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The Green Team 2008

Whether your organization is taking the first steps in "going green", or you are looking at doing more, perhaps targeting LEED Certification. The Green Team interviews and links are some of the best and unique resources available. You'll hear what the experts say in their own words. Be sure to "bookmark" or place this site in your Favorites, as we will be adding to this great resource regularly!
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A Little Help from our Green Team:
When is a bag more than a bag?
Here are Five Great Reasons Why You want to reuse a bag...

  1. The petroleum in 14 plastic bags could drive a car one mile!
  2. Americans use over 14 billion plastic bags annually.
  3. It takes 70% more global warming gasses to make a paper bag than a plastic bag.
  4. Paper bags do not biodegrade in landfills.
  5. Cities spend up to 17 cents per bag in disposal costs.
  6. Send us your ideas...

Table of Contents
Boulder's Best Organics, President & Founder, Arron Mansika
CH2M Hill - Jeff Akers, President, Enterprise Management Solutions
CH2M Hill - Nigel Nugent, Solar Mapping
Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory, David Hiller & Car Koval
CORE Colorado, Bud McGrath & Graham Russell: The Sustainability Era
C.Crane Company, Carlos Perez and the New LED Light Bulb, Bill Reichert, Money for Photovoltaics, Solar Cells, Clean Tech
Holme Roberts & Owen, Nea Brown & Melody Jones:  Investors, Lawyers & Entrepreneurs Looking at Green
LOHAS, Ted Ning and Kari Nelson, Boulder Hub for Organics & Outdoor Industry
Luminous Recycling, Steve Fuelberth: Keeping Toxins Out of the Landfills
New Leaf Paper, Jeff Mendelsohn and Kari Nelson
Silicon Valley Bank, Frank Amoroso: The Clean Tech Investment Space
WalkingSpree, Hiran Perera: Cost of Presentism in Corporate Workforce
White Wave Foods, Ellen Feeney: Social responsibiity can be gratifying..

590_ What Do We Know About the Market Today? Boulder's Perfect Storm
Arron Mansika, Boulder's Best Organicsenclosure-voice Boulder’s Best Organics, founded by Arron Mansika, has a business model which includes a wonderful tool to affect positive social change. This is why Arron jumped into the business world in the first place. He helped run a few environmental centers and realized working with the non-profit world was great and rewarding but, it seemed if the business world caught on to these needs for greater environmental stewardship Kari Nelson, Producer, The Green Team on w3w3.comwe could create some change very quickly. Kari talks with Arron Mansika following the Naturally Boulder Days Conference, with over 350 people attending. The program began at CU and featured a panel of top competitors in the natural and organic industry. Day 2 of the 4th Annual Naturally Boulder Days Conference, held at the St. Julien Hotel & Spa, in Boulder CO, highlighted the growth of Natural Products for Boulder entrepreneurs and pioneers in the industry’s $62 billion market for natural and organic products. After listening to Arron's interview, you'll want to visit the Boulder’s Best Organics' website. Click on'Create a Combo'...we did.
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567_ Boulder is the Thought Leader in the World's Largest Industry
Arron Mansika, President and Founder, Boulder's Best Organicsenclosure-voice "What makes this business model unique is we do three things. Yes, an organic gift provider to businesses and individuals, but the other two pieces are what really differentiate us. We help launch new startups. We provide a platform for them to gain brand awareness customer based, by putting their logo, their products right on our website, on our menu, next to established brands," explained Arron Mansika, president and founder of Boulder’s Best Organics. He also said, "We are getting orders from all around the country. In fact today, an alternative health practitioner called and ordered 50 gift boxes for their employees. I asked, why are you ordering this stuff from Boulder County? And she said, 'Oh, everybody knows if it’s from Boulder it’s quality, it’s a little funky, it’s healthy.' So, Boulder really does have that reputation, as we’re all aware, sometimes for better or worse. But people recognize that it’s kind of an environmental trendsetter." Arron talks about networking and Boulder's legends. Boulder’s Best Organics in just 2 1/2 years has received several awards and has provided thousands of gifts to some of the areas largest employers.

And the WINNERS are...In another Colorado Success Story -
The big three winners from last weeks contest celebrating Boulder's Best Organics and the "Better Gift" in a box! are:
Carin; Mary Jo; and Mike. Congratulations!

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512_ Geospatial Challenges and Choices for California and Colorado
enclosure-voice Jeff Akers, CH2M HILLCH2M HILL is now on the track of a $6 Billion, privately held engineering services company, construction management, and program management company. It is one of the largest privately held companies in the state of Colorado. They have 1800 – 2000 employees here, 26-28,000 employees worldwide. Jeff Akers, President, Enterprise Management Solutions, CH2M HILL points out, "In addition we’re doing things like being the program manager for the rebuild of the Panama Canal; program manager for the London 2012 Olympics; and are relocating the largest military base in the world out of Seoul, Korea. Larry brought up the successful efforts at Rocky Flats and Jeff said, "Yes we are still the number one nuclear environmental cleanup company. We’re doing a great job at the Idaho National Laboratories right now...and the worldwide list goes on."

CH2M Hill originally was in the business of building and managing telecom networks, wireless networks, fiber networks and cable networks all over the world. Jeff mentioned, "We have specific leadership in areas, first and foremost, this one, Geospatial Information Management; we’re the number one systems integrator for Google Works, for Microsoft Virtual Earth, the company called ERSI which makes 3-dimensional software; and there is another company called Auto Desk that we’re a large systems integrator for; and we have over 500 consultants. We also manage a lot of data for very large customers both here in the United States and all over the world. We help companies like Corporate Express, Level3." CH2M HILL has done a great deal for San Francisco and other cities with solar mapping. Now we are looking forward to the same in Denver.
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513_ What Do Corporate Express and Bill Gates Have in Common?
Jeff Akers, CH2M HILL  and Larry Nelson, w3w3.comenclosure-voice Solar mapping is a new area that industry leader CH2M HILL is looking forward to working with Denver on in 2008. Early this year, Denver became one of the 25 Solar American Cities. Jeff Akers, President, Enterprise Management Solutions, CH2M HILL points out, "We have done a great deal for San Francisco and other cities, now we are looking forward to the same in Denver. They are working with the Department of Energy and are working in GIS (Geospatial Information Systems), Managed Services, other IT Systems and the list continues to grow. Another of the fascinating projects CH2M HILL has taken on is working with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. One of their biggest challenges relates to where specific activities are happening. The Foundation is dedicated to bringing innovations in health and learning to the global community.
      In addition to all the cities CH2M HILL is working with, are organizations around the world such as Corporate Express, Korea Yon Sun Relocation program C4I IT and communications, PMS, IDHO National Lab, MASDAR, and many others." Jeff also shared some insight where his market / industry is heading in the next 3 to 5 years. CH2M HILL is doing more more than just pushing the pencil. LISTEN

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473_ Lead in Computer Monitors and TV Monitors Going into Landfills
Steve Fuelberth, Luminous Recyclingenclosure-voiceCRT monitors are the magic pieces that make everything on our television sets and our computors come to life. When they die or are being replaced by an upgrade they are often shipped overseas and in too many cases end up in our landfills. The lead (seversal pounds) in those monitors is hazardous and potentially dangerous to the wellbeing of humankind. Steve Fuelberth, President & CEO of Luminous Electronic Recycling (LER) has a solution to that problem.
Related Links: Luminous Recycling || Environmental Facts || Computer Electronics Recycling || Mobile Technology Destruction || BYTES: 29493188 - 4/14/08 > Keywords: Steve Fuelberth, Luminous Electronic Recycling, Electronic Waste, Recycling, Landfill, CRT monitors, TVs

475_ Colorado: The Silicon Valley of Renewable Energy
Carl Koval, Collaboratory, CU BoulderDavid Hiller, Collaboratoryenclosure-voice ConocoPhillips purchased the old Storage Tek site in Louisville, and their current plan is to create a 5000 to 10,000 person research and training center related primarily to their interest in renewable and alternative energy. They’re doing that here in Colorado, but they’re not the only one setting up offices here! David Hiller, Executive Director of the Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory and Carl Koval, Professor at CU Boulder in the Dept. of Chemistry and Bio-chem
Related Links: Collaboratory || C2B2 || CU TTO Channel || Tech Transfer Office || Keywords: David Hiller, Carl Koval, CU Tech Transfer, Collaboratory, C2B2, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Shell, DuPont - Bytes: 19941149 - 4/21/08

Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2

Nigel Nugent, CH2M Solar Mapping: San Francisco Takes the Lead, for Now
enclosure-voice 345_ For the first time ever a resident of a city or a business owner, can get an estimate of the benefits of installing solar, in minutes. They are given info, case studies to read, and info about city rebates. Solar mapping can help reduce Co2 gas emissions, which is the largest in the family of greenhouse gasses. Nigel Nugent leads the charge for CHM2 HILL in its Enterprise Spatial Solutions group and points out how timely their proprietary SAFE Method (Solar Automated Feature Extraction) is. Related Links: Enterprise Management Solutions || Enterprise Spatial Solutions || PodCast Directory || Denver Post || Keywords: Solar Mapping, Nigel Nugent, SAFE Method (Solar Automated Feature Extraction), CH2M HILL, Enterprise Spatial Solutions >> > Bytes: 11865759
460_ Silicon Valley Bank and the Clean Tech Investment Space
Frank Amoroso, SVB > Silicon Valley Bankenclosure-voice Frank Amoroso iswith the Silicon Valley Bank. As a federally regulated banking institution, we like to think of ourselves as quite a bit different than the other 8000 banks in the US. The Clean tech area is hot and Frank is one of three individuals across the nation dedicated to clean tech practice. ). “Definitely clean tech is hot, sustainability is hot, you get the sense that more and more investors are stretching to look into this market sector. The way that SVB is looking at that is going to be an extension of our historical model. That is to leverage that equity investment with debt.
Related Links: Silicon Valley Bank || Conscious Economy || Venture Capital || Find It || Keywords: Frank Amoroso, Silicon Valley Bank, Green Tech, Clean Tech, Debt, Equity, Investing, Finance, Assets, Bank, Technology, Bioscience Bytes: 25231676 - 3/24/08
323_ Big Money for Photovoltaics, Solar Cells, Clean Tech
Bill Reichert, Garage Technology decided it was important to invest in emerging technologies that could have a lot of potential for investment. Bill Reichert, Managing Partner at Garage Technology Ventures said, "We saw lots of activity, in universities and government labs, around a wide variety of ‘materials science’ that had applicability across business and the economy that struck us as having significant global implications. Many had an orientation toward energy technology, subsequently called ‘clean technologies’."
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Part 1 of 2:
Part 2 of 2:

662_ Social responsibility can be very gratifying and profitable
Dave Mayer, Prisim Ellen Feeney, White Wave Foods enclosure-voice In her current role as Vice President of Responsible Livelihood at White Wave Foods in Broomfield, Ellen Feeney oversees the Corporate Sustainability Program. Dave Mayer met her at the CORE Sustainable Opportunities Summit and was so excited about what she does at WhiteWave, that he interviewed her. Ellen's responsibilities include environmental initiatives, Community Involvement Efforts, Non-Profit efforts and Values In Action - the internal program that encourages White Wave Employees to promote volunteerism. Ellen has long been driven by a passion for corporate responsibility and an enduring faith in the power of business to change the world for the better. Ellen discusses several ways that employees at WhiteWave make a difference in their communities and how companies like yours can get started on creating such a program internally! She pointed out, "Our 'responsible livelihood' is basically our term for sustainability - built upon the concept that you will do well by doing good. Bill Strauss is our president, our mission (rolled out 18 months ago) is that we would be the earth's favorite food company. It's really an empowering moment with buy in from the highest levels. So, engaging the employees in our 'Values In Action' we call it VIA program, was our effort to help quantify." Listen for some great advice...
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552_ The Cost of 'Presentism' in the Corporate Work Environment
Hiran Perera, 
                CEO/Founder, WalkingSpreeenclosure-voice The cost of 'Presentism' in the corporate work environment is nothing to laugh over. This new buzz word is likely affecting your bottom line. The idea- employees are present, but not able to work efficiently due to physical and mental health challenges. The answer, is an effective corporate wellness program that gets people moving more frequently and much more often. Kari Nelson, interviewed Hiran Perera from and he talked about the effects of corporate wellness programs, keeping people motivated and your ROI. Obesity is growing out of control. And so is weight related diseases – diabetes, heart problems and the like. And that translates into dollars – many dollars – for your company. WalkingSpree is focused on delivering a best-of-breed online wellness program by incorporating the valuable features from online pedometer based programs, online social networking programs and online weight-loss programs. Listen to this interview and for more information, follow the link and think about letting your legs do some walking.
Related Links: Walking Spree || Green Team || Green Source || Podcast Directory || Keywords: Hiran Perera, WalkingSpree, Kari Nelson, Health, Wellness, Pedometer > > Bytes: 9963627 > LISTEN - 9/15/08

547_ Carbon Nuetral and Some Very Tasty Beverages
Gail Plemmons with Parducci Wine Cellarsenclosure-voice The 12th LOHAS conference was held at the St. Julian hotel in Boulder this past June. Kari Nelson, Producer of the Green Team Channel interviewed Gail Plemmons of the Mendocino Wine Company at the event. We have all heard of low sulfate levels in wine and some can even feel the difference, but what does 'carbon neutral' have to do with these tasty beverages? The Mendocino Wine Company, an exhibitor at the LOHAS Forum, makes environment-friendly wines from vine to packaging and is the first carbon neutral winery in the country…Not to mention, these wines are fabulous. The Mendocino Wine Company portfolio currently includes three high quality new brands (with more to come): • Big Yellow • Roselle • Tusk'n Red.that are both friendly to the environment and your wallet. It also includes three established and wallet friendly brands: • Parducci • Sketchbook • Zingaro. In Kari’s words, “All of which are très chic because if you buy these wines you know a thing or two about climate change, sustainability and our environment.” The Mendocino Wine Company wants to make a difference in Mendocino Kari Nelson, Producer, Green Team Channel, Contact Kari at Green Source Consulting for information on interviews.County. Paul Dolan, partner wants to make a difference in the world. Paul believes that having the courage to challenge ourselves to do things differently causes change and allows us to make a difference.

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524_ What a Bright Idea: LED Light Bulbs Give Off Directional Light
Carlos Perez, C.Crane Companyenclosure-voice What a bright idea, LED lighting. C.Crane, one of the exhibitors at LOHAS featured a new LED light bulb that is far surpassing its mercury laden counterpart the CFL bulb. Lighting is a hot topic these days as we now know the dollars saved when we use efficient light bulbs. New LED LightbulbLED bulbs last 300x longer than a regular bulb and anywhere from 3-15 times longer than a CFL, the LED boasts an Kari Nelson, Green Source and Producer of the Green Team Channelimpressive 30,000 hrs per bulb! These LED’s are sexy too. To find out more about C. Crane follow the link. Kari Nelson, producer of the Green Team Channel interviewed Carlos Perez at LOHAS 12. Carlos is with the C. Crane Company and they have a hometown way of doing business. They take the time to listen to their customers, and appreciate their feedback. Kari says LED is the way to go...listen now...
Related Links: C. Crane Company || Green Team || CORE || Conscious Economy || Green Source || Keywords: C. Crane Company, Carlos Perez, Kari Nelson, Green Source, LED Lighting, CFL Bulb, LOHAS, Sustainable, Earth Friendly > Bytes: 2495950 LISTEN 7/21/08

520_ Recycled, Sustainable and Earth Friendly: Turning a New Leaf
Jeff Mendelsohn, New Leaf Paperenclosure-voice New Leaf Paper is your earth friendly paper source with the highest percentages possible of recycled and sustainably harvested fibers. Did I mention they are processed without the use of chlorine or chlorine derivatives...The 12th LOHAS conference was held at the St. Julian hotel Kari Nelson, Green Sourcein Boulder and was originally created in Boulder. As a sponsor and speaker at the 12th Annual LOHAS Forum, New Leaf Paper’s Jeff Mendelsohn delivered a speech that would enlighten even the most estranged from this eco-movement. Not only can we begin to heal the planet, save trees and reuse materials (that would otherwise reside in our landfills), we can make money doing so. This self made paper empire is just looking into raising capital for the first time. Follow the link to hear more about New Leaf Paper and why they are taking the industry by storm...listen now...
Related Links: LOHAS || New Leaf Paper || CORE Colorado || Conscious Economy || Green Source || Keywords: Jeff Mendelsohn, New Leaf Paper, Kari Nelson, Green Source, LOHAS, Recycled, Sustainable, Earth Friendly Bytes: 5019170 >> 7/14/08

518_ Boulder, Epicenter for Organics and Hub for Ted Ning, LOHAS, Conference Director: Journal Executive EditorOutdoor Industry
Kari Nelson, Green Sourceenclosure-voice The 12th annual LOHAS Forum was held at the St. Julian hotel in Boulder. Ted Ning, LOHAS Conference Director shared some very interesting statistics with Kari Nelson that once again highlights Boulder as a long time mecca of Health and wellness. Ted pointed out, "People come to Boulder for the lifestyle, you have nature in your face constantly, which is great. Within Boulder, is an epicenter of organics, which is an $11-12 billion industry alone and $1 Billion of that comes from Boulder- pretty amazing. At the same time it’s also the hub for the outdoor industry, so there are big companies like Nautilus, Giam, Spyder, Warren Miller, Scott, etc. They’re all here. Between the university and the active Boulder lifestyle, it’s a very youthful and energetic culture." Kari attended and said, "If you made it to Boulder for the LOHAS Forum you saw what a booming industry this is. Many also found that once you're exposed to (LOHAS) Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability there is no turning back." Ted expanded on some additional market areas and said, "The conference is really an intersection of a lot of different people from a lot of different sectors that make up LOHAS. Really the conscious consumer has a lot of touch-points throughout their day, for example going to a Yoga studio, driving a hybrid vehicle, buying organic food– none of these industries really talk to each other and yet they’re targeting the same consumer. So at this conference we bring together all the leaders of these different sectors." Over the next several weeks Kari will be sharing some other insights and exciting ventures that are sure to impact your life and this precious world we live in...listen...
Related Links: LOHAS || CORE Colorado || Conscious Economy || Life Maintenance || Keywords: LOHAS, Kari Nelson, Ted Ning, Lifestyle, Organics, Yoga, Health, Sustainability > Bytes: 7414912 LISTEN 7/7/08

456_ Investors, Lawyers and Entrepreneurs Looking at the Green
  Nea Brown and Melody Jonesenclosure-voice Cleantech, greentech and sustainability are more than buzz words today. Yet many business people are not clear on many of the business issues and opportunities on the horizon. Linnea (Nea) Brown, Partner at Holme Roberts & Owen (HRO), Denver and Melody Jones, Senior Vice President of Investment Banking at Pacific Growth Equities, San Francisco clearly answer a number of questions on this 'hot' topic. The two of them also discussed,"Where are the investment dollars going?"
Related Links: Pacific Growth Equities || Holme Roberts & Owen || Conscious Economy || New Energy Finance ||   Keywords: Linnea (Nea) Brown, Melody Jones, Holme Roberts & Owen, Pacific Growth Equities, Cleantech, Greentech, Sustainability, Bytes: 21951532
Bud McGrath, CORE439_ Welcome to the Sustainabilty Era - Defined and Debated
Graham RussellAddressing Climate Change for Sustainable and Profitable Business is no simple matter. Differing definitions and understandings along with misunderstood concepts make it challenging for some. Bud McGrath, Executive Director of CORE and Graham Russell, Director of the CORE Foundation discuss what is going on in the Clean Tech and Sustainability space and clear up many of the misunderstandings. Regardless on your position on the topic, the rules of business are changing.
Related Links: Conscious Economy Channel || CORE Home || 2008 Sustainable Opportunities Summit || Cleantech Venture Challenge ||
Keywords: CORE, Sustainability, Cleantech, Sustainable Opportunities Summit, Bud McGrath, Graham Russell, Climate Change > Bytes: 18960616

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