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Leonard Nimoy and Star Trek come to Colorado
Leonard Nimoy, Recipient of the 2010 douglas S. Morrow Public Outreach Award and Larry Nelson, w3w3.comenclosure-voice832_ 4/26/10 - At the 26th National Space Symposium, Larry and Pat had an opportunity to have a discussion with Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame. But Nimoy is so much more than that. They decided to talk about other topics that help us learn more about him and what has shaped his character over the past 79 years as well as understanding his hot buttons. We started out by reflecting on some poetry Leonard read as 'whale song' was heard in the background...that was decades ago but it opened up insights to his current interests and concerns. When asked, Is there something businesses can do to motivate children?" His reply was an ouch. "I'm not a sociologist, I'm not a businessman, I can't speak Mr. Spock 2010intelligently about that. I'll tell you what I am concerned about; I'm concerned about how much television kids watch that is not uplifting, or educational or inspiring in any way. It's all about celebrity, and if you're celebrity, come and tell us about your celebrity. What have you accomplished? I'm a celebrity - I'm famous for having a lot of children, so I want a TV show - It's crazy. What we have descended to in our education, it's crazy! It's really sad, I could go on about that, I'm not going to." He had a great deal to say about advice he would give to someone following his career path. "The biggest fantasy, myth about my work, about being an actor is people who think a look will get you somewhere, be at the right place and time, that kind of thing - luck plays a big role, but I never believed that, not even as a teenager...Education, it's all about education. Learn, learn, learn and devote yourself to a profession. Be professional about it." Larry asked, "Do you feel the U.S. is losing its position in terms of space?" Leonard replied, "Yes, I don't know to what degree this is true. I don't want to be an alarmist about this, but I do think we've got some work to do." We did end with a Vulcan salute. Listen for much, much more...
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840_ 5/10/10 - Leonard Nimoy Shares Views on Creativity
Leonard Nimoy, Views on 
        Creativity An enthusiastic Space Technology Hall of Fame® Dinner Audience Gave Space Icon a Warm Reception as Actor Leonard Nimoy Shares His Views on Creativity. Leonard states his views right up front. "I believe in living a creative life. I believe in bringing more to the party than is required or asked for. I believe in using both sides of the brain." These are the messages that actor, director, photographer, poet, and space icon Leonard Nimoy shared with an enthusiastic audience at the Space Technology Hall of Fame® Dinner on April 15, the final evening of the 26th National Space Symposium. Nimoy's spirited discussion of the creative process and its impact on his life fit the occasion - the induction of two innovative technologies into the Space Technology Hall of Fame®, which honors products originally developed for space that now dramatically improve life on Earth. His remarks followed the formal recognition of Eagle Eyes Optics and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for radiation-filtering technology now used in sunglasses and of NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, Draper Laboratory, The Boeing Company, and Airbus for fly-by-wire technology that uses electronic pulses to control aircraft. One of the examples of creativity that Nimoy shared was the development of the now-ubiquitous split-finger Vulcan salute he derived from a Jewish prayer ceremony he witnessed as a child. Nimoy played Mr. Spock, the half-human, half-Vulcan first officer aboard the Starship Enterprise in the Star Trek television series, which - judging from the crowd's reaction - is much beloved by the space community. .
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847_ 5/24/10 - Leonard Nimoy Media Briefing on YouTube
Leonard Nimoy, Actor, Recipient Space Foundation - Douglas S. Morrow Public 
        Outreach Award 2010 In addition to his appearance as the featured speaker at the Space Foundation's Space Technology Hall of Fame® Dinner, actor Leonard Nimoy spoke with reporters at a media briefing during the 26th National Space Symposium. Mr. Nimoy's portrayal of the intense, rational, and emotionally suppressed Vulcan, Spock, on TV’s Star Trek has left an indelible imprint on popular culture, earning him three Emmy nominations. Also a successful movie director, he is responsible for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock; Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, the most successful of the Star Trek films to date; and numerous films outside of the Star Trek series. Three of his films have been ranked among the top box office successes of all time. Aside from his credits as actor and director, Nimoy has recorded ten narrative albums, authored several volumes of poetry, and his black and white art photography is represented in several galleries nationwide. In 2003, Nimoy and his wife, Susan Bay-Nimoy, founded the Nimoy Family Foundation, a philanthropic organization that provides funding for education and arts programs. At Nimoy's press conference there were reporters from around the world, from TV to print media, from radio to Internet sites. They asked all different types of questions, some were very bizarre. The link below has five segments on YouTube...they are funny, stimulating and informative ...whether you are a Star Trek fan or not...
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Inventors, innovators and developing new products
Tom Frey, Founder, DaVinci Institute, and the Inventor Showcaseenclosure-voice 926_ 11/22/10- Talking with Tom Frey of the DaVinci Institute at the Inventor Showcase. Larry asked about some background and information about the event, the attendees and the inventors. Tom said, "We think the people that are developing new products are some of the most ingenious people out there. They dedicate their life to making the world better. Hollywood tends to trivialize the work of the inventor like the mad scientists. But actually they're providing a hugely valuable service. These people are dedicating a good chunk of their life and resources to get these products into the market and some of this stuff is absolutely fabulous, I mean it just jumps off the page when you look at it. I'm so amazed at the stuff they come up with every year and I feel empowered, I feel encouraged every year when I see all this activity." The Showcase features everything from manufacturers, to high tech to jewelry, just everything imaginable. :"Yeah, that's the real tricky thing for the judges. Going from booth to booth and actually evaluating some real sophisticated robotic product or some bio-medical product and then comparing it to games or jewelry, that's a tough job. But somehow it works. The credibility of the judges we have, there are so many talented people that are here, it's the credibility of the judges that adds weight to the awards that we give out at the end of the day. It makes this a fabulous event and it all comes together in the in the evening."
Related Links: DaVinci Institute || Inventor Showcase 2010 || In the News || Blog || Keywords:Tom Frey, Inventor Showcase, DaVinci Institute, Entrepreneurs, Innovation, Scientists, Designers, New Products - Chnl: Entrepreneurs 11/22/10 bytes: 2398879
LISTEN to Tom Frey, DaVinci Institute, Inventors Showcase

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837_ 5/10/10 - The only thing constant in life is Change
Mark McIntosh, The Comeback Coachenclosure-voice Many know Mark McIntosh as the 'Comeback Coach' but he also founder of Victory Productions. Larry picked his brain a little bit and asked what are the three main things you recommend to entrepreneurs in these challenging times? Mark replied, "While I think this is good solid advice for entrepreneurs, I think it's good for anybody. I'm a big believer in, the venues may change but the strategies pretty much remain the same. The four things that I talk constantly about are: First and foremost, the old saying 'The only thing constant in life is Change.' and everyone agrees with that, right? If the only thing constant in life is change, would it also be true that those who effectively deal with change are the ones who are going to be successful in life? Whether it be starting a business, growing your small business or a successful marriage, whatever. I think that effectively handling change is critical. I think that that's the biggest thing. The first thing I would encourage people is 1.) Be a student not a victim of your experiences. 2.) Never grow weary of doing good things for each other. We've got to keep reaching out. 3.) Life beats us up, but we've got to continually put fear and self-doubt aside and allow wonderment to win. You've got to keep stepping forward and keep dreaming. you can't let fear and self-doubt hijack our dreams. 4.) Make sure you do these things in a way that honors you, nurtures those who are dependent upon you and finally add value to the community you serve. Those are the four foundational bedrocks of how I try to lead my life, how I try to lead my business, how I try to encourage others to lead their lives and run their businesses." There's more great advice...
Related Links: Victory Productions || Mark’s Books || Podcast Directory || Mastering Change || Keywords: Mark McIntosh, Victory Productions, Comeback Coach, Change, Kids Teach the Darndest Things, Entrepreneurs, Lemons into Margaritas, Beyond Run to Daylight > 5/10/10 Chnl: News bytes: 6802811 Listen to: Mark McIntosh, Victory Productions

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829_ 4/26/10 - Space debris in your own backyard
Larry Nelson & Dave Brych, The Aerospace Corp., Space Debris Solutionsenclosure-voice At the 26th National Space Symposium, Larry and Pat were talking with Dave Brych at The AeroSpace Corporation booth. With 8000 attendees, there's a lot of background activity so listen carefully. The AeroSpace Corporation appears to focus on cleaning up the existing Space Debris. This is a very big problem that we've been aware of for quite some time and we are interested in learning more. Dave explained, "It is a very big problem and there have been a number of presentations on the subject here at the Space Symposium. Everything from Space Situational Awareness; Collision Avoidance; it goes by many titles, but the fact of the matter is that in the early 60's there were a few pieces of junk in space and by 2010, now, we have thousands. Well over 4,000 are cataloged. Cataloged means we really care about them, we track them, the Air Force and others actively track pieces of junk so we know where it is, so that the health and safety of orbiting space craft can be protected. And these are pieces that are big enough to be monitored using radar or optical capabilities. So, we're talking about things from 10 centimeters in size and up. Things less than 10cm can be deadly also, to space craft doing a solar array or what have you. Displayed at the booth is a piece of junk (a round titanium sphere), a fuel cell that survived reentry, weighs about 67 pounds and was found in a farmer's field. "Often times this type of material burns up on reentry, often times falls into the ocean, this piece just happened to be found in a farmer's field." There's more...
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830_ 4/26/10 - Commercialization of Outer Space
Scott England, Wyle interviewed at the 26th National Space 
           Symposium, Colo Springs At the 26th National Space Symposium Pat and Larry interviewed Scott English, Regional Sales Director, Wyle. Wyle is a broad reaching organization with a team down in Houston, of about 500 people that are doing medical and bio-medical research on the astronauts with the shuttle program. Remarking about what's on the horizon as it relates to space, Scott replied, "There seems to be a lot of changes in the space arena these days. There's a lot of push for commercialization of space. We have companies like Space Acts and Virgin Galactic that are going to take people into space for prices as low as $200,000. as opposed to the traditional manned space flight that we've seen over the last few years. So, we're kind of Scott Parazynski, M.D., 5 x Astronautmonitoring that situation and seeing what Wyle's role might be in that in the future. Larry interviewed Anousheh Ansari who had earned a place in history in 2006 as the fourth private explorer, the first woman private explorer, and the first astronaut of Iranian descent to visit space. She paid millions of dollars for that flight. "Being on the leading edge for these types of things costs a little bit more, said Scott. Probably in the next several years you'll see people going up in larger numbers and less expensive per seat to do so. They also have Scott Parazynski on staff at the Wyle Houston office, he is a five time shuttle astronaut. "He's also summated Mt. Everest and was honorary captain for the US Luge Team for the 2010 Winter Olympics. In addition to that he's a medical doctor, so we have some pretty impressive staff at Wyle, and he's certainly one of them." Check it out...
Related Links: National Space Symposium || Space Foundation || Wyle Home || Bill Scott Website || Anusha Ansari || Keywords: Wyle, Space Foundation, National Space Symposium, Scott English, Scott Parazynski, Astronaut, Space Shuttle, Anousheh Ansari, Space Acts, Virgin Galactic 4/26/10 Chnl: News bytes: 2061586 Listen to Scott English, Wyle

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Amazon says 'No' to Colorado-based Associates
Dave Taylor, Intuitive.comenclosure-voice 808_ 3/15/10 - Dear Colorado-based Amazon Associate: (More Details) We are writing from the Amazon Associates Program to inform you that the Colorado government recently enacted a law to impose sales tax regulations on online retailers. The regulations are burdensome and no other state has similar rules.

Larry talked to Dave Taylor, founder of Intuitive.com and asked for an overview of the newly passed legislation known as HB1193. We've heard rumblings and a lot of discontent recently. Now we're beginning to feel the effects, and it hurts. "A couple of months ago the legislature in Colorado looked at all the ways tax money was coming in and said, god, there is some of it that we're not getting - and some of it is Internet related transactions. And so, they created a tax on affiliate transactions. Which is to say, if you on your web site were to link to a book on Amazon, up until today (March 8th, 2010) Amazon might have paid you a very small percentage of that transaction as a thank you for enabling that person to find the stuff on their site. Basically the Legislature looked at it and said, you know, that's a transaction that we should be able to generate some tax revenue from. They drafted a bill called HB1193 that basically said any company..." Listen for more... Amazon's email included: "Regrettably, as a result of the new law, we have decided to stop advertising through Associates based in Colorado. We plan to continue to sell to Colorado residents, however, and will advertise through other channels, including through Associates based in other states." We have a Link to the entire Amazon email below...
Related Links: Intuitive Systems Blog || Read Amazon Letter || Amazon Mastering Change || w3w3.com Blog & Books || Keywords: Dave Taylor, Intuitive Systems, Amazon, Associates, Sales Tax, Colorado, HB1193, Affiliate Transactions 3/15/10 bytes: 5008825 Chnl: News LISTEN to Dave Taylor, Intuitive.com

797_ Space Situational Awareness & Space Debris 3/1/10 - Part 1
William B. Scott, Moderator: Space Situational Awareness & Debris at the 26th National Space Symposium, April 14, 2010, Colorado Springs, COenclosure-voice William Scott is a former Rocky Mountain bureau chief for AVIATION WEEK magazine. Previously, he also served as senior national editor, avionics editor and senior engineering editor. He is a co-author of three books: Counterspace: The Next Hours of World War III; Space Wars; The First Six Hours of World War III, and Inside the Stealth Bomber: The B-2 Story. In 12 years of military and civilian flight testing, plus evaluating aircraft for AVIATION WEEK, he has logged approximately 2,000 flight hours on 80 aircraft types. Wednesday April 14, Bill Scott is Moderator of the panel Critical Issues - Space Situational Awareness & Space Debris, at the 26th National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, CO at the Broadmoor Hotel, coming up April 12th through the 15th. "This really is the premiere 'space get-together' for the entire global community, they're expecting 8000 attendees. It covers all aspects of space; military and civil, commercial and the emerging space tourist industry and what you would call the entrepreneurs." Space Situational Awareness really is the activity of finding out what's up there in orbit, and why it's there, what its capabilities are and as one four star general once said, he wanted to know what the intent of anything up there is. So SSA is a very big deal now for the military and intelligence community. Part 1 of 2
Bytes: 8449152 LISTEN to William B. Scott, 26th National Space Symposium: Space Situational Awareness & Space Debris

Space Foundation - Colorado: See them at the 26th National Space Symposium April 12 - 16, 2010Part 2_ Author, Counterspace The Next Hours of World War III - The sequel to Space Wars - The First Six Hours of World War III 3/1/10 - Part 2
enclosure-voice Author, Counterspace The Next Hours of World War III it is the sequel to Space Wars - The First Six Hours of World War III. "...We are truly dependent on our satellites, the satellites are very vulnerable and if we start losing them, we are in deep trouble - immediately!" The problem is real, if anything, underestimated, and completely ignored by Congress! Even when warned by our military experts, it seems Congress has more important things to deal with. "So" says Bill Scott, "we've written a fictional tale telling people what could happen if we start losing our satellites. But the big thing is the rogue nations, they look at the situation and say, Ah, we know how dependent the United States is on those capabilities. If they can no longer watch me... if they can't hear my cell phone conversations..." Be sure to stop by the Space Foundation booth on April 14th meet Bill Scott and pickup your signed copy of his books. You ought to know what dangers lurk in the hearts of evil men either by neglect or design...
Related Links: Bill Scott Website || National Space Symposium || Space Foundation || PodCast Directory || Keywords: William Scott, National Space Symposium, Space Situational Awareness, Space Debris, Counter Space The Next Hours of World War III, The Next Hours of World War III > 3/1/10 bytes: 8449152 Chnl: News LISTEN to William B. Scott - 26th National Space Symposium... Author

Happy New Year 2010 764_ Google ranks Colorado’s w3w3.com number one for the “Business Internet Talk Radio” show (Google has over 25,000,000 listings).
We were ranked higher than many big names including Voice America, etc. Check it at… The same is true for the category “Entrepreneurs Internet Talk Radio” show… see at…
In January 2010 w3w3.com is celebrating our 11th year as an all-business Internet talk radio show. We have a very active Podcast Directory and our Blog . A very popular section is our Web Community Calendar that supports, Business, Government and Education. Also check out our very popular Business Event Photos as many years are archived there. We also have numerous Channels that are focused on specific topic areas and they are on our home page. If you don’t see what you want there, check out our Find It page where you can search by name, topic, company or industry as we have 1000s of pages archived. We have many other pages and we would like your opinion and input, tell us what you like, or don't like, and what you'd like to see. Send us an email to radio@w3w3.com or give us a call at 303.860.9393 and please feel free to post your comments on our Blog. Everyone at w3w3® would like to, Thank You! Have a SUPER 2010!!! (Can you believe how fast this year has gone by?) ... 2010 is nearly here! Reach out for new opportunities and Celebrate the New Year!
- 12/28/09

ith the high-tech focus of w3w3 Talk Radio, we are always looking for stories that get the good news out as well as inform our audience. There are many good publications that have up-to-date news. We look for stories with a very strong human touch as well as support the vision of a w3w3 Learning Environment. We archive all our stories, whether they are audio or text articles. If you don't find the topic here, check out our other Channels including our "Archives

Your favorite online business radio show, w3w3.com Heidi Roisen, Russ Farmer, Jeff Akers 
                and Dr. Michael Bristow

has been archiving interviews for years. After checking out the four below, you can easily find any business and high-tech interviews on our famous 'Find It' page. If you are just visiting, sign up for our FREE weekly Newsletter
Story Links: Michael Bristow - Myogen: The $2.5 Billion Colorado Success || Heidi Roizen - Living in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem || Russ Farmer - Maturing of the SBIR Program Means Big Changes || Jeff Akers - Geospatial Challenges and Choices for California and Colorado || 8//25/08

Dean Kamen, Demonstrating the "stair climbing wheelchair" 464_ This Could Be the FIRST Step to Bringing Out Innovation in Our Youth
In September 2002, CSIA invited Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST and President of DEKA Research and Development to talk about innovation. While Dean is too humble to claim this, many call him the the father of innovation spirit. At the event, Dean Kamen entered the Seawell Ballroom in what looked like a motorized wheelchair. The wheelchair proceeded to 'walk' up the stairs of the stage, over to the podium and then the wheelchair proceeded to lift Dean at a level that would be comparable to a 6' 6" person. The audience was amazed and listened to his humorous and insightful talk. After a little discussion, one of Dean's teammates brought up on stage what is now widely known as the Segway. The first few seconds of this unedited recording you'll hear Dean on his high-tech wheelchair climbing the stairs of the stage onto the podium. Dean goes onto point out that, "Many youth are are inspired to be a Michael Jordan, but it's more likely they will end up flipping hamburgers." That's a tough sentence for parents and grandparents to hear, but unless there is a change, you know the rest of the story. Dean Kamen and FIRST offer an exciting alternative...and now we have Colorado FIRST. Larry and Pat along with grandchildren (and hundreds of others) recently attended the Colorado FIRST Regional Competition held at DU. It was the most exciting and uplifting event they have attended in decades. Listen to Dean Kamen's talk, take a look at the photos and visit their site...if you don't know what to do next, give us a call. VIEW Photo Album from Dean Kamen's Visit

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BYTES: 79476927 - Listen Part 2 of 2

Eric Alexander, Author, the SUMMIT: Faith Beyond EVERST'S Death Zone" The entrepreneur and the challenges
enclosure-voice 945_ 12/27/10- Over the years w3w3® has had the honor and privilege of interviewing a number of best selling authors, Guy Kawasaki, Leonard Nimoy, Jack Uldrich, Curt Coffman, David Cohen & Brad Feld, just to name a few of people who are coming from firsthand experience. Now we are interviewing Eric Alexander and he has a very interesting background. Not only has he climbed Mt. Everest (the highest mountain in the world at 29,535 feet) a number of times, he's also climbed major peaks on six different continents. He's recently written a book, "the SUMMIT, Faith Beyond EVEREST'S Death Zone". This is about his ascent with, Erik Weihenmayer, the first, and still only, blind person that ever summated Everest. On May 25th, 2001 Eric defied the odds and scaled Mt. Everest guiding his blind- friend Erik Weihenmayer to its lofty 29,035' summit. In 2002 the pair traveled to Russia and climbed Mt. Elbrus at 18,500 ft, and again found success on Mt. Kosciusko, Australia –– two more of the seven summits (the highest points on each of the seven continents) notably the pair skied from the top of each of these latter two – making this the first-ever blind ski descents.) Eric relates his experience to the world of the entrepreneur. For the past eight years, Eric has been traveling around the world and giving presentations to businesses, corporations, school and church groups, and the reason he's been doing that is he believes there is an important message for just about everyone. We all face challenges and we all have 'Everest' whether you're an entrepreneur, whether you're a successful person in business that can apply it to family life. Climbing Mt. Everest was a goal Eric set for himself at a very young age, one that he thought he wouldn't accomplish just due to the fact that it is so far away and so expensive. He just kind of held on to that goal, not pushing for it, but thinking maybe someday...until he met his friend Erik who is blind. And believe it or not, it was the blind man who had the vision to put this thing together. There's much more, listen now...
Related Links: Higher Summits || In the News || Entrepreneurs || Mastering Change || Keywords: Eric Alexander, Erik Weihenmayer, The Summit, Mt. Everest, Guy Kawasaki, Leonard Nimoy, Jack Uldrich, Curt Coffman, David Cohen, Brad Feld 12/27/10 Chnl: Software0 Bytes: 14872558 LISTEN to Eric Alexander, Author, the SUMMIT, Faith Beyond EVEREST's Death Zone

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Robert Stoll, Commissioner for Patents, United States Patent and
       Trademark Office US patents: Myth, miracle or madness
enclosure-voice 929_ 11/22/10- Larry interviewed Robert Stoll, Commissioner for Patents, U. S. Patent and Trademark Office. He was the keynote speaker at the DaVinci Institute's Inventors Showcase 2010. Mr. Stoll was happy and excited to be at the Showcase seeing these inventors actually showing and using these new inventions to create wealth for themselves and for their state and said, "It is really fantastic to see these folks excited about their inventions, excited about getting into the business. We recognize we are in a down economy, but this is what drives America. It is the entrepreneur who actually becomes invested in their idea and actually drives it to completion." Larry noted, "There have been many changes in patents and trademarks, can we talk about those changes?" Robert replied, "There are many changes going on. Director David J. Kappos, who came to the Patent and Trademark Office a little over a year ago, recognizing the importance of getting the patent out, for the economy, for driving the economy, has made significant changes. We're trying to reduce the backlog that we have in patents because we recognize that all those applications that we're holding - when they're allowed, people can actually go to the bank and get money to start up companies and to hire other Americans to do the jobs here. So I think it's extremely important that we remove the backlog. Director Kappos has charged us with moving forward, we've got a lot of initiatives, new account system, a new plan for actually measuring production. We are actually hiring significant numbers of attorneys and a significant number of examiners. I expect to be hiring a thousand examiners this year and a thousand examiners next year." Larry said, "We understand there is some potential expansion into other areas. Is Denver in the cards?" He replied... listen for his comments...
Related Links: USPTO || Inventor Showcase 2010 || Economy Builders || DaVinci Institute || Podcasting Directory || Keywords: Robert Stoll, Commissioner for Patents, U. S. Patent and Trademark Office, DaVinci Institute, Inventors Showcase, Entrepreneurs, Inventions, Innovation, David Kappos - 11/22/10 Chnl: Entrepreenurs bytes:2827079 LISTEN to Robert Stoll, Commissioner for Patents, USPTO

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Overcoming small business challenges
Karl Dakin, Council Member, CIO Coloradoenclosure-voice 938_ 12/13/10- We're here with Karl Dakin, Council Member, CIO Colorado, a brand new group of small business owners who have come together to act as advocates for all small businesses across Colorado. Karl stated, "The basic purpose is to try to get the economic development activities of the state doing something productive and positive for the small business community. Our primary goal is to come up with a list of new activities that would be conducted here in the state of Colorado. A list of ten recommendations that we will give to governor-elect Hickenlooper and to the Colorado legislature before the session convenes on Jan. 12th." Larry asked, "Why is the forum of economic development necessary here in Colorado?" Karl replied, "Well we're in the middle of a recession, 85% of the people in Colorado agree that the economy is not where we need to be and small businesses in Colorado, historically, have been the primary source of new jobs. To come out of the recession we need new jobs, since the biggest and best source to do that is small businesses, then we should be focusing on how to start and grow new businesses in the state." Here is their focus... "Any number of things, they typically fall in one of three groups. 1.) More resources for small businesses. 2.) Less burden from the government upon small businesses. 3.) Attacking core issues in Colorado which primarily take the form of spending more money than you have. The initial objective of the CIO Colorado initiative is to create an initial 'crowd-sourcing' activity to capture the best ideas for Economic Reform from the citizens of Colorado using a web-based idea submission process. We are creating a list that includes making more capital available to small businesses; making higher education more accessible to small businesses; reducing regulations and tax burdens." Listen for more details...
Related Links: CIO Colorado || DaVinci Quest || Pushing Water Uphill || PodCasting Directory || Keywords: Karl Dakin, CIO Colorado, Entrepreneurs, Economic Development, Crowd-Sourcing, Taxes, Small Businesses 12/13/10 Bytes: 4911023 LISTEN to Karl Dakin, Council Member, CIO Colorado

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Mike Jones, Rocky Mountain Product Camp Larry McKeogh, Rocky Mountain Product Camp Product managers: Keys to many businesses
enclosure-voice 918_ 11/1/10- Larry had a face-to-face discussion with Mike Jones & Larry McKeogh, RM Product Camp. Larry said, "Since we are discussing the Rocky Mountain Product Camp. Could you define what a product manager is?" Mike pointed out, "The problem with a definition is they're all over the map and there is no definition the whole industry will accept. But there's two common ones. One is the person who is responsible for the inbound part of marketing and the development of products and one whose responsible for outbound marketing and who is responsible for selling the product." Larry added, "So when you talk about the inbound portion of it, you're really talking about the requirements generation and soliciting information from customers." Mike added, "For example people who do user centric design are involved in studying customers , turning this information into requirements that the engineering team can do brainstorming and then generate ideas, all the way through the project and the launch." Larry asked, For example people who do user centric design are involved in studying customers , turning this information into requirements that the engineering team can do brainstorming and then generate ideas, all the way through the project and the launch. "How did you become product managers?" Mike said, "In my case it was accidental. He'd been in a number of startups and when he got involved in the current startup in Boulder, the first thing he discovered was that he didn't have all the skills he needed. So, I decided I was going to get a business degree. I got into the Executive Program at DU. "It was probably the best thing I ever did." Larry said, "background was in electrical design, doing high-end video cameras for government and medical applications." The genesis for this was bar camp, which was an off-shoot of boot camp started by Tim O'Reilly. It was an invitation only event in Silicon Valley - Bar Camp was an open event where they had anyone who wanted to come, come and basically code and hack things and with only a two week notice they got 200 people to show up and actually do this. Based on this success there were a number of camps started. They basically are un-conferences where this isn't a formal agenda set, they're put on by the attendees. Listen for more interesting details...
Related Links: Rocky Mountain Product Camp || In the News || Web Community Calendar || Daniels College of Business || Keywords: Mike Jones, Larry McKeogh, Rocky Mountain Product Camp, Product Manager, Daniels College of Business, Tim O'Reilly > 11/1/10 bytes: 5286559
Listen to: Mike Jones & Larry McKeough

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914_ 10/25/10- w3w3® Media Network is all about supporting business and technology in Colorado.  We specialize in creating valuable links and relationships to help you grow your company, build your team, get insights to various industries, keep you up-to-date, raise money, increase your income and profits, and so much more...Venture Capital; Tech Transfer; Communications Technology Professionals; Mergers and Acquisitions; It's the Law; Training Trends; Colorado Companies to Watch; Mastering Change; Looking for Money; In the News; and more...Just click on the topic of your interest and you'll find treasure trove of information...
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Sarah McClain, CEO, Telluride Technology Festival - Tenth Anniversary Festival featuring distinguished high-tech honorees
enclosure-voice 897_ 9/20/10- This is the 10th anniversary of the Telluride Tech Festival and is a not for profit venture sponsored and hosted by Applied Trust Engineering. This star-studded 2-day event is free. Larry was talking with Sarah McClain the CEO of the Telluride Technology Festival...this is her Trent Hein & Ned McClain, Co Founders, Applied Trust Engineering10th year with the program. She was joined by Trent Hein and Ned McClain, program committee members and co-founders of Applied Trust. Sarah said, "Just a little history about the Tech Fest, it's an event that was founded by Scott Brown in 2000. It was founded on the premise that In 1891 Nicola Tessla, George Westinghouse and L.L. Nunn invented the first commercial grade alternating current power plant in Telluride. That's why we say the technological revolution began there. Tech Fest has been inviting distinguished honorees from around the world including Tim Berners-Lee, Freeman Dyson, Vinton Cerf, Murray Gellman and Arthur C. Clark, to mention a few." Ned and Trent discussed the high-profile honorees. "You may know Paul Vixie as the guy who commercialized and stabilized the Berkley Internet Name Domain System or some folks know it simply as DNS. That's really the name mapping system that underlies all of the Internet. I think it would be fairly easy to argue that none of the Internet would have survived and grown the way it has without the system." "The next honoree is Skip Ellis. Skip also has had an amazing career and has the distinction of being the first African American to ever receive a PhD in Computer Science. He's taught here at the University of Colorado as well as worked at a number of excellent, well respected institutes in Xerox Park. He brought everything from operating system research to the fundamentals of computer science into the mainstream. Skip's an amazing guy. I read the topic of his talk this morning and I assure you it will be entertaining." "The third honoree this year is Alexander Repenning a computer science professor at the University of Colorado and he is the director of the Scalable Game Design Initiative. One of the schools of thought is if we can motivate elementary and middle school kids to pursue computer science and love computer science, that's going to help with that problem down the road for generations to come. One of the things Alex has focused on, and the scalable design and game initiative is to inspire folks. To give them technology based tools, game tools and simulation tools that they can build their own worlds and personalities and can explore all those fundamental concepts of computer science and programming. Alex is also a fascinating speaker." Listen for more...better yet, attend the event.
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Listen to: Ned McClain, Trent Hein & Sarah McClain, CEO, Telluride Technology Festival

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Podcast Directory @ w3w3.com What do Leonard Nimoy, Krista Marks, Vinton Cerf, have in common?
898_ 9/27/10- ...Celebrity status in the realm of science and technology; business, commerce and community, creators, educators, visionaries, philanthropists, leaders, adventurous, courageous people! You will find them and many more stand-out-leaders from actor, astronaut, genius to outspoken critic. Visit the w3w3 Podcast Directory for a comprehensive collection of our most important business leaders over the past eleven years. You won't find all these celebrity interviews any place else. Ask Google: Mike Fries, Lucy Sanders, Ted Turner, Dan Caruso, Larissa Herda, Steve Bigari, Jim Crowe, Denise Brown, Ping Fu, Mark Endry, Kathleen Quinn Votaw, Heidi Roizen, Seth Levine, Jon Nordmark, Nancy Phillips, Stephanie Smeltzer McCoy, Donna Auguste, Sam Addoms, Helen Greiner, Roy Dimoff, Greg Maffei, Vinton Cerf, Guy Kawasaki, Jay Walker, Sam Pitroda, Rick Patch, Terry Gold, Michael Powell, Richard Truly, J.B. Holston, Holli Baumunk and 1000s of more interviews can be heard 24/7 at w3w3.com. We have been doing this since January 1999. Check it out...our Podcast Directory makes it easy...
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Trent Hein and Ned McClain, UNIX and LINUX Administratioon Handbook - 
        20th Anniversary, 4th Edition Book Tremendous IT shift over the past ten years
enclosure-voice 900_ 92/7/10- Here are some important ideas for leaders, entrepreneurs and techies. We're back to talk about Fourth Edition UNIX and LINUX System Administration Handbook. Larry sat down and had a face-to-face discussion with Trent Hein co-author along with Ned McClain CTO, Applied Trust Engineering and one of the contributing authors of this book. This is the 20th anniversary edition. "Wow 20 years of effectively working on the same project and I have to say the changes we've seen since this book came out in 1989 is amazing," said Trent. They've unified actually two trains of this book together. The Linux System Administration Handbook and the Unix System Administration Handbook are now one in this edition. Trent pointed out that more than 70% of the text has changed from the previous edition, which was the Third Edition released in 2000. Ned said, "That has been a tremendous shift over the past ten years. In 2000 there were many organizations, corporations and enterprises that thought that open source was risky or not necessarily a good fit, that they had to have a commercial solution. Over the past ten years any questions about if LINUX or open source quality and acceptable for the enterprise, those questions have gone. Now the leading web enterprises out there, you name it, Twitter, FaceBook, they all depend on LINUX and open source technologies. Even Fortune 500 companies, there is no question that open source is appropriate for business." Trent pointed out, "There is confusion about the difference between UNIX and LINUX. UNIX came up originally from Bell Labs and then was developed quite extensively at the University of California at Berkeley. At that point they tried to make it open source, free and available to everyone. At the time what was left at Bell Labs, AT&T the parent company, tried to hug UNIX to death. They filed lawsuits to prevent it from being open source - and right at the time that LINUX was up and coming." "we have five authors on this book. Evi Nemeth has been the lead author on this book since 1989. She is sailing in Tonga, and our heart goes out to Evi, her home in Sunshine Canyon burned to the ground in the Four Mile fire here in Boulder. Then myself, Ben Whaley, Ben is our Director of Enterprise Architecture.; our CTO, Ned McClain and then we also have Terry Morreale, our Director of Client Services."
There's much more....

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Listen to: Trent Hein and Ned McClain, Applied Trust Engineering

Wildfire Worst in Colorado's History
Four Mile Canyon Fire - Worst in State's History138 to 169 Homes Lost

893_ 9/13/10- Four Mile Canyon - Labor Day 9/6/2010. Devastating fire reeks havoc on Boulder, Colorado. Thank goodness the tragic losses relate to property, 6427 acres ... and not lost lives. But the loss of homes and treasured memories cause real pain, shock and fear, and have affected the entire community. The number of evacuees hovers around 3500... and we watched on our TVs, computers and mobile devices in horror as the homes of friends were engulfed in flame. The fire has been mostly contained, yet as one fire fighter said, "Anything can happen.." Now the work ahead to put lives back together... will take some time and courageous souls to face the losses suffered, to rebuild. So much appreciation and respect go to those wonderful firefighters and volunteers who worked so tirelessly defending the homes of others - while some of them lost their own. You can help here are some links: ..
Related Links: Boulder Office of Emergency Management || Boulder County || Boulder Information Directives || Boulder Daily Camera || Four Mile Fire Help || *People who wish to make donations or volunteer are asked to call 2-1-1 || Public "hotline" call center: 303.413.7730 || Keywords: Boulder, Colorado, Four Mile Canyon Fire, Volunteer, Donate, Firefighters, Victims 9/13/10

Entrepreneurs are getting much younger
David Wolf, Founder Wolf Ventures for Young American Center for 
    Financial Educationenclosure-voice 884_ 8/23/10- "We're talking with David Wolf, the founder and managing director of Wolf Ventures, and David is also on the board of a fabulous organization, Young Americans Center for Financial Education - in this day and age, that sounds like a very good idea." David replied, "Well financial literacy or the consequences of illiteracy have become quite evident lately. But, Young American Center was founded by Bill Daniels; we recently celebrated our 21st anniversary, and originally started as Young Americans Bank. It is the only bank in the country, federally chartered, for customers all under the age of 23. Not a particularly profitable business model I might add, but it really serves our market well. So we are very focused on the needs of young people, from infants through the teenage years and then early into college. From our experience of operating and managing a real live bank with 40,000 customers, in almost all of 50 states, we began to build an adjacent program to educate young people. Over the years we've developed that into the Young Americans Center for Financial Education, a separate 501c3, from our federally chartered for profit, attempted for profit bank." David shared many things about the activities at the Young Americans Center ...listen for some extremely interesting points. They talked about the 9th Annual Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs on 9/23/10 at the Seawell Ballroom. "Well, I'm very excited, it is such a fun evening, and it is a celebration for young entrepreneurs. And it's modeled after one of our former partners, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Dinner here in Colorado. But this is for young entrepreneurs and all of the competitors are under the age of 21, with four age categories; 6 to 11, 12 to 14, 15 to 17 and 18 to 21 and they actually compete for a cash prize of $1,000."...listen for more...
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Pete Burridge, Founder, President & CEO, Greenhouse Scholars Mentorship makes a big difference
enclosure-voice 891_ 9/7/10- Larry interviewed Pete Burridge, President, CEO and Founder of Greenhouse Scholars. Larry asked, "I know you know a lot about non-profits, can you give us an overview of the landscape in this environment?" Pete shared a very interesting insight. ": It's funny back when I started Greenhouse Scholars, I didn't know a lot about it. I've learned a great deal in the startup phase and since, and I have a few things that I think are pretty important, in my mind, about where they're headed. The first thing is I think that in the past non-profits were thought of as a different sort of business in terms of the way that they're run. And there's certain obvious reasons why that is in terms of responsibility they have to the mission that they create and obviously the status to be a non-profit. But in fact I believe that non-profits should think of themselves as running more as a for profit business. So really, that level of fiscal responsibility, that opportunity to really look at results and deliver results for their constituent groups, whether they be donors or volunteers, or other stakeholders. Just like a for profit business, look at profitability and results and all of those things in the for profit world." Pete has started five companies and Larry asked, "What advice do you have for people starting up companies?" Pete replied, "I believe there is never a bad time to start a business. Now there's plenty of bad business ideas, but I think people sometimes get intimidated by circumstances. If a business idea is differentiating and relevant then it will be able to be successful over time. The other stuff is more basic, first of all it's always harder than you think. So just get ready for a very interesting first couple of years. I think attitude is everything, having a positive attitude, having a people orientation is very important." Pete went onto explain Greenhouse Scholars. "We decided on education because we feel it sort of spans everything else. If you can level the field in education then those people, that you've helped, can go out and make a difference across all kinds of different areas. We looked and thought the biggest need, and a way that we could actually address the need had to do with getting support directly to high-performing, under-resourced kids going to college..." Get involved, there's much more to listen to...
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9/7/10 bytes: 5549874 Listen to: Pete Burridge, Dinner Royale

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Growing Leaders and Communities:
Leaders aren't born

Pete Estler and Pete Burridge, Greenhouse Scholars - Dinner Royale raising funds to put 20 to 40 kids in college!enclosure-voice 890_ 8/30/10- Larry had a discussion with Pete Estler a serial entrepreneur and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Quintess and Pete Burridge, President and Chief Executive Officer of Greenhouse Partners, about an exciting program coming up. Their goal is to send 20 to 40 'under-resourced' students to college. The Fifth Annual Scholars Royale also known as Dinner Royale is a world-class event coming up on September 23rd to benefit Greenhouse Scholars. Their goal, to send 20 to 40 'under-resourced' students to college. Greenhouse Scholars mission is, "Growing Leaders and Communities: Leaders aren't born. They are created-nurtured to their greatest potential with encouragement, direction, and inspiration. Greenhouse Scholars provides mentorship and scholarship support to high-performing, under-resourced students - cultivating the next generation of community leaders in an environment that allows them to fully thrive." "Dinner Royale is for the benefit of Greenhouse Scholars - it is a money raising event, like no other. It is a two day event. The first evening is a fabulous dinner, Texas Hold'em night and the event is really geared toward fun. This year one of the major themes is racing. Pete Estler said, "We have a race car from Mario Andretti coming and we'll probably have about $20 million worth of sports cars there. The event is really very interesting networking, top executives are coming in. This year our guest of honor is Emmitt Smith, recently inducted into the Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. Emmitt is donating his time and we're actually throwing a "Hall of Fame" party for him at the event. So it's a world class event with people flying in from Dallas, NYC, LA and other places." There's more...
Keywords: Pete Estler, Pete Burridge, Dinner Royale 2010, Scholars Royal, Quintess, Greenhouse Partners, Greenhouse Scholars, Emmitt Smith 8/30/10 bytes: 5350194 Listen to: Pete Estler and Pete Burridge, Greenhouse Scholars, Dinner Royale

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Normand Latourelle, Creator, Cavalia My biggest motivation is when someone tells me it is impossible
enclosure-voice 886_ 8/30/10- "I don't believe in the impossible, I just want to make the impossible become possible." Yvonne Lynott brings us yet another fabulous and memorable event. This last week she introduced us to Normand Latourelle, the visionary and creator behind Cavalia. Normand is a co-founder of Cirque du Soleil and now Cavalia is yet another 'grand scale' show which features 60 artists and 50 horses from around the world in a multi-media extravaganza. Larry asked, "What is your passion?" Normand was very clear and replied, "Well my passion is not to accept what is impossible. And my biggest motivation is when someone tells me it is impossible, this is where I start to work. I don't believe in the impossible, I just want to make the impossible become possible. From there, then you have to work and it's only the time you spend by yourself, the time you spend of doing things, creating things, of taking the thing that looks very obvious, to transform them and to make them become better." When asked for an overview of Cavalia, he replied, "You know it's not a show about horses, it's got horses. But, when I started to work, I didn't know anything, I had to study about the horses for five years before I was convinced I could do something very different with horses.  I think I came to the horse with much innocence and I started to challenge what was existing.  I am a lucky fellow, I have the luxury of time. If you are soft, gentle and patient, the horse will give you everything. But you have to make it happen on his time frame, not your time frame. The horses that come on stage, it's their playground, they come to have fun, and that makes the big difference between any other shows in the world, especially equestrian shows." Listen for more...
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Listen to: Normand Latourelle, Visionary & Creator, Cavalia

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More awards in Boulder the Hot Spot
Chris Wood, Publisher, BCBR - IQ Awards 2010enclosure-voice 886_ 8/23/10- Larry turned the table and interviewed Chris Wood, Publisher of the Boulder County Business Report. This was in the BCBR conference room, in Boulder of course. Larry asked, "Can you give us an idea of some of the shifts that are occurring in business here in Boulder County?" Chris replied, "There are a lot of changes with business and of course the IQ Awards celebrate the Innovation Quotient. With the economy overall in Boulder County, we are seeing a number of companies merge in the green and sustainability sector. Of course Boulder County is the center for the outdoors sector: we have one of the highest concentrations companies in the country, here in the Boulder Valley. And of course, high technology including bio science, data storage and software development, very, very important, as well as aerospace. So all in all, I would say the economy in the Boulder Valley has weathered the 'great recession' better than a lot of parts of the country. So we are we're in a very fortunate position. We've certainly seen some impact of the recession here, especially with the real estate and financial sectors. But overall you've got to look at the employment numbers and the outbreak numbers for local industry and say that we've done pretty well." When asked, "What advice do you have for a person considering being a startup entrepreneur here in Boulder?" "I would say network! One of the fantastic things about Boulder Valley and the City of Boulder is the incredible networking opportunities that exist. Networking is a great way to get a head start, a jump on, in terms of not making some of the mistakes that others have made. People are very sharing in this market." There is much more including details about the 10th anniversary IQ Awards...
Related Links: IQ Awards || IQ Award Finalists || BCBR || Find It || 2009 Photos of IQ Awards Photos || Keywords: Chris Wood, IQ Awards, Boulder County Business Report, BCBR, Boulder, 8/23/10 bytes: 4870272 Listen to: Chris Wood, Publisher, BCBR - IQ Awards

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Don Field, Microsoft Certification Program, 
         Larry Nelson, w3w3.com & Ray Kelly, Certiport at the ISTE Conference at the Denver Colorado Convention Center, June 28, 2010 867_ 7/12/10 - The voice of 18,000 teachers and industry representatives
enclosure-voice Pat, Larry and their daughter Kirsten attended the ISTE (The International Society for Technology in Education) at the Colorado Convention Center with 18,000 teachers and industry representatives from around the country, and in fact from around the world attended. This is the largest educational conference in the country. Spread over four days with booths, demonstrations and multiple tracks, this conference covered the entire Colorado Convention Center, three floors. We stopped to visit organizations we knew, NCWIT the National Center for Women and Information Technology and then for this interview we went up to the quiet, closed, private interview rooms provided by our guests, Ray Kelly, president and CEO of Certiport and Don Field, Microsoft Certification program. You'll note when listening to this that 18,000 people were not whispering. And indeed, this conference might very well have registered on the Richter Scale, down in Boulder. We interviewed Certiport's CEO Ray Kelly and Senior Director of Microsoft Certification Programs Don Field. Certiport is the leading provider of certification exam development, delivery and program management services which include practice tests via MeasureUp® delivered through an expansive network of over 10,000 testing centers worldwide. Certiport manages a sophisticated portfolio of leading certification programs. MOS 2010 will impact the academic community by: Allowing students to experience greater success in the classroom and enter the workforce with an important advantage over other job candidates; Giving teachers a powerful tool for measuring and developing digital literacy among their students, while earning their own certification for professional development; Strengthening academic institutions with relevant, state-of-the-art learning and cost-effective solutions so students can develop skills they will need in the workplace ...listen for more...
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826_ 4/19/10 - Energy and economic sustainability
Bart Taylor, Publisher and Founder, Planet Profit 
           Report enclosure-voice Most everyone in Colorado is familiar with ColoradoBIZ magazine and the quarterly Planet-Profit Report (PPR) which was launched in 2007. Now that they have tested the waters and have seen the popular response an expansive plan was announced by Bart Taylor, Founder and Publisher. Larry has been a long-time fan and decided to interview Bart. He explained, "The Planet-Profit Report was launched in 2007 as a quarterly section to ColoradoBiz magazine, a statewide business publication continuously published for more than 38 years. PPR is being expanded as a regional media platform. The quarterly section will continue publication in ColoradoBiz. The editorial mission of PPR is to engage the voices of business, research, and economic development in a meaningful dialogue about energy and economic sustainability – with a focus on the western United States, a region with common challenges and opportunities. PPR explores sustainability through the lens of business and economic development. As such, all voices in business, research, and economic development are invited to participate in a region-wide dialogue about sustainable development." There is quite an interesting editorial focus of 'voices and topics'. That includes: Energy – Toward Energy Sustainability; Water – Land-Use: Toward Sustainable Development; Sustainable Building/Communities; Corporate Sustainability. If you are interested in contributing, the Planet-Profit Report Writer’s Guidelines are on their website. Check it out...
Related Links: Planet-Profit Report || ColoradoBIZ || Conscious Economy Channel || Find It || Keywords: Bart Taylor, Planet-Profit Report, PPR, ColoradoBIZ magazine, Sustainable Development, Green, Energy, Water – Land-Use 4/19/10 Chnl: News bytes: 7279911 LISTEN to Bart Taylor, Publisher & Founder, Planet Profit Report

827_ 4/19/10 - Building a business from Boulder to Australia
Rick Patch, President and CEO, LifePics enclosure-voice The recent economic times have been challenging to many for various reasons. We decided to interview a company that is dependent on the Web and retail outlets. Larry interviewed Rick Patch, President and CEO of LifePics. Rick explained, "We are a business to business solution so we sell to very well known retailers. We have about 500 different retailers in America, Australia, Puerto Rico, Canada, mostly English speaking countries, primarily focused in the U.S. though, that hire us to represent their brand on the Web for photo printing services. For instance many of our listeners here know Mike's Camera who is one of the top retailers in the photo industry even across America. I don't think most people realize just how successful and how customer oriented that particular organization is. And, as you also know, the founder of LifePics came out of Mike's Camera and that's Vahe Christianian. LifePics is a retail business and photos can be viewed as, possibly a little more discretionary than other things such as food. As it turned out the market did slow down, but it wasn't possibly as much as we thought it would. The problem was that some of the retailers just were caught in a bad space. Retailers have to buy inventory, so they can get themselves into credit crunches that given the dynamics of the market last year, found themselves in deep trouble." With all this LifePics still had double-digit growth. Rick's advice to entrepreneurs today, "In this environment, what a great time to start a business with all the chaos going on, with the dramatic changes that the Internet has brought as well as the business models that are around. The biggest advice is really, surrounding yourself with good people." Listen for more great ideas...
Related Links: LifePics || Mike's Camera || Biz Event Photos || Mastering Change Blog || Keywords: Rick Patch, LifePics, Mike's Camera, Photos, Entrepreneur, Vahe Christianian, Australia, Puerto Rico, Canada, Colorado > 4/19/10 Chnl: News bytes: 5907856 LISTEN to Rick Patch, LifePics, President and CEO, LifePics

807_ 3/15/10 - Global space community gathers here
Janet Stevens, Space Foundation, VP Communications enclosure-voice For the past 10 years Pat and Larry have covered the National Space Symposium held in Colorado Springs at the Broadmoor Hotel (April 12-15th, 2010). Larry got more details for this year's event from Janet Stevens, Vice President, Communications & Public Outreach, Space Foundation. Janet explained, "This is the largest gathering of the global space community in the world. This year, they're expecting about 8000 people, getting together for presentations, there's a huge exhibit hall jam packed with the latest in space technology; and we do a lot of what people come here for networking, making business connections, learn about new products and new processes and to get caught up on what's going on in space. We have a couple of new additions, Cyber 1.0 starting Monday morning. It's a special add-on event and it's all about cyber security and cyber space. And another new thing that's interwoven throughout the entire event, is a new generation initiative that's really targeted at people 35 and younger who are starting out in their space careers, maybe just getting out of college. On Thursday we have what's called our Space Technology Hall of Fame Dinner, it's usually what closes out the National Space Symposium. The purpose of the dinner is to induct technologies into the National Space Technology Hall of Fame, which we operate in conjunction with NASA, and our speaker that evening is actor, Leonard Nimoy." Listen for more...
Related Links: National Space Symposium || Space Foundation || Find It || In the News || Keywords: National Space Symposium, Janet Stevens, Space Foundation, Colorado Springs, Broadmoor Hotel, Cyber 1.0, Leonard Nimoy > 3/15/10 Bytes: 6335114 Chnl: News LISTEN to Janet Stevens, Space Foundation

Wendy Reynolds, Boulder BPW 814_ 3/29/10 - Promoting equity, and economic self-sufficiency for working women
Megan Shellman, Boulder BPW, Incoming President enclosure-voice "As successful business women, what advice do you have for young professionals?," was a question Larry asked two board members of Boulder Business and Professional Women (BPW). Listen to their tips. Wendy Reynolds, SVP of Flatirons Bank, found great benefit from winning the Boulder Business and Professional Women (BPW) Young Careerist program. It was a spring board that helped move her corporate career forward. Megan Shellman, founder of Simple Synergy Consulting will tell you how winning the program in 2008 helped her develop the vision and confidence to start her firm. The Boulder Business and Professional Women seeks participants for its Young Careerist program. The YC Program highlights and celebrates the achievements of women between the ages of 21 and 35 who are or have been employed in business or the professions with at least one (1) year of full-time work experience and who support the mission, vision, and legislative platform of BPW. Young Careerist applications are due no later than 5pm on April 2, 2010. Check out the explanation of the program for more information. There's much more...
Related Links: BPW Boulder Home || Young Careerists Program || Women in IT || w3w3 Blog || Keywords: Boulder Business and Professional Women, BPW, Young Careerist, Wendy Reynolds, Megan Shellman - bytes: 3/29/10 bytes: 7178034 Chnl: News LISTEN to: Megan Shellman & Wendy Reynolds

803_ 3/8/10 - Networking in these economic times
Nancy Chin Wagner and Bonni Doherty, Boulder Business & Professional Womenenclosure-voice The first piece of advice Bonni Doherty offers in these challenging times you want to be focused first, on your health, believe it or not. When you go out to present to a company, presenting yourself, company or service, you want to look and feel your best. If you exercise, mediate, do yoga, eat right you're going to naturally feel more relaxed and shine. Bonni Doherty is the 2009 BPW Young Careerist Winner. Bonni's been involved in health care for 15 years now and within in BPW and the promotion of legislative issues as it relates to women, she focuses on the promotion of positive healthcare for women and the education around that. Larry interviewed Bonni and Nancy Chin Wagner who is the president of BPW. Nancy explained, "Boulder Business & Professional Women BPW, is an extraordinary group of people. What we do is promote participation, equity and economic self-sufficiency for working women. We have programs that are educational and informative that builds leadership and self-confidence. We're part of a national organization that was established in 1919." Bonnie went onto say, "Another thing, focus on what you want. If you go off on a tangent or anything like that people recognize that, you have to focus on what you want. As an entrepreneur you want to keep your overhead low. Especially today there are so many resources in the community that you can access. Networking groups where they can meet people that probably have an opportunity to be hired for a specific job - even if it's short term. In these economic times, we feel that you need to be working and doing something, it's really hard out there for everyone." Nancy was happy to announce two programs coming up, Celebration of Women, 3/18/10 and the Young Careerists Program, 4/15/10. Listen for more...
Related Links: Boulder Business and Professional Women || Celebration of Women || Blog || Economy Builders || Keywords: Nancy Chin Wagner, Bonni Doherty, Boulder Business & Professional Women, BPW, Celebration of Women, Young Careerists Program > 3/8/10 Bytes: 7454200   Chnl: News LISTEN to Boulder Business & Professional Women

Project C.U.R.E.  Mission is to identify, solicit, collect, sort and deliver medical 
        supplies and services according to the imperative needs of the world. World HQ Denver Help for Haiti or HELP Haiti Now 2/1/2010
The nonprofit humanitarian relief group Project C.U.R.E. http://www.projectcure.org/ is accepting donations of first aid and hygiene supplies to help Haiti in the aftermath of its devastating earthquake. Donations can be sent to or dropped off at Project C.U.R.E. distribution centers in four cities nationwide: Denver, Phoenix, Nashville and Houston. To assist with transportation costs for medical relief supplies, Project C.U.R.E. seeks the support of individuals, groups, and organizations who are interested in contributing to relief efforts in Haiti. Donations can be made online http://www.projectcure.org/ or by cash, check or credit card. thank You! 2/1/10

773_ Age old integration and cloud app solution
Rick Nucci, Cofounder, Boomi enclosure-voice Larry met Rick Nucci at the Defrag conference in Denver this past November. Rick is the Co-founder and CTO of Boomi where he is responsible for product management and engineering. He is considered an industry expert on SaaS & Cloud integration, multi-tenant architecture, and API design and best practices. Rick offered some important information about cloud computing, "Cloud computing is an umbrella and very general term to describe the act or notion of delivering compute capacity in the nebulous thing called the Web, not something you have control over - nuts and bolts, racks, security. You know, you don't have control over it. You can use it and consume it as you see fit. There are tons of products that address the individual areas, there's marketing automation, CRM, finance systems. Generally speaking, particularly in SaaS and cloud, people are trending towards not buying a suite that encompasses all those capabilities but rather buy those solutions from vendors who specialize in being the best marketing automation guy out there; the best CRM guy out there. And while that's great, and that's definitely the preferred solution. You're creating without integration silos of information across those systems. Integration is a horizontal problem, a huge problem that existed ever since there was more than one software program out there and it's a problem nobody likes to talk about. We partner with the SaaS so now you can buy an application on demand service and now you can also buy the integration on demand as a service as well." Listen, there's more...
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741_ Business Agility with the Cloud: Do you need an IT department/CIO?
Matthew Taylor, 
           Vice President Managed Services and IT 
           & OS Operations, Viawest enclosure-voice Defrag 2009 - what an education! - it was the place to be. We corralled Matthew Taylor, Vice President of Managed Services and IT & IS Operations, ViaWest, covering seven states and 16 data centers. Matt was a keynote speaker at the Defrag 2009 Conference. Matt said, "I have a long title because we wear a lot of hats at ViaWest, there's a real value to that for organizations." Topic Matt delivered: Business Agility with the Cloud. We wanted to know, what is the cloud? Matthew replied, "Well, there isn't a definition for 'the cloud' and depending on who you're talking to they have a different definition of the cloud. What we have to take this back to is, the user, customer or CIO, whoever you are, what is it you're trying to get out of a solution overall? So to a business person how do you get agility out of a cloud? You get agility out of a cloud ... and for some this is a painful answer... through your CIO. There are people out there, the press, organizations that have said, 'now the cloud is out there and you don't need your IT department/CIO' -- That's absolutely not the case. The customer needs to make sure they have flexibility to be able to scale up or scale down; pay for what they have to pay for but not overpay. At the same time they need to make sure they have a high level of security. So when you combine all these things, you start to say, I really need to understand each portion of my company from an application standpoint. What do I need to do with it and make sure I'm managing the data and the way those applications work together. What is your best approach and to me that is a CIO and why today, the CIO is more important than ever." Listen for some additional suggestions. Larry asked about SAAS (software as a Service) "...in the last couple of years, I'd heard that was the cloud." Matt agrees it was one of the first offerings from the cloud, there are load testing applications etc., watch the smoke and mirrors - do your homework. He also provides...
Related Links: ViaWest || Defrag || Economy Builders || Event Photos || Blog || Keywords: Matthew Taylor, ViaWest, Defrag, Business Agility, Cloud, CIO, Hosting, IT Department, SaaS, Change - Channel: News 12195439 bytes - 11/16/09 LISTEN

Dr. Walter Orenstein, Deputy Director for Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, Global Health Program, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 727_ Colorado Rotary Club Challenge with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - End Polio Now
Steve Werner, Rotary Club of Denver 
           Southeastenclosure-voice "Polio is a devastating disease, and we have Polio on the ropes! We have a 99% reduction worldwide and we just have to make this final push to get rid of the last cases as a gift of our generations to all future generations, so no child has to be paralyzed, crippled for life from this terrible disease," pointed out Walter A. Orenstein, MD, is a Deputy Director for Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in Integrated Health Solutions Development of the Global Health Program at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has been the leading foundation in the world addressing many of the most serious and deadly diseases in the world. Dr. Orenstein came to participate in our 'Colorado End Polio Now' campaign sponsored by the Rotary Clubs in Colorado. Steve Werner an active member of Colorado Rotary (Rotary Denver Southeast) added to the conversation. "This has been a 20 year long project of the Rotary International and all Rotary Clubs around the world including Colorado, have bought into this vision of a Polio Free World. So every Rotary Club in the world is participating in fundraising and awareness building activities and we are so fortunate to have a partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation because they have offered a $250 million Challenge grant if Rotarians worldwide would raise $100 million. We have exceeded our goal in Colorado and are on track worldwide to achieve this goal. With this final large amount of money, thanks to the generosity of the foundation, we are hoping we can reach our ultimate goal of eradicating polio." Walt added, "Polio eradication is very important to the Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation has given more $680 million to polio eradication in the last ten years..." Larry Nelson is a polio survivor. He experienced what a terrible disease it is, and remembers... Listen for how you can be involved...
Related Links: Global Polio Eradication Initiative || End Polio Now (UN Foundation) || Gates Foundation || Rotary Club of Denver Southeast || Rotary International || Keywords: Polio, Walter A. Orenstein, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rotary Club, Global Health Program, Steve Werner, Vaccine-Preventable Diseases > 7085560 bytes - 10/26/09 LISTEN

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Social Entrepreneurship What is it? Paul Bauer & Chris Pelley 10/13/08
2nd Annual Social Entrepreneurship Day Denver 2008Paul Bauer & Chris Pelley 10/20/08
Paul Bergman, US Dept. of Commerce -Export Assistance Center 9/15/08
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Margarett Heffernan, Author 4/28/08
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Sam Pitroda India National Knowledge 9/15
Scott Brown, Sarah McClain; Telluride Tech Fest 6/30/08
Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Insight Speaker 11/10/08
Michael Webb, Aubice 5/12/08
Steve Wille, Bill Kuehn, Larry Nelson Leadership 8/18/08

Chris Wood, Publisher, Boulder County Business Report Trends and concerns of the print industry
enclosure-voice 894_ 9/20/10- "We're here with Chris Wood, Publisher of the Boulder County Business Report. Over the years, we've worked together often, but your industry hardcopy newspaper, is going thru heck today, could we explore some of these things?", Larry asked. Chris replied, "Well it certainly is going thru some difficult times, transformational times for the newspaper industry overall. We've seen a lot of papers shut down, others that have gone all online or mostly online, we've seen bankruptcies - our parent company filed bankruptcy earlier this year, so it is the trend. It's a very difficult thing for people to endure. We love the newspaper industry. But I think it's one where you have to look where the opportunities are. Print is not what it was, I don't think it's going away anytime soon, it has a very important role to fill. There are increasing opportunities presented by mobile applications. Mobile apps, mobile devices are becoming one of the fastest growing methods for disseminating information, including news. The question that I think every newspaper publisher has right now is, how do you make money? How do you make money online because the online advertising stream is not what the print advertising stream is. It is a dilemma but I'm hopeful that we and others will figure it out over time." Chris added, "We really believe in touching our readers and customers in three different ways. One is print, not only our newspaper, but we publish a variety of print products, annuals, directories and magazines, medical directories, technology directories, etc. And the second way is online with our website, and thru the newsletters that we send out. The third way is in person and that is through the events..." There's much more to listen to...
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Rich Martinez, President, Young Americans Center for 
    Financial Education Really understanding the workings of a free enterprise economy
enclosure-voice 871_ 7/19/10- In the recent past we've heard from a number of VC's and successful entrepreneurs that the one thing they wished they would have had was a better financial education.... and Larry wishes he could have had the Young Americans Center in his portfolio! Larry visited with Rich Martinez, President & CEO, Young Americans Center for Financial Education. "Young Americans has been around since the late 80s when Young Americans Bank was founded by the late cable mogul, Bill Daniels, who is well known in this community as a philanthropist. We focus on financial literacy for young people up through the age of 22. We have four content areas that we focus on, banking and personal finance, free enterprise, global economics and entrepreneurship, all for that youth age from 0 to 22. So our flagship programs include Young Americans Bank, of course the world's only bank specifically designed for young people under the age of 22; Our Free Enterprise program 'Young AmeriTowne has been in Colorado schools serving fifth graders for a little over 20 years now. This program is where fifth graders get to run a kid sized town for a day, assuming the roles of consumers and producers, but really understanding the intricate workings of a free enterprise economy. They move on in seventh grade to our Global Economics program called 'International Towne' where those seventh graders get to run the world for a day. Being citizens of 16 different countries and participating in a world economy. Then we have a variety of entrepreneurship programs, starting as young as second grade all the way up through high school. But our flagship program that is embedded in high school, our first non bricks and mortar based program is called "Get Ahead for Business". It is state wide in over 60 schools and just like all our other programs, with a hands-on component where students get to run a real life business in their high school learning those pieces of being an entrepreneur. We serve over 400 schools in the Denver Metro area and throughout Colorado." ...listen for more...
Related Links: Young Americans Center || Daniels Fund || Economy Builders || Podcast Directory || Keywords: Rich Martinez, Young Americans Center, Bill Daniels, Financial Education, Young Americans Bank, Personal Finance, Free Enterprise, Global Economics Entrepreneurship - 7/19/10 bytes: 5162112 Listen to: Rich Martinez, President, Young Americans Center

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