Russ Farmer, Executive Director of SBIR Colorado Commercialization Relay Race (Part 1)
Russ Farmer,
Executive Director of Colorado SBIR (nonprofit corporation), gives us an easy-to-understand metaphor about the commercialization process. It starts with an idea and walks through what he calls the “relay race” that allows all in the process to focus on their passion (and make money). Sitting on Stacks of CashGovernment Dollar Lookout - SBIR (Part 2)
Russ Farmer, Executive Director of Colorado SBIR (nonprofit corporation), has identified some government grants for you. It's all about innovation and research. Hear the balance of the Commercialization Relay Race (Part 2) Don't Miss 7/15/04 - SBIR - Government Contracting

$2 Billion for "innovation" & "research" for small businesses, academic researchers and entrepreneurs.   March 25, 2004 *TiE-Rockies recommended!

SBIR Colorado Grant Conference - 3/25/04Federal Small Business Innovative Research
(SBIR) Grants have been around for years. But many forward-thinking entrepreneurs who could use some significant cash for their innovative ideas didn't have a clue about this free, non-diluting cash. The program might as well have been in a stealth mode. This program brought $74,000,000+ into Colorado last year.

Russ Farmer, executive director of SBIR Colorado (Colorado Non Profit Corporation) has assembled nationally renowned experts in SBIR Grants including; Connie Jacobs, SBIR Program Manager for the DOD (DARPA), Kay Etzler, SBIR Program Manager for National Institutes of Health (NIH), Mark Henry, SBIR/STTR Proposal Expert for PBC Inc. Marc Holtzman, president of the University of Denver is the morning keynote and Leroy Williams, Secretary of Technology in Governor Bill Owens cabinet is the luncheon keynote.

This stimulating and information-packed program includes fabulous take-a-way material, lunch & refreshments and networking with the pros.
Details here or call 303.427.1312 ext. 200

PBC, Inc. Creating successful businesses

SBIR Colorado and Colorado BioEngineering 2/13/04

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Russell Farmer, Launches SBIR ColoradoSBIR + Russ + $2 Billion - March 25, 2004
Russ Farmer, Executive Director of SBIR Colorado clarifies (and opens the door to) the $2 Billion federal grant program aimed at innovative small companies as well as researchers, inventors, scientists and academics. There's a conference being held in Denver, with national experts and some well-known heavy hitters. Sounds like FREE money

CIK Round Table January 14, 2004 - Morning
The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and its “sister” the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program provide over $2 billion each year to small businesses to do leading edge research. These grants to for-profit small businesses provide significant early stage funding and do not dilute ownership nor do they need to be paid back. Learn how these programs work and how to use these programs from individuals who have “been there and done that”.

Panelists Clifton H. Brown, Jr., P.E., President of ADA Technologies, Inc. and Kenneth C. Weil, founder and President of Rose Biomedical Research and Rose Biomedical Development Corporation (RBDC) tell how they have used the SBIR and STTR to build their companies. Russ Farmer, President, CEO and founder of PBC will moderate the panel. Register for this event!

"A Penny for Your Thoughts" is taking on a whole new meaning. Chad Brownstein, managing partner of ITU Ventures says his organization is investing millions of dollars funding innovation. ITU focuses on high-tech intellectual property, taps into SBIR funding and works with tech-transfer offices in universities & research organizations.

Russ Farmer, President, PBC Inc.FREE MONEY
Is getting "FREE" money from the federal government myth or reality? Russ Farmer, president of PBC and national expert on SBIR/STTR federally mandated initiatives that give grants for innovation, research and general business needs to small & new organizations…he explains. You don't have to pay it back and doesn't dilute ownership.
Russ Farmer, PBC, Inc.Click Mic to hear interview!Meet Russ Farmer - (PBC, Inc.) he's the kind of expert everyone wants to meet, because he knows how to get early stage money for small businesses. Very early stage, grant money that doesn't dilute shares or take ownership in part of your business. It's a process - Learn the ropes... LISTEN
You'll want to attend his "Million Dollar Conference" for future schedule and event information visit PBC, Inc.
"BioBusiness Seminar Series: "SBIR Grants at CU" December 4, 2003
Jim Conboy, Wolf VenturesClick Mic to hear interview Some of the VC Funding figures for Colorado may surprise you. Jim Conboy, partner at Wolf Ventures points out the major focus change in "What's Hot?" VCS have gone from "Hot Trends" to "Hot Companies"…but there is still a seed capital shortfall. Jim says we need to feed the "pure seed" pipeline and we need support of Angels, SBIR Grants, and Tech Transfer to overcome the shortfall.
Chris Christoffersen, Morganthaler Ventures"It's turning around," says Chris Christoffersen partner at Morgenthaler Ventures. Chris reports that 14 BioTech companies are positioned for an IPO (that's after quite a drought) and that two of them that are viewed to be the best are from Colorado. It's notable that Tech Transfer as well as SBIR and NIH grants play an important role. Bio Cluster here we come.
Paul RayLife sciences in the trenches along with a 30,000-foot view of Colorado's "bio cluster" are part of Paul Ray's past. An infusion of money, government support, continued upgrading of education's participation and a strong Tech Transfer program are the keys to growth and economic success in the life sciences sector. So Paul Ray, what are you going to do now?
Jim Conboy, Wolf VenturesClick mic to listen Some of the VC Funding figures for Colorado may surprise you. Jim Conboy, partner at Wolf Ventures points out the major focus change in "What's Hot?" VCs have gone from "Hot Trends" to "Hot Companies"…but there is still a seed capital shortfall. Jim says we need to feed the "pure seed" pipeline and we need support of Angels, SBIR Grants, and Tech Transfer to overcome the shortfall.
David Allen, Associate Vice President, Technology Transfer, CUMillions of dollars are pumped into the Colorado economy as a result of CU's Technology Transfer program. David Allen, Associate Vice President of the program says that the CU Tech Transfer Office hasn't arrived yet but is on track to be recognized as the best among public universities by 2010. Listen to this in-depth interview and get a complete Annual Report here.
Looking for MoneyListen: Federal Grants for Small Business Innovation
SBIR = Money & STTR = Money.
Leading experts including program managers from the DOD and NIH, as well as local business practitioners in key areas of government and private-sector marketing, intellectual property management and patents, and angel/venture funding will join Russ Farmer of PBC, Inc in an information packed day at the Bootcamp II Conference. Register today and save!
Catharine Merigold, Principal, Vista VC Catharine Merigold - Bullish on Colorado Companies. $60 Million giveaway. Vista Ventures has that much new money to invest in Colorado companies.
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