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Vinton Cerf; UK & USA; IPO Twist; RFID at TI; EVENTS

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5/05/04 PM CSIA
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5/11/04 AM
RMIMA (20th Annual Conference)
5/12/04 AM CTEK (Annual Spring Awards)
5/13/04 AM Denver Software
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5/13/04 PM
TiE Rockies (Annual CIO CFO Panel)
5/20/04 Day RVC (Annual Capital Conference)
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Vinton Cerf,  SVP, Technology Strategy, MCIThe Beginning of the Internet + Challenges & Dreams
Vinton Cerf,
widely known as one of the “Fathers of the Internet” was the keynote speaker for the annual CITI CIO Award program. Cerf is a techie with a personality…and a whole bunch of spot-on information. At a press Q&A, he addressed the future challenges and greatest hopes for the Internet.

Mark Dyer, CEO, Dyer Partnership - United KingdomDoing Business in the UK + Tips on the Tricks & Traps
Mark Dyer,
responded to the concern of cultural challenges of a US company expanding into Europe. The first stop for most companies is the United Kingdom. Whilst there are fewer cultural differences with the UK than other “Euro” countries, there is some handholding necessary…even with market research.

Paul Ray,  McKim Venture capitalImage Guided Tech + Twist & Turns on Way to IPO
Paul Ray,
the well-known serial entrepreneur about a success story that started with BTI (Boulder Tech Incubator…now CTEK) in 1992. This story about Image Guided Technologies is not an overnight success story, but one that was fraught with challenges while going public and then being acquired, no simple feat.

Bill Allen, Texas Instruments - RFid  Systems History of Radio Frequency ID + Challenges & Choices
Bill Allen,
Marketing Communications Manager for Texas Instruments RFID Systems surprised many when he talked about the time TI invested in RFID technology. RFID offers a tremendous future of opportunity but has a few more years of development. The early adopters will be on top. Kevin Price of AccuCode says this is a must listen.

Brad Feld, Managing Director, Mobius VCMantra for Venture Capitalists Today + Mobius VC Tips
Brad Feld,
managing director of Mobius Venture Capital identifies what VCs are looking at today…including exit strategies, hot markets, checklist of the VC’s mantra, what Mobius VC is focused on today as well as essentials for the first-time entrepreneur who is building a new company.

Eugene Nyagahene, CEO, Radio 10 - RwandaRwanda Radio 10 Years After Genocide + Challenges
Eugene Nyagahene,
founder and CEO of Rwanda’s first radio station since 1994 and the genocide that the world turned its head away. When the 1,000,000 plus people were brutally murdered in a 100-day period, the radio station in Rwanda was used as a tool to help the killing.

Dr. Michael Cox, Chief Economist, Sr. VP, Federal Reserve of DallasGovernor Bill Owens, Q & A SessionFederal Reserve Looks at the Deficit + New Insights
Dr. Michael Cox, senior vice president & chief economist of the Federal Reserve of Dallas shed some new if not controversial light on the growing national deficit and outlined what we need for a proper recovery. Governor Bill Owens joined Dr. Cox, for a lively and surprising Q & A session.

Governor Richard Lamm, Author "The Brave New World of Health Care" Creative Look at Heath Care + Moral & Ethical Issues
Richard Lamm,
Director, Center for Public Policy and Contemporary Issues at DU and former 3-term Governor of Colorado tackles a series of questions about the future of health care. His new book, “The Brave New World of Health Care” brings out some critics, but he makes it hard to argue.

Governor Bill Owens Addresses the Commission on Science and TechnologyGov. Owens Commission on Science & Technology
Governor Bill Owens, introduced by Marc Holtzman spoke about the lay of the land for Colorado. Leroy Williams, Secretary of Technology hosted this year’s first Commission session and had other heavy-hitters address the high-profile group. The Governor has some high-impact plans.

Governor Richard Lamm, Author "The Brave New World of Health Care"Gov. Lamm and the Brave New World of Heath Care
Richard Lamm
, Director, Center for Public Policy and Contemporary Issues at DU and former 3-term Governor of Colorado is not known for avoiding the issues. Governor Lamm goes outside of the box to explain his views on our health care crisis. He talks about the challenges and the choices.

Rwanda at DU - An Event to Remember - Photo Album

Javed Sikander, Director of RFID Solutions, MicrosoftJaved Sikander of Microsoft Keeps Track of RFID World
Javed Sikander,
gets quizzed by w3w3® Media Network about the impact of RFID technology on the consumers and how it impacts organizations of all types. The RFID “go to” company in Colorado, AccuCode gave us the inside tip about some of the Microsoft plans…with a far-reaching impact.

Rocky Scott, President, Greater Colorado Springer Economic Development Corp.Caruso and Boyle Talk About Aerospace Challenges
Robert Caruso
and David Boyle, part of the CU and Texas A&M booth at the Space Symposium discuss a looming crisis in the US Aerospace industry. The average age of an aerospace employee is 55 years old and there are not enough students in the pipeline to support Mars exploration & more.
Sue Mencer and Buzz Aldrin, AstronautHomeland Security – Common Sense - Part 2
Sue Mencer, Director, Office for Domestic Preparedness, Dept. of Homeland Security has about a $100 million budget and answers directly to Tom Ridge Secretary of Homeland Security. Listen to Part 2, she offers some practical “at home” advice..

Paul Ray, Serial Entrepreneur Chaos is Fun Serial Entrepreneur
Paul Ray
, is known as an experienced (that means the good, the bad and the depressing) venture capitalist. But Paul, in any event is a serial entrepreneur. He says that delegation leads to organized chaos and that some think abdication equals delegation…4 to 5 things must be in parallel.

Steve Kester, VP State Policy for AeAOffshoring — Crisis or Opportunity
Steve Kester,
Vice President State Policy for AeA and Greg Jenik, Mountain States Council Executive Director outline the key points of a recent AeA program. It’s a hot topic and not understood by many. There are more than two sides to this controversy and they share various views of this dicey issue

Rocky Scott, President, Greater Colorado Springer Economic Development Corp.Seed Capital — Increasing Demand
Karl Dakin,
a licensed attorney and professional technology manager suggests that in addition to SBIR grants, small entrepreneurial companies need to be able to tap into a seed capital fund. He has an idea to create a pool of money that would bring $50,000 to $250,000 to the table for startups.

Sue Mencer, Director, Office of Domestic Preparedness - Dept. Homeland SecurityHomeland Security – What Must Be Done
Sue Mencer, Director, Office for Domestic Preparedness, Dept. of Homeland Security has about a $100,000,000.00 budget and answers directly to Governor Tom Ridge (also Secretary of Homeland Security). Sue explains that training is a major component in the distribution of funds…be prepared.

Marc Holtzman, President, DU - Part 2 Keynote Address - SBIR Conference - DenverUniversity of Denver - More Surprises (Part 2) - (Part 1)
Marc Holtzman
, Marc Holtzman, always on the go President of the University of Denver kicked off the exciting and inform-ative SBIR Colorado Conference with a realistic look at the Colorado business and educational landscape. Check Denver Post article, “Controversial Holtzman Retooling DU”… Congratulations ! Marc & Kristen Hubbel - newly engaged!

Kay Etzler, NIH - SBIR Program AnalystSBIR & NIH — Fast Track Options
Kay Etzler
is a program analyst in the National Institutes of Health Office of Extramural Programs where she assists with the implementing of SBIR and STTR programs. Kay talks about the importance of the little things…like detail, a directive cover letter, measurable milestones and more.

Rocky Scott, President, Greater Colorado Springer Economic Development Corp.Aerospace Challenge - Employee Shortage
Rocky Scott,
president of the Greater Colorado Springs Economical Development Corp. is an involved “pro” in many growth areas including Aerospace. Rocky, like many others are hoping that the Space Symposium’s theme, “Back to the Moon & On To Mars” will get kids interested in the industry.

Marc Holtzman, President, University of DenverDU + Lessons Learned = Leading Edge
Marc Holtzman, President of the University of Denver kicked off the exciting and informative SBIR Colorado Conference with a positive but realistic look at the Colorado business and educational landscape…including shortfalls, highlights and some bold steps being taken by DU.

Kevin Price, President, AccuCodeRFID + Biometrics = Best Practices
Kevin Price
, President of AccuCode gives us and insider’s view of the latest developments in the world of RFID as well as the latest news on wireless networking. AccuCode’s booth had a futuristic biometrics and RFID piece of equipment. There’s Best Practices at RFID World.

Carol Van Wyk, Program manager, NAVAIR SBIRIDIQ + SBIR = $25 Million
Carol Van Wyk,
program manager, NAVAIR SBIR (DoD) details what the Navy requires of its potential vendors when submitting a SBIR proposal to them. You don’t need a PhD, but you do need to solve problems and minimize risk. Carol also outlines the attributes of a successful small business.

3 Keys + Work = Strong Association
Art Rancis,
CEO of Amidex is also very involved with a premier association, TiE Rockies. Art walks us through the 3 Key Components of a strong association as well as identifying the critical support pieces. TiE Rockies has grown even during the “tough times”…great advice to all.

  EDITORIAL - Entrepreneurial Cluster  Listen or READ

Derrick Kuhn, GT Alliance, President3 Keys Needed by Entrepreneurs
Derrick Kuhn
, President of GT Alliance shares the secrets behind 10% per month growth. Derrick and his team are not newcomers to the Web. They are known for their training expertise but that only represents a portion of their business. Learn how you can crack the code.

Art Rancis, Amidex, CEOBuilding a Business & Lessons Learned
Art Rancis
, CEO of Amedex is experienced in understanding the key components of building a successful business. Art identifies the 3 lessons learned as an entrepreneur…Keep focused…Stay focused but get ready to spin off…Structure the company properly.

Stephanie Downs, Founder, ConferZoneTeleport Yourself to Another State
Stephanie Downs
, founder of ConferZone sheds some new light on e-conferencing. Many of us remember the days when it rarely worked…things have changed, prices have dropped, and “ease of use” is the descriptor. Stephanie is a state-of-the-art multi-tasking entrepreneur.

Kevin Price, President, AccuCodeBIG DEAL - AccuCode, a Platinum Sponsor and Exhibitor at the upcoming RFID World 2004 in Denver, April 21st and 22nd, would like to extend w3w3 subscribers a special registration pricing of $295 (normally $795) to attend the full 2-day Conference and Exhibition. That's $500 off - limited number of registrations at this pricing.Get Details and **Use this Registration Code ASP1 Register Now

Lu Cordova, President - CTEK3 Challenges Entrepreneurs Face
Lu Cordova, President of CTEK and Chairman of CTEK Angels identifies the 3 biggest challenges entrepreneurs face. They are showstoppers for many. Lu and her crew are continually examining business models and evaluating what works and doesn't work... need-to-know info.

Jared Polis, Chairman, Colorado Board of EducationCareers Not Invented Yet (Part 2 of 2)
Jared Polis, Chairman of the State Board of Education in Colorado was the keynote speaker at the DaVinci Institute’s “Night with a Futurist”. Jared talks about the choices and the challenges in Colorado education. In the past, we were all expected to learn the same way.

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