [archives 2011-09-12] - Three years ago when I last interviewed our guest, Guy Kawasaki, managing partner of Garage Technology Ventures and founder of Alltop.com, we were going through some tougher times, I asked Guy, how do you think this will play out? Guy replied, "I'm not a visionary or an oracle, but I'll tell you what I'd tell an entrepreneur, which is... "Plug your ears and keep going!" Guy's latest and tenth book is, 'ENCHANTMENT, The art of changing hearts, minds and actions.' Guy's unique style, he replied, "The word is purely a marketing thing. You know, I wanted to own a word, like Tom Peters owns excellence... and I wanted my word to be enchantment. And I wanted the image [from the book cover], the butterfly to be recognizable as enchantment. So that's why the particular word, in a marketing sense. In a philosophical sense, I think people can aspire to a higher relationship than simply closing sales. So this would be enchanting people, getting people to believe in your dream as much as you do." Larry asked what motivated Guy to get on this topic. Well, he's been enchanting and evangelizing people for the about two-and-a-half decades now. It was time to collect all his lessons and put it out there so people could achieve more success with their new products, new services, new companies, new ideas. "I think if you enchant your customers you'll have a much better relationship with them, you'll have a longer relationship with them, probably a more profitable relationship and they too will be happier. I think it will help people have better relationships with their customers, and their prospective customers, which will in turn, lead to success. It's very difficult to foster this kind of relationship, particularly in a time when people are so skeptical about others and pessimistic. If you wait for the turnaround to occur and everybody is all happy and things are going honky-dory again, it may be too late." ...listen for much more...
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LISTEN To: Guy Kawasaki, Author, Enchantment

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Nikaela, August 2014 - Age 14, Diabetes Fighter Catching up with Nikaela
1602_ 9/2/14 - Back in October 2012, we introduced you to Nikaela – she was asking people to “Step Out to Stop Diabetes” an annual walk/run to fund research for a cure. Nikaela is a teenager involved in her community, an excellent student, a volleyball star and a beautiful girl who bravely fights the devastating effects of diabetes that threaten her well being, every day of her life. It’s hard work for her and her family – worse it’s more than they can afford financially and at times emotionally. This year alone she’s lost two young teenage friends, because they lost their fight with diabetes. Imagine what it must be like, at such a young age, to go to sleep at night, knowing you could slip into a coma and never see the world again. Or maybe lose your sight, or face amputation. You can help.... Watch 2+min. Video: Nikaela's Champions & Challenges

Disruptive Strategies for Building Your Business [873_ 7/26/10]
Larry Nelson, Institute for Change Research1590_ 7/28/14 - Discover 3 new ways of Thinking, Planning and Executing... Learn about the Process – 1) Radical planning: The Audit - what it will tell you. Cross the sea of change with a successful, proven process...2) The People Factor – What's the answer to the people puzzle? How do you tap your team's mental DNA. Allow your people to be the solution?...
3) The Trends – There is a ground swell in your market space. Can you identify it? Capitalize on it and avoid the traps and pitfalls.
     "Growth is impossible without change. As Larry points out, the most effective way to manage change is to create it. Mastering Change allows for new natural alignment and unprecedented growth and success." Curt Coffman, Co-Author, 'First Break all the Rules'.
      What do these organizations have in common? AT&T, Ball Aerospace, Children’s Hospital, Dean Foods, First National Bank, GE, IBM, IRS, Johnson Controls, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Microsoft, Mobil Oil Japan, 3M, NCAR, Sanyo Australia, Toledo Edison, US Forest Service, US Dept. of Transportation, United Way, University of Wisconsin, University of Colorado… Answer: They and many others have tapped into Larry Nelson’s programs.
      Guy Kawasaki, author of 'Reality Check' and co-founder of Alltop.com, www.garage.com said, "Larry’s plain talk approach for managing teams is refreshing and practical. His advice will help teams deal with change challenges in unknown economic times because it’s not filled with hype and jargon. Mastering Change is a great resource for entrepreneurs and managers."
      Try Something Disruptive to Supercharge Your Business.

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Larry Nelson, author, Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos

Recent acquisitions, the expansion and how it was funded
Ken desGarennes, CFO, Zayo Groupenclosure-voice 1574_ 6/30/14 - We are here today with Ken desGarennes, CFO, Zayo Group, and we're talking about expansion... from Louisville, CO to the Denver Tech Center to Boulder, the UK and France and finally consolidating the Tech Center and opening a downtown Denver office. They're spreading, expanding, building and surpassing the Billion Dollar milestone! We asked Ken to tell us about recent acquisitions made in Europe, the expansion and maybe how it was funded. So here is the Zayo story as told by Ken... "Sure. I think Zayo is somewhat synonymous with acquisitions. Clearly we've done quite a few and mostly in the U.S. but more recently in Europe. One has closed, Geo in the UK and the other has been announced but not yet closed, Neo Telecoms, in Paris, France. Zayo entered Europe as a business in 2012 when they acquired AboveNet, so this is a bit of an expansion on the toe hold we already had in Europe." Zayo Group is a global provider of bandwidth infrastructure services, including dark fiber, wavelengths, Ethernet, IP services, SONET, carrier-neutral collocation, and technical services. Our network footprint extends 79,000 route miles, with connectivity on dense metro and intercity fiber assets. Zayo is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with European headquarters in London and Paris. Larry asked about funding these acquisitions and Ken said, "That's a good question. And we've certainly been funding along the way a number of acquisitions in the US and Europe..." There's more...
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LISTEN TO: Ken desGarennes, CFO, Zayo Group

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William Mueldener, Principal, HEIN The legislature's attitude was, everything is subject to sales tax
enclosure-voice 1569_ 6/23/14 - It has taken a lot to get here, to this celebration of the earned successes of the CTA Public Policy Committee during the last legislative session as it relates to the tech industry. We are talking with Bill Mueldener, Principal, State and Local Tax Services, at HEIN with a heavy focus on the technology industry. Bill is also a board member, part of the executive committee at CTA and serves as the co-chair of the public policy committee. Bill's involvement in the association over the last several years has been working to develop policies that are business friendly to help foster the technology development and the industry within Colorado. When the economy took a downturn and the government was naturally looking for different ways to find revenue it came to the attention of the legislature that they should assess tax and make software itself a taxable transaction. The legislature's attitude was 'everything is subject to sales tax, it can't be that big of a deal'. But it's not just a big deal monetarily, but the collection burden, those kinds of things were a big issue...listen for much more...
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LISTEN TO: Wm Mueldener, Principal, HEIN

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Bill Palmer, William Palmer Associates, LLC; Veterans Success Fair May 24, 2014 Annual Veterans' Appreciation Breakfast and Civilian Success Fair
enclosure-voice 1543_ 5/5/14 - This past Thursday Larry was a speaker at the Denver Southeast Rotary Club. Afterwards, we met and spoke with Bill Palmer who is chairing the Denver Southeast Rotary's 8th Annual Veterans' Appreciation Breakfast and Civilian Success Fair ... May 24th, 2014 from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum.. Bill, US Navy retired, Commanding Officer, USS Denver, and Fast Frigate Trainer, Buckley, CO. and Vietnam Veteran. Bill wanted to do more for our Military veterans as he worked on this program . 'A great breakfast, a patriotic program, thank you for your service' is all great, but Bill wanted more - These men and women have given so much to our country and Bill wanted to do something that would really help these veterans. "You know they can't just go to the VA Hospital and get help - there's a process you must go through." Getting help can be complicated, getting to know their families again, assimilating back into civilian life is not an easy task. These men and women have been through an incredible journey and that journey has changed them. So in addition to that wonderful, plated breakfast and excellent patriotic program [Senator Hank Brown, Senator Mark Udall and keynote speaker Major General Jay Lindell. The Mission: To show America's Veterans appreciation for what they have done, have been willing to do for our country and to assist them with tools for success following their service. The Goal: For you to leave better prepared, to enhance your life through personal growth.
Breakout opportunities at the Success Fair: Your time to interact with those who can help you make a better life for yourself. Higher Ed: G. I. Bill mentors; PTS: Counselors to advise how to navigate the VA mental health system; Homeless Services; Emergency Services; Job Hunting Assistance; Job Placement.... there's much more. Be sure to register - it is completely free for Veterans.

RELATED LINKS: Veterans for Success || Rotary Club of Denver Southeast || In the News || KEYWORDS: Bill Palmer, Veterans, Denver Southeast Rotary's 8th Annual Veterans' Appreciation Breakfast and Civilian Success Fair, Senator Hank Brown, Senator Mark Udall, Major General Jay Lindell, VA Mental Health System, Homeless Services; Emergency Services, Wings Over the Rockies Museum, bytes=4972359
LISTEN TO: Bill Palmer, Veterans Success Fair 5/24/14

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30th Space Symposium, May 19-22, 2014 Two Life-Saving Technologies Are 2014 Inductees into Space Technology Hall of Fame
1535_ 4/21/14 - A global satellite-based search-and-rescue system, and an image-guided surgical robot will be the 2014 inductees into the Space Foundation's Space Technology Hall of Fame®, which recognizes technologies originally developed for space applications that now improve life on Earth. The induction will be next month during the 30th Space Symposium at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colo. About the Space Foundation Founded in 1983, the Space Foundation is the foremost advocate for all sectors of space, and is a global, nonprofit leader in space awareness activities, educational programs and major industry events, including the annual Space Symposium, in support of its mission "to advance space-related endeavors to inspire, enable and propel humanity. Space Foundation world headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo., features a public Discovery Center including the El Pomar Space Gallery and the Northrop Grumman Science Center featuring Science On a Sphere®, and is a member of the American Alliance of Museums. The Space Foundation has a field office in Houston, and from its Washington, D.C., office, conducts government affairs, publishes The Space Report: The Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activity. Expect more international participation than ever at this year's 30th Space Symposium, to be held May 19-22 at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colo., USA. Widely known as the most important worldwide space industry conference, the Space Foundation's Space Symposium annually attracts more than 9,000 participants.
RELATED LINKS: Leonard Nimoy || Space Symposium || Discovery Center || The Space Report || Space Technology Hall of Fame || Space Foundation || KEYWORDS: Space Symposium, Space Foundation, Global Satellite-Based Search-and-Rescue System, Image-Guided Surgical, Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activity, El Pomar Space Gallery, Northrop Grumman

C-Level @ A Mile High 2014 Photos 1518_ 3/17/14 -

Dave Allen, Executive Director & VP, Tech Launch Arizona, University of Arizona Strategic plan to match up inventions with industry needs
enclosure-voice 1513_ 3/10/14 - Last year, the University of Arizona (UA) realized that it was far behind other universities in the complex field of technology transfer. It recruited an industry trailblazer, David Allen, as executive director and vice president of TLA and tasked him with taking the UA to the top tier of universities that package big ideas for companies both global and local. "The University of Arizona faculty is very competitive," Allen says, sitting in his office between the campus and downtown. "We want them to think beyond the research finding to the application. We’ll help them take an idea no one may have seen before and turn it into the basis of a product or service." After his arrival last August, Allen, who reports directly to UA President Ann Weaver Hart, sent out a call for inventions. Forty-six faculty members responded, and TLA selected 19 projects to support, after screening by industry experts. Other innovations that TLA will be talking to investors and company executives about include a new cancer drug, a water contamination sensor, a device for monitoring infection in wounds, and a way to produce bricks from mine tailings. Launching products, as Allen understands from 30 years in technology management and commercialization, is an art form that includes managing costs and expectations and working with technology and business leaders, lawyers, venture capitalists, and "business angels" (high net worth new business investors). Allen has designed what experts say is a sophisticated strategic plan to match up UA inventions with industry needs. Colorado, toward the end of the decade Allen spent there, did slightly over $30 million in one year.
RELATED LINKS: Tech Launch UA || UA David Allen || In the News || w3w3 Blog || KEYWORDS: Dave Allen, University of Arizona, UA, TLA, Technology Leaders, Business Leaders, Lawyers, Venture Capitalists, Business Angels, bytes=10776140
LISTEN TO: David Allen, Executive Director, Tech Launch Arizona, University of Arizona

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Financial challenges, Big GAAP and Little GAAP
Courtney Cowgill, Greg Anton & Chris Pelley, FEI January Dinner Program enclosure-voice 1491_ 1/27/14 -
It is technical and critical... Larry and Pat attended the Financial Executives International (FEI Colorado) monthly chapter meeting and interviewed the keynote speaker Greg Anton who is a founding partner of Anton Collins Mitchell LLP, (ACM) a Denver, Colorado based CPA firm. Greg was speaking about financial reporting for private companies and talked about two elements of business reporting. One, FASB the Financial Accounting Standards Board producing differential standards for private companies that are GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) based. We also talked about how there are 29 million private companies in the United States and 15,000 public companies in the US. And how the financial reporting rules really are written for the 15,000 public companies. So when we have to produce GAAP based financial statements, the private company has to follow the public company rules. So the Private Company Council over at FASB is creating some small nuances and changes in the standards that are allowable for the private company to follow and still be in compliance with GAAP. In addition the AICPA has created a financial reporting framework for small businesses that don't need to produce GAAP based financial statements but they want to produce accurate reliable financial information for the managers of the business, for the business owners, the investors as well as for lenders that might lend money to the business where the active financial report information is produced in an accurate, reliable and consistent way. So the financial reporting framework itself, creates substantial changes in financial reporting and it really marries some of the GAAP principles and some of the Tax Principles on a simplified basis to create a financial reporting framework that is relevant and useful for a small private business. Really Main Street type of accounting versus Wall Street... Listen for more....

RELATED LINKS: FEI Colorado || Anton Collins Mitchell LLP || Blog || CIMCO || CIMCO Channel || Event Photos || KEYWORDS: Greg Anton, Anton Collins Mitchell LLP, Federal Executives International, FEI Colorado, Entrepreneurs, Goal Planning, Strategic Planning, Cost Structure, bytes=10372809
LISTEN TO: Greg Anton, Anton Collins Mitchell LLP

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Goal Planning & Strategic Planning Critically Important
Gregery Anton, Anton Collins Mitchell LLCLarry Nelson, Founder, w3w3® Media Networkenclosure-voice 1489_ 1/20/14 - STORY: Larry and Pat attended the Financial Executives International (FEI Colorado) monthly chapter meeting and interviewed the keynote speaker Greg Anton who is a founding partner of Anton Collins Mitchell LLP, (ACM) a Denver, Colorado based CPA firm with offices in Boulder, Denver and Greeley. Larry asked Greg what advice he would give entrepreneurs. "Ultimately financial reporting and accounting is the language of business. If you don't have some reference or some general idea of the language of business, it's really difficult to manage that business. If you don't understand how to read financial information, you really can't run the business... So you must have a general understanding - you don't, obviously, have to be an accountant to be a business owner." Greg said. "The reality is that most business owners we talk to need a keen understanding of the cost structure, the cost of their product, the cost of their service, what's the right price point in the marketplace, how do they create sales initiatives that pay for themselves." Greg also explained that he tells folks he deals with that it's really important to do goal planning and strategic planning around where you are going. He said, "I view it as you've got to have a daily plan for the things that have to be accomplished that day, that are critically important. You've got to have a strategic plan that looks out one, two, three years. And, you have to have a wide term plan that looks out into the horizon. If you don't have a vision of where your business is going to go - it's impossible to get from today to the future without that. Successful entrepreneurs have the vision of what they can do ...Listen for more...
RELATED LINKS: FEI Colorado || Anton Collins Mitchell LLP || Podcasting Directory || CIMCO || Social Entrepreneurs || KEYWORDS: Greg Anton, Anton Collins Mitchell LLP, Federal Executives International, FEI Colorado, Entrepreneurs, Goal Planning, Strategic Planning, Cost Structure, bytes=10372809
LISTEN TO: Gregory Anton, Anton Collins Mitchell LLC

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Financial Executives of Colorado (FEI) - 1/16/2014

Michael Higgins, President Financial Decision Maker Non-financial managers need to improve financial performance
enclosure-voice 1627_ 10/20/14 - Larry was talking with Michael Higgins, president of Financial Decision Maker, about some challenging business issues. Larry asked about Michael's background. He said, "The heart of my company’s mission is to raise the financial acumen and decision-making confidence/ competence of business owners, managers and employees at businesses - very large and very small. My work for the past 30 years has been in "high engagement = high retention" learning. Up until about 20 years ago, I was a 'financial phobic'. A catastrophic business failure due to lack of financial knowledge and skills changed my course. I am now a financial trainer and custom program developer who teaches non-financial managers that financial learning can be enjoyable and practical, besides being crucial for business and career success." Michael was introduced to w3w3.com by Bob Carrothers of Vistage and Mindful Finance is one of their businesses. His partner in MF is Ozzie Gontang, a long-time Vistage chair. He pointed out, "There is a nationwide study published in the Harvard Business Review that found 62% of decisions made by a company’s non-financial managers are uninformed, i.e., likely incorrect or guesswork. This means that 6 out of every 10 company decisions..." Listen for more...
RELATED LINKS: Financial Decision Maker || Mindful Finance || Vistage || News || KEYWORDS: Michael Higgins, Financial Decision Maker, Financial Acumen, Mindful Finance, Financial Trainer, Vistage, Ozzie Gontang, Company Decisions, bytes=8209870
LISTEN TO: Michael Higgins, Pres., Financial Decision Maker

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Patricia & Larry Nelson, CoFounders, w3w3® Media Network w3w3® Talk Radio - When you need to get the word out [Three-part Mission (Listeners, Sponsors & Community)
1614_ 9/29/14 - When you need to get your story out w3w3® is here...
1. To support local businesses. 2. To help grow a talented workforce, and 3. To reinforce a community attitude that is invigorating, exciting, entrepreneurial and invested in your success! w3w3® provides an on-demand menu of programs, materials and resources, 24/7. We are committed to support the efforts of our sponsors to be profitable and to serve as a vehicle to help get their message out as well as keep their prospects informed about the sponsor's latest developments. Also, we actively support a full range of associations, public events and public sector organizations physically as well as offering access to a Web Community Calendar, portal pages and announcements about their activities. We are a virtual historical snapshot of the Colorado Technology and Business Community over the past 15 years and a fabulous resource to reference and learn about the people and events of this community.

It's Here! DENVER STARTUP WEEK September 15-20, 2014
Denver Startup Week, 9/15-20/20141604_ 9/15/14 - Since 2012, the most creative and well-connected innovators from Colorado and beyond have come together for a week of learning, discussion, networking, and more. In 2013, 5,500+ startup community members and over 650 companies engaged in over 125 community-driven events all with the goal of celebrating everything entrepreneurial in the Mile High City. Seth Godin told the 2013 crowd that Denver Startup Week is incredibly unique. "This event is pretty rare," he said. "It's not just rare for me; it's rare for the world." And from Eric Mitisek, CEO, CTA "At the speed of startup, celebrations do not happen often enough. So next week, immerse yourself in this free week of 150+ events and meet, support and cheer on our innovators building the companies that will define the Colorado of tomorrow."
RELATED LINKS: Denver Startup Week dot org || Registration || More from
Eric Mitisek

Mike Hess, Founder/Executive Director, Blind Institute of Technology Don't get distracted by the executives or mobile devices in the room
enclosure-voice 1609_ 9/15/14 - Mike Hess doesn't get distracted by the executives in the room or mobile devices in the room, or the pretty girls in the room - He just focuses on content. Mike, who is legally blind, is the founder and executive director of the Blind Institute of Technology. And now, he teaches his Sightless Principles of Communication to teams and companies, large and small (Google, DaVita, and Gates Rubber), about the real importance of actually listening. They've done amazing things. Year to date the Blind Institute of Technology has already placed 12 people. Mike said, "One of our latest candidates, an MBA with a vision impairment out of Fort Collins, Colorado, just got placed at DaVita (a Fortune 300 company) - and we just keep rolling Larry. It's so exciting!" Mike credits his board of directors for much of the great success. Mike and the Blind Institute of Technology (BIT) have an Easy Button for the companies looking for talented employees.
RELATED LINKS: The Blind Institute of Technology || Podcasting Directory || CIMCO || Community Reach ||
KEYWORDS: Michael Hess, Blind Institute of Technology, BIT, Visually Impaired, Project Management Institute Mile Hi, CIMCO, Community Reach, DU, Social Entrepreneurs, , bytes=5848819
LISTEN TO: Mike Hess, Executive Director/Founder, Blind Institute of Technology

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Michael Hamers, Founder, LightSpeed Commercial Art Life. It’s about creating yourself
enclosure-voice 1598_ 9/2/14 - Larry interviewed Mike Hamers founder of LightSpeed Commercial Arts. Mike said, "Everyone is invited to an Artists Reception night of The Fresh A.I.R.: Artists In Recovery group show Friday, Sept. 5th 2014 from 5:30 to 8:30pm at NCAR’s Community Gallery" (located on west Table Mesa Drive Lab overlooking Boulder). This exhibit features 76 works by 20 artists bearing the theme, Through Art, Visions and Dreams, the Light Comes Through. It’s free and viewable to the public 7-days-a-week until September 26th. The Fresh A.I.R.: Artists In Recovery Show is a series of community-outreach exhibits that’s part of a personal grassroots project by Michael of Niwot. The purpose is to promote, share and celebrate openly with participating artists by extending into the Boulder Community, the daily joy of recovery and flourishing beyond addiction. At its basis is the fresh perspective of adopting healthier attitudes and practices taken toward Life – our family and community, our art and careers – a renewed purpose and sense of freedom, spirituality and acceptance of a “higher power” positively influencing our lives. "Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." More at http://www.FreshAirShows.com
RELATED LINKS: Lightspeed Commercial Arts || Entrepreneurs || Mastering Change || KEYWORDS: Fresh Air Art Shows, Michael Hammers, Lightspeed Commercial Arts, NCAR’s Community Gallery, Artists in Recovery, Through Art, Visions and Dreams, the Light Comes Through, bytes=8815911
LISTEN TO: Michael Hamers, LightSpeed Commercial Arts

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Technology and media and successful entrepreneurs
JB Holston, Sitrion and BEN Colorado with Larry Nelsonenclosure-voice 1575_ 6/30/14 - JB Holston has run a wide range of technology and media enterprises over the last two decades. He served as founding CEO for NewsGator (now Sitrion) from 2004 through 2012. We spoke to JB at the CTA Public Policy & Legislative Session Celebration where he updated us on his role at Sitrion and the exciting developments there. Next he slipped in a big piece of news for the entrepreneurial community in Colorado... Maybe you've heard of BEN Colorado, JB Holston is the executive director. The Blackstone Charitable Foundation has selected the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado (founded by Phil Weiser, Dean of the Law School at CU) to host its first expansion of its innovative Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network. Through a gift of $4 million, the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network in Colorado (BEN Colorado) will strengthen and grow the networks across the aerospace, bioscience, digital/technology, energy, and natural foods sectors. BEN Colorado will initially focus on the Boulder and Denver Metro Area regions. BEN Colorado will work with Master Entrepreneurs and Advisors to open up important networks of influence to a select number of companies on the verge of rapidly 'scaling up'. The goal is to extend, expand, and connect the networks of experience and expertise in and outside of Colorado. Be sure to listen to this interview and check out BEN Colorado..
RELATED LINKS: Sitrion || Colorado Technology Association BEN Colorado || Economy Builders || Mastering Change || KEYWORDS: JB Holston, Sitrion, NewsGator, BEN Colorado, Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network, Entrepreneurs, Phil Weiser, University of Colorado Law School, Silicon Flatirons Center, bytes=4876228
LISTEN TO: JB Holston, Chairman Sitrion; Executive Director, BEN Colorado

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JB Holston, Chairman, Sitrion - CoChair, CTA Public Policy Committee LISTEN: Industry Briefing and High Tech Session Recap
enclosure-voice 1561_ 6/9/14 - We are at the CTA Industry Briefing & Legislative Session Celebration speaking with JB Holston, Chairman, Sitrion and Co-Chair of CTA's Public Policy Committee to talk about the legislative session and CTA's public policy efforts in general. JB said their committee got together about a year ago and decided to make some changes to effect better results from their efforts. They began by "...identifying the key issues we wanted to talk about well ahead of the next legislative session and the other thing was to start developing relationships with the legislators so that as the session started we could have conversations with folks that knew us, we'd gone to lunch with, had coffee with, talked about some of these issues informally with. That was a big change in the way CTA had been involved in the legislative process and I think it paid big dividends this year." The other speakers were: Erik Mitisek, CEO, CTA; Bill Mueldener, Principal, Hein & Associates; Annette Quintana, CEO, Istonish; Roberta Robinette, President-Colorado, AT&T; Sandra Solin, President and CEO, Capitol Solutions; Nissa Szabo, Industry Affairs Manager, CTA...Listen for more interesting details of this hugely successful public policy committee's work during this legislative session.
RELATED LINKS: Sitrion || Colorado Technology Association || Event Photos Slide Show || Mastering Change || Software Channel || KEYWORDS: JB Holston, Sitrion, CTA, Industry Briefing & Legislative Session, Public Policy Committee, Legislative Process, Erik Mitisek, Bill Mueldener, Bill Mueldener, Annette Quintana, Roberta Robinette, Sandra Solin, Nissa Szabo, bytes=5765227
LISTEN TO: JB Holston, Chairman, Sitrion

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Podcast Directory @ w3w3.com What do Leonard Nimoy, Krista Marks, Vinton Cerf, have in common
1600_ 8/11/14 - [archives/2010-09-27] ...Celebrity status in the realm of science and technology; business, commerce and community, creators, educators, visionaries, philanthropists, leaders, adventurous, courageous people! You will find them and many more stand-out-leaders from actor, astronaut, genius to outspoken critic. Visit the w3w3 Podcast Directory for a comprehensive collection of our most important business leaders over the past eleven years. You won't find all these celebrity interviews any place else. Ask Google: Mike Fries, Lucy Sanders, Ted Turner, Dan Caruso, Larissa Herda, Steve Bigari, Jim Crowe, Denise Brown, Ping Fu, Mark Endry, Kathleen Quinn Votaw, Heidi Roizen, Seth Levine, Jon Nordmark, Nancy Phillips, Stephanie Smeltzer McCoy, Donna Auguste, Sam Addoms, Helen Greiner, Roy Dimoff, Greg Maffei, Vinton Cerf, Guy Kawasaki, Jay Walker, Sam Pitroda, Rick Patch, Terry Gold, Michael Powell, Richard Truly, J.B. Holston, Holli Baumunk and 1000s of more interviews can be heard 24/7 at w3w3.com. We have been doing this since January 1999. Check it out...our Podcast Directory makes it easy...
RELATED LINKS: About w3w3.com || w3w3.com Sponsors || w3w3.com Blog || Podcast Directory || KEYWORDS: w3w3® Talk Radio, Leonard Nimoy, Krista Marks, Vinton Cerf, Mike Fries, Lucy Sanders, Ted Turner, Dan Caruso, Larissa Herda, Steve Bigari, Jim Crowe, Denise Brown, Ping Fu, Mark Endry, Kathleen Quinn Votaw, Heidi Roizen, Seth Levine, Jon Nordmark, Nancy Phillips, Stephanie Smeltzer McCoy, Donna Auguste, Sam Addoms, Helen Greiner, Roy Dimoff, Greg Maffei, Vinton Cerf, Guy Kawasaki, Jay Walker, Sam Pitroda, Rick Patch, Terry Gold, Michael Powell, Richard Truly, J.B. Holston, Holli Baumunk

Nigel Alexander, Lemonade Day Metro Denver city-wide event
June 7, 2014... Registration is OPEN
enclosure-voice 1544_ 5/5/14 - What is Lemonade Day? It is a FUN, FREE, Metro Denver city-wide event, where KIDS get to MAKE and KEEP THE MONEY that they earn. Kids of all ages learn to set goals, develop a business plan, establish a budget, seek investors, sell a product, provide customer service, and give back to their community. Larry interviewed Nigel Alexander, an owner of Liberty-Bell Telecom who is a big supporter of Lemonade Day. What is it? Lemonade Day is an event that teaches kids the skills they need to be successful in the future. They will learn to set goals, develop a business plan, establish a budget, seek investors, sell a product, provide customer service, and give back to the community. Lemonade day is the perfect opportunity for a community to show kids they care, and train the next generation of entrepreneurs through a FREE, fun, engaging, experiential activity. When it is? Lemonade Day is Sunday, May 22nd, 2011. Who can participate? Youth of all ages can participate (with adult supervision!). Not only does Lemonade Day directly affect the participants, but it also affects the entire community. To register for an official Lemonade Day stand and to participate in the event, a parent or guardian must sign a consent form agreeing that a responsible adult will assist and supervise. Who can get involved and how? Anyone and everyone can be involved in Lemonade Day! Young entrepreneurs that have lemonade stands need adult supervision, sponsors, investors, employees, and customers ...Listen for more...
RELATED LINKS: Lemonade Day || Lemonade Day FAQ's || Prepared 4 Life || Liberty-Bell Telecom || CIMCO || KEYWORDS: Nigel Alexander, Lemonade Day, Prepared 4 Life, Metro Denver, Kids, Liberty-Bell Telecom, Kids, Entrepreneurs, bytes=4637991 LISTEN TO: Nigel Alexander, Executive Director, Lemonade Day

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Intense infatuation with natural building methodologies
enclosure-voice 1536_ 4/21/14 - We are visiting with Cody Farmer of MainStream Cody Farmer, Partner, MainStream CorporationCorporation a performance-driven green building firm. We've known and followed Cody and his partner Lisa Farmer for several years now and are very impressed with what they're doing. Imagine if you will, living off the grid... It all started with an intense infatuation with natural building methodologies and real estate investing. They thought that a person could build sustainably with nature and experience freedom off any grid, superior indoor environmental quality (IEQ), and extreme comfort. "We then learned the science and methodology of Passivhaus, which challenged every building principle we thought we knew. Our sights are now set on helping others accomplish their visions where architecture meets science to produce extreme performance, comfort, and health." They invested a lot of money into education and traveling and touring houses and buildings that were performing and they became certified Passive House Consultants and Designers. MainStream then put up a proof-of-concept building in Broomfield, one of three known private buildings in the United States. Four years ago Cody and Lisa added another dimension to MainStream and began doing 'Performance Building Design', material specification and energy models. Building from the ground up, or maybe a city building that's not performing, or a home that needs to be remodeled, even a brand new building - the first thing MainStream does is 'engineer out the losses of the system'. So, whether that's a wall system, windows, a ventilation system or insulation issues, air tightness issues, the first step is always to study the building... MainStream has developed the package, putting everything together to create performance, comfort, health and efficiency all in one whack. Listen for more details...
RELATED LINKS: MainStream || News2Use || Blog || In the News || KEYWORDS: Cody Farmer, Lisa Farmer, MainStream Corporation, Green Building Firm, Passive House Consultants, Designers, Indoor Environmental Quality, IEQ, Performance Building Design, bytes=5742657
LISTEN TO: Cody Farmer, Partner, MainStream Corporation

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Drives the Colorado economic climate forward
Erik Mitisek, CEO, Colorado Technology Associationenclosure-voice 1517_ 3/17/14 - Larry asked for an overview of what CTA is doing. Since Erik Mitisek came on board (as CEO, Colorado Technology Association) last June, "Some of the core things we've done to really amplify CTA's impact is to take a look at public policy and government activity in the state of Colorado. To build a business climate that not only exemplifies the climate that we want to represent to those inside and outside the state - but for companies that are building businesses here in the tech sector - making it easier, more economical and more efficient for them to operate within the government. This year within our public policy strategy we've been really blessed with some great leadership to change that. So as we go into 2014 our public policy activity around advocacy for technology related issues has never been stronger. With a board of over 45 technology leaders that really exemplify the core tech leadership in the state - some of the best CIOs, CEOs and service providers that are leading the tech initiative, both in terms of size and scale, and some of the largest employers in the state are represented on our board. But also the innovation and kind of new technology economy with great entrepreneurs that are on our board as well. That board really exemplifies the excitement of Colorado." Erik said, "I think the new future of CTA is to deeply invest in workforce and talent pipeline, to make sure we are matching workers of tomorrow in Colorado both with relevancy and with consistency inside our core IT workforce." Listen for more...
RELATED LINKS: Colorado Technology Assoc. || Entrepreneur Channel || w3w3 Blog || C-Level @ A Mile High || In the News || KEYWORDS: Colorado Technology Association, Erik Mitisek, C-Suite Executives, Technology solution providers, CTA, C-Level @ A Mile High, Networking Event, Economy, bytes=6523405
LISTEN TO: Erik Mitisek, CEO, Colorado Technology Association

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Erik Mitisek,    CEO, Colorado Technology Association... Fusion of Tech Solutions, Service Businesses & C-Suite Execs
enclosure-voice 1507_ 3/1/14 - Are you ready, and set to go... if not you'd better hurry. In just days from now, Thursday, March 6, 2014 C-Level @ A Mile High will be held at Sports Authority Field, with over 1,000 executives, leaders and entrepreneurs already booked. And we are talking with Erik Mitisek, CEO with the Colorado Technology Association. He's here to give you an insightful view of this most dynamic event. C-Level @ A Mile High is an opportunity to meet C-suite decision makers and IT team leaders in Colorado - across industries who use technology to power their businesses. Add to this the Live Auction: CIOs/CFOs/CEOs from a variety of industries who are looking to purchase tech solutions in 2014 and of course, the Silent Auction: Trips, restaurants, experience packages (some will rock your world). this is CTA's quintessential event for the technology community here in Colorado. This event is in its 8th year and Erik said, "It's really the fusion of bringing together our core technology solution providers and service businesses in direct contact with our CIO's, and directors of technology, directors of IT and those leading the tech community. It's really a come together and the largest networking event in Colorado for the IT sector."
RELATED LINKS: C-Level @ A Mile High || Colorado Technology Assoc. || Entrepreneur Channel || w3w3 Blog || KEYWORDS: CTA, C-Level @ A Mile High, Colorado Technology Association, Erik Mitisek, C-Suite Executives, Technology solution providers, C-Level Auction, networking event, bytes=2441198
LISTEN TO: Erik Mitisek, CEO, Colorado Technology Association

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David Cohen, Chairman/CoFounder, TechStars "Do or do not, there is no try"
enclosure-voice 1504_ 2/17/14 - Applications opened Feb. 12 - Deadline April 16, Program begins June 30 - Demo Day Late September and the anticipation is building!! Do you dream big? The Disney Accelerator will bring together an amazing community of entrepreneurs, creatives, mentors, investors, and technologists, all with a common trait: the ability to dream big, and a vision for making an impact on the world of entertainment and technology.
      On November 14th, seven years ago, Techstars became official. The founders, David Cohen, Brad Feld, David Brown, and Jared Polis set out to help entrepreneurs with their mentorship-driven accelerator in Boulder, Colorado. It’s mind boggling to see its growth and impact across the world since the beginning. "At TechStars, we are 100% focused on changing the way startups are built by arming them with a massive interconnected network of amazing founders, mentors, and advisors. Building this network with high quality is our true north, and is why we exist. Today we are adding a very powerful new node to the TechStars network. We are thrilled to announce Disney Accelerator, powered by Techstars, and based in Los Angeles. Disney Accelerator combines the magic of The Walt Disney Company with the mentorship-driven accelerator model of Techstars to offer a unique advantage for technology startups in the media and entertainment space." Listen for more as David Cohen and Larry discuss the TechStar magic.

RELATED LINKS: TechStars || TechStars Blog || Disney Accelerator || TechStars 7th Anniversary Video || w3w3 Blog || KEYWORDS: TechStars, David Cohen, Disney Accelerator, Brad Feld, David Brown, Jared Polis, Nicole Glaros, Boulder CO, Entertainment, Walt Disney Company, Technology Startups, bytes=6403033
LISTEN TO: David Cohen, Chairman, TechStars

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John Hughes, President, Rotary Club of Denver Southeast Over half of Colorado's population, 58% is overweight or obese
enclosure-voice 1492_ 1/27/14 - Rotary Clubs official motto "Service Above Self" is a breath of fresh air in the healthcare mix. We are speaking with John Hughes, President of the Rotary Club of Denver Southeast, here at the 7th Annual State of the State Reception hosted at the Governor's Residence. Joining us is Gabriel Guillaume, Interim President/CEO of LiveWell Colorado a relatively new organization, formed in 2009. Live Well Colorado is working to create opportunities for healthy eating and active living in the state of Colorado as a means to reducing and preventing obesity. We all know obesity is a big issue across the country and while many think it's not as much of an issue here in Colorado - the leanest adults... The reality is over half of our population (58%) is overweight or obese, and that we are in the top states to have a very fast growing rate of child obesity. So while we have the leanest adults in the country, that's not true of our youth. So we have a good idea of where we are heading if we don't address this problem now and a systemic manner. "By that", Gabriel said, "It's not just about programs. It's about effective partnerships that can move potential policy forward, that can change, improve the environments around us so that healthy eating and active living behaviors aren't just the option for some, but the default opportunity for everyone in our state." Hughes pointed out that they have a unique opportunity in this event by bringing together the governmental representatives, state legislators, Governor Hickenlooper, the attorney general and the treasury secretary for Colorado, who have the legislative and administrative responsibilities when it comes to healthcare. Part 1 of 2...listen for more....
RELATED LINKS: Rotary District 5450 || Rotary Club of Denver Southeast || Health One Cares || LiveWell Colorado || KEYWORDS: John Hughes, Gabriel Guillaume, Rotary Club, LiveWell, Colorado, Overweight, Obese, Effective Partnerships, Service Above Self, State of the State Reception, bytes=5081028
LISTEN TO: John Hughes & Gabriel Guillaume

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Rotary District 5450 - 7th Annual State of the State 1494_ 1/27/14 -

ACG Denver 2014 Open - Event Photos
Alan Beaulieu, ITR Economics - Fiscal Reality

2015 Colorado In the News

Leonard Nimoy, Didn't just leave an impression

2014 Colorado In the News

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Denver Startup Week, 9/15-20/2014
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Gabriel Guillaume, LiveWell CO & Rotary Denver
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Mike Higgins, Financial Decisioon Maker
JB Holston, Sitrion and CTA Public Policy Chair
JB Holston, Exec. Director, BEN Colorado
John Hughes, Rotary Club of Denver Southeast
Guy Kawasaki, Author, Enchantment
Rich Liner, KidsTek, Tech Leaders Dinner 2014
Ron McKey, FlyingBeds & Hospitality Industry
Erik Mitisek, CEO, C-Level @ A Mile High 2014
David Moll,Infield Capital
Bill Mueldener, Chair, CTA Public Policy
Larry Nelson, Institute for Change Research
Nikaela Nelson, A Young Warrior, fights Diabetes
Photos, C-Level @ A Mile High 2014
Erik Mitisek, Drives the Colorado economic...
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2013 People In the News

Annual Ascent Award + Inaugural Tech Icon,
Walk With Autism, June 9, 2013, ASC
James Buckles & Kevin Custer, Autism Society
Neal Browne, Expert Pres & Media Coach
Dan Caruso, President/CEO, ZAYO
CereScan - Tug McGraw Foundation
Kendall Colman & Molly Hughes
Laurie Fitzgerald, Enlightened Empowerment
Cloud-Elements Interview by Gary Gaessler,
Michele Gebhart, Look at Business Process
Les Haber, GM, Radio Colorado Network
Michael Hess, Blind Institute of Technology
2005 History, Building Business in Colorado
JumpStart 2013 Paul Washington, OED Denver
Karan Khemka Billions of dollars help higher ed...
Keith Larson SKiL Business Advisors
Balan Nair Liberty Global, Expanding Globally
Kourtney Nelson,, Solutions to healthcare
Charles Patti, Customer Experience, Daniels
Howard Potter, Captive Insurance - Advantage
Private Equity Invests...,
Christine Riordan, Daniels College Business
Todd Roebken, Jones Lang LaSalle, Colorado
Les Simpson, Deferred Tax Benefits, Inc.
Garry Seaber, CEO/Founder, IT Liquidators
Bart Taylor, Company Week OnLine Mag
TiE Rockies, Leverage for Business Growth
Bill Van Orsdel, CoFounder/CMO, WaveCloud
Bill Van Orsdel, Steps to take, Things to know!
Ed von Bleichert, Mgr Environmental Ops - CU
Ed von Bleichert, Time to get rid of the pests...
Elizabeth Weiland NoCo - Makers Faire
What do they have in common...

2012 People In the News

Wendy Bohling, Boulder/Denver Moxie; Chris Coughlin, Revenue North ; Michael Fields, MSF Enterprises; John Filwalk, Director, IDIA Lab, Ball State Univ.; Louise Gunderson, Gamma 2 Robotics; Ray Hutchins, TiE Rockies Charter Member; Paul Jerde, Executive Director, Deming Center; John Kelley, CereScan; Kelly Manning, SBDC Network WildFire Relief; Larry Nelson, Difficult People; Larry Nelson, Disruptive Strategies for Business;
Larry Nelson, Check eMail Subject Line; Leonard Nimoy, Space Foundation Award, American Actor, Poet, Photographer; Melodie Reagan, Moxie Exchange Movement; Tragedy in Aurora, Editorial Larry & Pat Nelson; Phil Weiser & Brad Bernthal, Startup Colorado - Denver

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2011 People In the News
Vic Ahmed, Helping to expand your business
Vic Ahmed, Plan Getting to next level
Judy Amabile, Product Architects 11/7/2011
Nigel Alexander, Lemonade Day
Ron Burton, Rotary International 12/19/2011
Thomas Byrne, Moody's Asia,Transparency
Janet Eden-Harris, BPW Woman of the Year
Ryan Ferrero, Getting to the root of 3/7/11
Laurie Fitzgerald, President/Founder, The Consultancy 12/26/11
Tom, & Deb Frey, Inventors Showcase 11/5/11
Green Garage, Go Green, No premium 3/14/11
Michael Hamers, LightSpeed Commercial Arts
Su Hawk, Mapping Technology Industry 9/19/11
Gov. Hickenlooper, CO Rotary 100 Yrs Service
Jones & McKeogh, Product Camp 10/29/11
Guy Kawasaki, Author, Enchantment 9/12/11
KidsTek, Rich Liner & Pat Maley 5/16
i2iWorkforce, Melodie Reagan & Jen Long 4/18
i2i Workforce, Melodie & Jen, Growth Strategies
Dave Leonard, Worldwide executive explores
Dave Leonard, Worldwide executive explores
Kelly Manning, SBDC Network 7-5-11
Ron McKey, Make it earn the cost of investment
Michael Meurer & Chris Pelley, Elder Care
Larry Nelson & Steve Wille, Transform Your Management Team Beyond Expectations
Larry Nelson, BPW Man of the Year 3/21/11
Larry & Pat Nelson, Change is not an event
Melodie Reagan, 52% of U.S. Employees trouble...
Mark Seglem, Federal Budget Crisis
Bart Taylor, ColoradoBIZ -Publishing Content
Brian Tsuchiya, Entrepreneurial Types 3/28/11
Lt. Col. Edward Vaughan, USAF, 1/11/11
Robert White, Achieving Extraordinary Sucess
Robert White, Eight Power Principles
Robert White, Extraordinary Leadership 4/4/11
Steve Wille & Larry Nelson, Colorful Leadership

2010 People In the News
Eric Alexander, the SUMMIT 12/27/10
Dave Brych, Aerospace Corp, Space Debris
Pete Burridge, Greenhouse Scholars 9/7/10
Karl Dakin, CIO Colorado 12/13/10
Scott English, Wyle, Space Symposium 4/26/10
Pete Estler & Pete Burridge, Dinner Royale 8/30
Tom Frey, Inventor Showcase, DaVinci 11/13
Trent Hein, Ned McClaine, 4th UNIX & LINUX Admin Handbook 9/27/10
Normand Latourelle, Cavalia 8/30
Trent Hein, Ned & Sarah McClain,
Telluride Technology Festival Oct. 1-2, 2010
Rich Martinez, Young Americans Bank
Sarah McClain, Telluride Tech Festival 10/1-2/10
Leonard Nimoy, Discussion w/ w3w3® 4/26/10
Rick Nucci, Cofounder & CTO, Boomi
Rick Patch, LifePics 4/19/10
Wm. B Scott, 26 Natl Space Symposium 3/1/10
Janet Stevens, Space Foundation 3/15/10
Bart Taylor, Planet Profit Report 4/19/10
David Wolf, Young Americans Center ofr Financial Education - Entrepreneurship Awards 8/23
w3w3 Podcast Directory 9/27/10
Chris Wood, BCBR, IQ Awards 8/23/10
Chris Wood, Industry in Transition 9/20/10

2009 People in the News
Christian Finn, SharePoint Product Management
Matthew Taylor, Viawest Defrag 11/11/09
Tony Dunckel, TechSmith Corp Defrag 11/12/09
Gates Foundation/Rotary End Polio Now 10/09
Luc Tremblay, Cirque du Solel 8/20/09
Stan Feld, MD, Repairing Healthcare Sys 8/3/09
Changing Rules Raising Capital, L Nelson 7/6/09
Nothing of Importance..., Cody Farmer 7/4/09
MiCasa, R.Edlin C.Marquez-Hudson 6/9/09
Stephanie Steffens, CO Companies... 6/8/09
Lon Levin, Sky 7 Ventures - Nat'l Space 3/09
Dick Hinson, Nat'l Space Symposium 3/30/09
Chris Pelley, RIA Require... 2/9/09
Tom & Deb Frey Twitter - 2.9.09
KidsTek: Developing Workforce 1/19/09
Kathleen Pelley: Advice: Writers 1/19/09

2008 People in the News
Social Entrepreneurship What is it? Paul Bauer & Chris Pelley 10/13/08
2nd Annual Social Entrepreneurship Day Denver 2008Paul Bauer & Chris Pelley 10/20/08
Paul Bergman, US Dept. of Commerce -Export Assistance Center 9/15/08
Stuart Schoenmann, Lynore Abbott; CPIA Posse 9/22/08
ColoFIRST Regionals 3/31/08
Gerhard Eschelbeck, Webroot 3/24/08
Brad Feld, TechStars 3/24/08
Tom Frey, DaVinci Institute - 9/22/08
Tom Frey, Demise of Retail Storefront
Margarett Heffernan, Author 4/28/08
Dean Kamen, US FIRST 3/31/08
Simon Leung, SimonLeung.com 3/08
Ron McKey, FlyingBeds.com 10/08
Dinesh Patel, vSpring Capital 11/10/08
Hiran Perera, WalkingSpree.com 9/08
Sam Pitroda, Knowledge Comm, India 9/08
Sam Pitroda India National Knowledge 9/15
Scott Brown, Sarah McClain; Telluride Tech Fest
Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Insight Speaker
Michael Webb, Aubice 5/12/08
Steve Wille, Bill Kuehn, Larry Nelson Leadership 8/18/08

Alan Beaulieu, Principal, ITR Economics® Fiscal Reality from One of the country’s most informed economists
enclosure-voice 1486_ 1/13/14 - For a little shot of reality, we are talking with Alan Beaulieu during his annual economic forecast at the ACG Denver 2014 Opening Luncheon. (Note: We've interviewed Alan several times over the years - be sure to check out his view of the future then and now.) ITR Economics focuses on the U.S. and European economy with offices here and there. Today Alan is talking about fiscal reality, a refreshing look at life as it is. "We started with the Affordable Health Care Act. You may be hearing the administration saying because of Obama Care they have slowed down the rate of rise in healthcare - you'll be seeing headlines about that in numerous sources. Keep in mind that it is a very negligible change and the numbers they're citing are before the healthcare act really came into being, 2014 is the real year of the healthcare act. So the slowdown really has to do with the softness we had in the economy in 2013 than it does with anything else, just a normal part of the economy. We think the healthcare act could be a headwind for consumers if the administration is right and millions of healthy young individuals go to the exchange." One of the country’s most informed economists, Alan Beaulieu, is a principal of ITR Economics™ where he serves as President. He leads the company’s European office and serves as chief economist for numerous U.S. and European trade associations. He is co-author of Make Your Move, a book on profiting in business cycle changes, and is a contributing editor for Industry Week magazine...Listen for more...
RELATED LINKS: ITR Economics || ACG Denver || Presentation Slides || RM Corporate Growth Conference || Event Photos || M&A Channel || KEYWORDS: Alan Beaulieu, ITR Economics, Institute for Trend Research, Financial Trends, ACG Denver, Association for Corporate Growth, Trends, Economic Recovery, M&A, Entrepreneurs, Europe, China, Canada, Latin America > bytes=6262181
LISTEN TO: Alan Beaulieu, Principal, ITR Economics

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Achieving Your Personal and Professional Goals
The Ultimate Win - Your Goal1486_ 1/13/14 - Don't Let Another Year Go By - The Ultimate Win is Yours! Larry Nelson has taught this material in seminars in over a dozen countries, from China to Canada, from Norway to Australia, from Germany to Japan as well as throughout the US. He shares the results of his international research about the Characteristics of an Achiever and then goes on to help you lay out your "personalized blueprint" for personal and professional success. Larry is an internationally published author, has been a consultant to many Fortune 1000 companies and is best known for his train-the-trainer programs and w3w3.com Talk Radio. Larry and Pat developed these materials 20 years ago and put them up on the web in July 2007. The ‘Ultimate Win’ link below takes you to a page that allows you to download and print the entire Resource Guide and listen to all the Audio Sections for FREE. This is our thanks to you…have a great year!
RELATED LINKS: Ultimate Win || 3-Filters || Your Goal || Training Trends || Mastering Change || KEYWORDS: Ultimate Win, High-Tech, Goals, Training Trends, Business, Interviews, Photo Chronicles, Pat Nelson, Larry Nelson > Learn More
LEARN MORE: Larry Nelson, Exec. Director, Institute for Change Research

Overcoming the shortage of top coder talent
enclosure-voice 1487_ 1/13/14 - Here at Galvanize, we're talking with Gary Gaessler of Gary Gaessler, Cloud Elements  & Sofia Stolberg, founder, Piloto 151Cloud Elements a cloud integration service, about a program addressing the shortage of talent in the technology community. Gary tells us, "We've extended an internship exchange program with our friends in Puerto Rico, who Gary met last summer at the Founder Institute, along with Sofia Stolberg, the founder of Piloto 151 a Galvanize-like incubator in Puerto Rico.
Antonio Tapia & Christian Rodriguez, Codetrotters, University of Puerto Rico
We actually have two top developers from the University of Puerto Rico joining Cloud Elements for fourteen days, Antonio Tapia and Christian Rodriguez." There is a need for this program, the idea of Cloud Elements CEO, Mark Geene, when Gary was in Puerto Rico this past summer. Sofia ran with the idea - she has actually launched a venture called 'Codetrotters'. Codetrotters is seeking to help startups like Cloud Elements hire top coder talent from under-tapped global talent pools, including Puerto Rico. "On a side note as well, we seek to develop underdeveloped entrepreneurship ecosystems and help strengthen them. So the exchange part of the program is that Cloud Elements has top interns / top coders coming into their company for a period of two weeks during the winter break and then again in the summer. In exchange for those interns, they give back to the ecosystem in Puerto Rico. In the end if Cloud Elements decides to hire the interns Piloto 151 does collect a recruitment fee, but it is 50% lower than the market standard. Part of that 50% discount is that they come back and give to our entrepreneurship ecosystem", Sofia said. . With the shortage of 'top coding talent'... listen to Gary, Sofia, Antonio and Christian for more insights...

RELATED LINKS: Cloud Elements || Piloto 151 || Galvanize || Founder Institute || KEYWORDS: Gary Gaessler, Cloud Elements, Cloud Integration Service, Coder Talent, Sofia Stolberg, Piloto 151, Codetrotters, Miguel Rios, Antonio Tapia, Christian Rodriguez, Puerto Rico, Founder Institute, Galvanize, bytes=10372809
LISTEN TO: The Codetrotters, Gary Gaessler & Sofia Stolberg

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Electronics recycling has been largely unregulated
Creighton Bildstein, President, Urban Mining² enclosure-voice 1508_ 3/3/14 - Larry is interviewing Creighton Bildstein, President of Urban Mining2, North American Technology Exchange’s Material Acquisition, Sales and Marketing subsidiary. Prior to this undertaking, he was a co-founder, co-owner and principal in an asset management and disposition company located in Denver, CO for 11 years in which he personally secured numerous contracts with Fortune 500 companies. As you probably are aware, there is a Colorado law, passed last year whereby residences and businesses are not allowed to throw electronics in the trash, it has to be brought into recycling. Back in the late 90s, Unicor a federally owned entity provided prison labor for electronic recycling to private industry - manufacturing and services. Basically prisoners taking apart cameras etc., which contained lead, arsenic cadmium, mercury, silicon... this is really bad stuff. Breaking these electronic devices with hammers created lots of toxic dust. About five years into the project, prisoners, guards and their families started coming down with heavy metals related illnesses, resulting in lawsuits against Unicor. Now they are looking to private industry, the manufacturers of electronics, who really don't tell you what's in their products. Most of Creighton's efforts have involved working with C-level executives within the telecom, data center and cable TV industries finding ways to help them maximize the value of their end-of-life electronic assets. His success comes from creating strategies and solutions to complex problems...Listen for more ideas...
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A partnership to create a shift in culture
Gabriel Guillaume, Interim President & CEO, LiveWell Coloradoenclosure-voice 1493_ 1/27/14 - "Working on the issue of obesity, we all have to understand, we have, and have had for quite some time, a culture that is on the move, is looking to have quick and often, unfortunately, unhealthy food," said Gabriel Guillaume, Interim President and CEO, LiveWell Colorado. "I think we are a culture that hasn't had a tremendous amount of opportunity to be physically active of late, given the way in which our workforce has transitioned and in the way we live our lives and even the way schools are operating now days. I think what LiveWell is trying to do in partnership with so many organizations, including the Rotary, is to create a shift in culture. Get people to be thinking about how we get back to a time where physical activity is considered an educational opportunity and not just a recreational piece. Where food is still convenient but, something we take the time to engage in and participate in. Also that we understand this state, which is an incredible state, has a tradition of health. How do we leverage that, to turn back this tide of unhealthy behavior that we've been engaging in for the past couple of generations. I also want to add, this partnership with Rotary is just beginning to evolve and really excited about it. LiveWell Colorado is structured in a way that aligns very nicely with Rotary. We have communities across the state, that we are funding, that are forming local coalitions, some neighborhoods, cities, counties - but they're doing work locally on the ground. Rotary has a great appreciation for local effort, for people that come together and address issues that matter to them in their community. LiveWell wants... Listen for more...Part 2 of 2
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Reading, writing, computing and arithmetic
Richard Liner, President, KidsTekenclosure-voice1503_ 2/14/14 - The fundamentals of education have changed. It’s hard to imagine a job that doesn’t use a computer in some way shape or form, yet Colorado’s school system has struggled to close the technology gap for under-re sourced youth. In 2013 KidsTek has expanded its reach to three additional school districts, added one new Business Computing program, and continued programs from previous years. Richard Liner, president of the KidsTek organization said, "We would like to invite you to share our successes and help us continue our technology education programs in 2014 and beyond. Wednesday, February 19, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Fritz Knobel School of Hospitality, University of Denver", for this year's annual Tech Leader's Dinner. Today KidsTek serves close to 900 students, the mission of KidsTek is to increase the technology literacy of students at Colorado's highest-needs schools through our innovative after school, project based enrichment programs, and our in-school technical certification programs. KidsTek provides an extensive technology curriculum for our host schools with the goal of providing the tools for long-term academic and career success. Rich tell us how KidsTek has expanded over the years. Get involved and look for Larry and Pat at the annual dinner on the 19th. Listen for more....
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