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"Leaders are made not born!"

This statement elicits the questions, What is it then, that makes leaders? Is there a leadership formula? If we follow the rules can we all be leaders? Being a leader is not an accomplishment. It is an ongoing process. It's a process that capitalizes on strengths and overcomes challenges with a powerful energy.

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Colleen Abdoulah, Wide Open West
David Allen, Associate Vice President, Technology Transfer, University of Colorado
Susan Bailey
Paul Berberian, former president, Raindance
Joe Blake, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce (Pres.)
Lu Cordova, CTEK Angels
Rina Delmonico, REN Consulting
Roy Dimoff, Co-Founder, CEO, ViaWest
Bob Dutkowsky, formerly, CEO J.D.Edwards
Russell Farmer,
Founder PBC, Inc.; Nationally Recognized Expert on SBIR Program
Brad Feld, Managing Director, Mobius Venture Capital
Daniel Feld, Dir. Colorado Operations, Mobius VC
Stanley Feld, M.D.
Jerry Golley, CEO, AMI Visions
John Hickenlooper, Mayor, Denver
Marc Holtzman, Former President, University of Denver
First Secretary, Office of Innovation & Technology - Colorado
Peter Kellner, Co founder, Endeavor
Gov. Richard Lamm. DU, Dir, Ctr for Public Policy amp; Contemporary Issues
David Leonard, CTP Executive of the Year
Christopher Lowell, Ben Franklin Live
John Maguire, HMC United Kingdom (retired)
Donald McCubbrey, PhD, University of Denver
David Moll, CEO and President, Webroot Software, Inc. (Part 2)
Jon Nordmark, Founder/CEO, eBags
Bob Ogdon, Founder & CEO, SwiftPage
Rick Patch, Founding Partner, Sequel Partners
Sanjay Parthasarathy, Microsoft,
VP Developer & Platform Evangelism Grp.
André Pettigrew, Executive Director, Office of Economic Development, City and County of Denver
Jared Polis, Chairman, State Board of Education
Paul Ray, CEO, President - Part 1 and Part 2
Lucinda Sanders CEO and Co-founder, National Center for Women in Technology
John Sifonis, Author, "Net Ready"
Admiral Richard Truly, Retired Director NREL on w3w3
Brian Vogt, Secretary of Technology
Michael Webb, Founder/CEO,Michael Moto, 3/8/2010
Phil Weiser, CU Boulder, Law School
Les Wyatt, Oracle

834_ 5/3/10 - Profile of a Leader: Persistence and Partners
Bob Ogdon, Founder and CEO, SwiftPage - Profile of a Leader enclosure-voice For the Profile of a Leader Series Larry talked with Bob Ogdon, Founder and CEO of SwiftPage. Larry heard him speak before Swiftpage was launched and knew he was a winner. Bob pointed out how important partners are and highlighted Frank Johnson and Tom Lopez. He went onto say, "I have the philosophy that you can't be an entrepreneur without partners, it's too hard. You need somebody's shoulder to cry on, someone to encourage you and you encourage them and you go fight the battle together. That whole understanding of partnership is what Tom taught me and I really feel lucky that I had him as a partner for so many years." Larry got into: What influenced the formation of your values?; What was a challenge you couldn't overcome and had to live with?; A major turning point in your career? And then he asked one of his favorite questions, "What advice do you have for entrepreneurs?" Bob's reply is very insightful. "I think the biggest advice would be to never give up. What an entrepreneur does and brings to the table is really the energy and the vision but not necessarily the answer. I think people get hung up thinking they have to have the answer when they start. Really what you want to do is get yourself in play, in the market and then let the market tell you your path. You do that, you listen and you live long enough, you'll eventually get a really valuable company. You have to have the legs to live long enough, to have the willingness to listen and, I think if you can accomplish those two things, there's no reason you can't build the business you want." By the way, all three of Bob's children are part of the Swiftpage family. Check it out...
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824_ 4/12/10 - Profile of a Leader and what it takes
Colleen Abdoulah, President/CEO, Wide Open West enclosure-voice She has been in business for over 25 years and now honors Colleen Abdoulah, President/CEO, WOW (Wide Open West, Internet Cable & Phone) and brings another of the Profile of a Leader interviews of our top business leaders here in the Business and Technology community. Larry asked many questions including, "What advice would you give to a company, maybe going through a period where they feel they need to improve?" Colleen replied, "Here are three specific elements of what we need and don't need. I think we need less ego in business. People are very much into the hierarchy, the titles, even their language. The corresponding characteristic would be more humility. Being humble enough to say, 'I'm here to serve you!'. We're all here to make each other the best that we can be. I think we need less pride, especially false pride. I think we take ourselves far too seriously, and we need to replace that pride with laughter, we need to be able to laugh at ourselves - enjoy ourselves. We perform better when we enjoy it, we learn more when we're enjoying the learning, right? And lastly, less fear and intimidation. I think many cultures say, ' you better tow the line or else.. trying to motivate from fear and intimidation is ridiculous in my mind. If people know you care about them and want them to succeed - you are motivating them to do their best everyday! I think it's those loving attitudes that people feel, understand and get energized by, far more than we do by fear. Not that fear doesn't motivate, but I think it isn't in a productive and healthy manner. So if a culture can create more of a culture of humility, of laughter, of loving attitudes, I think you will just see people shine." Listen for more...
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815_ 3/29/10 - Building a multi-million dollar business
Sue Wyman, Founder, Javaro Group and Chaiarman CTP David Leonard, Profile of a Leader and CTP's Executive of the Year enclosure-voice The youngest of nine siblings, a father who died of polio and a mother who was extremely influential in shaping his values and outlook on the world was the beginning pathway to national and international business success. Sue Wyman and Larry interviewed David Leonard for the Profile of a Leader series. Dave is also CTP's 2009 Executive of the Year. Recently David negotiated the sale of WildBlue to ViaSat, but we wanted to learn about the experiences that created the fiber in this winner (no pun intended). Dave said, “From a career perspective, I've had the great fortune to work with many brilliant people. Among them was Gene Schneider at United Cable Television, certainly John Malone, Liberty Global and Liberty Media, and really in Europe and Latin America, I've had the good fortune to meet many dynamic entrepreneurs and leaders of organizations who've all influenced me. There comes a time in every executive's life when you have to assess whether you are in the right position and able to overcome an obstacle and are willing to make the personal commitment in terms of time and energy to do that, in order to lead people and have them follow you. That's harder than you may think. And sometimes organizations outgrow executives and it's time for them to move on. We all have to face the fact that there are limitations to our abilities. . I would say do a careful self-assessment and if your are willing and able to make the time and have the skill set to overcome the challenges that face you, then do that. If not, be dispassionate and impartial and say, 'you need to bring in someone else." Dave went onto discussing the turning point in his career along with some other great business advice. Listen for more...
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3/29/10 bytes: 11781018 Chnl: Profile/CTP LISTEN To: David Leonard

805_ 3/15/10 - Leaders are made not born...
Andre Pettigrew, Exec. Director, 
           Ofc of Ecoomic Development - Denver enclosure-voice "Leaders are made not born!" This statement elicits the questions, What is it then, that makes leaders? Is there a leadership formula? If we follow the rules can we all be leaders? Being a leader is not an accomplishment. It is an ongoing process. It's a process that capitalizes on strengths and overcomes challenges with a powerful energy. For the Profile of a Leader Series, Larry interviewed André Pettigrew, Executive Director, Office of Economic Development, City and County of Denver. When asked what are the three core values necessary for a leader, André replied, "The first one is to earn your way each and every day. This is in recognition that you've got to earn whatever you get in this world and you need to measure it every day. The second one is to learn and to teach. This to me is about the importance of lifelong learning and continuous improvement. Whatever point in my life and career, I'm always going to want to learn, but learning is not enough. You need to share your knowledge, and so the opportunity to mentor, to teach, to consult has always been important to me. The third area is really excellence in reputation. It really is about getting things done, quite frankly maintaining that 'brand identity', that recognition of your peers and other people in your community that this is someone who is really focusing on excellence and results and getting things done. Those have been self referencing for me throughout my career." ...listen for more advice and details...
Related Links: Mile High OED || GreenPrint Denver || Denver OED Channel || Leader Profiles || Mastering Change Blog || Keywords: André Pettigrew, Denver, Office of Economic Development, OED, Leaders, Core Values, Stamina, Lifelong Learning, Continuous Improvement. > Channel: Profile of a Leader 3/15/10 Bytes: 12986308 LISTEN to André Pettigrew, Profile of a Leader

802_ 3/8/10 - Some high growth areas throughout Asia
Michael Webb, Profile of a Leaderenclosure-voice Looking at 2009 and going forward - Michael Webb, founder of Michael Moto said "Like everyone we've been hit by the sluggish economy but we are actually picking up very, very well. We reported a profit for 2009, and a lot of that was through our operations in Japan. As you know the Yen to Dollar valuation, with the Yen being pegged about 90 yen to the dollar, has really changed the balance of trade that's going there. So for someone in Japan to buy from the U.S., their currency has never been stronger. Looking to the future, part of what we do is try to understand what the valuation of the dollar is going to be, how we can take advantage of that and how we can move into some high growth areas throughout Asia to leverage the currency market in our favor. During this 'Profile of a Leader' interview Larry discussed with Michael a number of foundational aspects of a successful leader: Influential people in his life and what that translates in today's world; Development of values and beliefs; challenges he had to learn to live with that could not be overcome; The turning point in his career learned experience; Larry also asked what advice this serial entrepreneur would give to a new entrepreneur; How does he bring balance to both his personal and business life coupled with the fact his businesses require a great deal of travel; Larry wanted to know how he wanted to be remember (his legacy)? Michael replied, "I'd love to be remembered as someone who gave back, someone who had convictions about he wanted to accomplish, and someday when there is a Eulogy, hopefully, that they would say, 'You know he was a really good guy and he helped others'. If that's all it said on my tombstone, I'm a happy man!"
Related Links: Michael Moto || Entrepreneurs || PodCasting Directory || Mastering Change Blog || Keywords: Michael Webb, Michael Moto, Profile of a Leader, Japan, Yen, Entrepreneur, General Motors, Boeing > 3/8/10 Bytes:9767918     Chnl: Profiles LISTEN to Michael Webb, Profile of a Leader

Russ Farmer, Profile of a Leader 760_ Government funding and having fun growing the business
enclosure-voice Larry corralled Russ Farmer for an interview for Profile of a Leader Series here on w3w3® Media Network. Corralled is an appropriate word as Russ grew up on a farm and owns a farm with his wife Karen. In addition, he is an extremely successful business person and he has helped numerous companies rise to financial success. Larry probed into his past to find out what helped make him who he is. Larry asked, "Who was someone who influenced you in your early life?" Russ had a very interesting answer, "When I was at Arthur Anderson they had a 'big brother', mentor program. My big brother was also my manager on an audit I was working. The guy intimidated and abused me as a staff member to the point where he totally destroyed me for a period of time. What came out of that, over time, was a reflection on who I was, my life goals, and I concluded that was neither how I wanted to be treated nor how I wanted to treat other people. To this day I reflect on that as a major turning point in my professional growth. It had a very substantial influence on who I am and what I do." Larry also wanted to know what influenced his values and beliefs. "Undoubtedly it was as an individual, as a youth growing up on a farm. We had a good size family, and we started working in the field from the time when we were old enough to walk and be productive - I pulled weeds in the field when at six years old and as you got older, at ten you were driving tractors out in the field and working a good day's work. By the time you were 13-14, you were driving a truck to the beet dump. The work ethic we created and the attitude towards people, the way farmers treated each other and worked together, was just a marvelous, very positive experience, that I carry with me today." There's more...
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Bytes: 11458448 - 12/21/09 LISTEN to Russ Farmer

Russ Farmer, Founder, PBC, Inc. 766_ Being happy, enjoying life and making money
enclosure-voice PBC began in 1988 and continues to grow. In 2010 PBC will be merging with Meeting the Challenge. This is part 2 of 2 of a Profile of a Leader interview with Russ Farmer, founder of PBC. The merger will allow Russ to spend more time with ADA Technologies (PBC's first client). Russ describes himself as a bootstrapper and that's what ADA does. Russ attended a program at DU put on by the Positive Life Foundation. So many people Russ met were unhappy and complaining, he felt somewhat out of step because he was happy and enjoyed life. Regardless of the work he was doing, he was happy with his life. When he went to this program with Art Linkletter, and other top notch speakers, he learned that he wasn't strange, it was those folks who couldn't be happy. From that moment on he became more comfortable being positive and happy. He still meets people who say 'you can't always be happy'. Russ's advice to a young person, "Do what you love to do and you can almost always figure out a way to do it successfully. If you're not having fun - change it. Life is too short and sweet not to really enjoy life. People that don't enjoy their job spend 5/7ths of their life in misery - that's a crazy way to live! You can always find something that you enjoy doing. Learn to play the game. Life is a beautiful and fantastic game."
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David Allen, Associate Vice President, Technology Transfer, University of Colorado 759_ In order to do that he had to give up his tenure
enclosure-voice David Allen, Associate Vice President for Technology Transfer at the University of Colorado is featured in the Profile of a Leader Series here on w3w3® Media Network. Before they got into the Leader Profile, Larry asked for David's forecast for the coming year. David said, "It's going to be a tough year. The economic horizon is looking a little brighter than it has for the last 12 months or so, but we're not seeing any financing, very little activity in M&A at our level; We see some of the ice starting to crack and hopefully melt; But for new companies and new ventures, which is our bread and butter, there's very little. I'm an eternal optimist and I know it's going to get better. For years we've known we would be in a revenue trough (we talked about this on your show before). We planned for that, we're going to be able to make it through that." David has a very interesting background and Larry had many questions including, "Who influenced you the most, he said his parents more than anyone else. But he thought about Elinor Ostrom who has won the Nobel Prize for Economics this year. She was David's advisor when working on his PhD at Indiana University. She is an absolutely wonderful person. What I learned from her was a sense of patience, to challenge yourself and surround yourself with bright intelligent people. I am immensely pleased to see her win, the first woman to ever have done that." Larry asked, "Can you imagine a failure you couldn't overcome, you had to live with?" David was a professor at Penn State, he had an opportunity to go to the Business School - in order to do that he had to give up his tenure. Tenure is hard earned, a torturous process and he was turning his back on it. His friends and colleagues thought he was insane...there are many leadership suggestions...listen for more...
Related Links: CU TTO Home || CU TTO Channel || Available Technologies || CU TTO Blog || Profile of a Leader || Keywords: David Allen, Technology Transfer, University of Colorado, Profile of a Leader, Elinor Ostrom, Nobel Prize for Economics > Channel: Profiles >> Bytes: 13415939 - 12/21/09 LISTEN to Dave Allen

Dave Allen, Associate Vice President, 
           Tech Transfer, University of Colorado 765_ Here there are service providers and funding sources
enclosure-voice This is part 2 of 2 of a Profile of a Leader interview with David Allen, Associate Vice President for Technology Transfer at the University of Colorado
The turning point in Dave's career was coming to Colorado. The thing that continually amazes Dave is the nature of the business community here in Colorado compared to where he was in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Dave continued, "Here the entrepreneurial climate, the DNA of the community, whatever you want to call it, it's not a difference in degree, it's a difference in kind. Here there are service providers and funding sources, but more than anything else there are people who understand it - that's different than most other places. They are willing to put in the time to support to younger people (TechStars), or what we do at the Boulder Innovation Center." Dave describes much more and he also gives some great advice to young people, "Constantly put yourself in situations where you are surrounded by smart people and figure out ways you can provide value, be prepared for those interactions, it can relate to school, your business community, friends, but challenge yourself." Listen, there's more...

Related Links: CU TTO Home || CU TTO Channel || Available Technologies || CU TTO Blog || Boulder Innovation Center || TechStars || Keywords: David Allen, Technology Transfer, University of Colorado, Profile of a Leader, Boulder Innovation Center, TechStars, Entrepreneurs Channel: Profiles 14638810 bytes - 1/4/10
LISTEN to Dave Allen, Associate Vice President, CU TTO

Peter Kellner, Endeavor_12-14-09 758_ Change Your City: Social Entrepreneurship
enclosure-voice Meet this 39 year old dynamo; Peter Kellner, CEO, JD who has turned around 320 companies primarily in South America, and created in excess of 80,000 jobs at $2.5 billion. Peter Kellner was featured in Barron’s, “New Faces of Philanthropy,’ December 2008. Larry interviewed Peter during his world-wind tour in Colorado talking about social entrepreneurism and Ashoka. Peter is the managing partner and founder of Richmond Management, primarily a venture capital firm that invests in technology & related services in the US. They also invest overseas and have been investing in media principally in China since late 1990s and is still very active there. Peter has a great team in place and that allows him time for his passion - Endeavor. Endeavor was started 11 years ago with Peter and his co-founder Linda Rottenberg, modeled on Ashoka an organization that vets and selects social entrepreneurs and started by his dear friend, Bill Drayton. Peter went to Bill and said, "Bill can I stand on your shoulders"; and I read this Thoreau quote, "and I want to call this thing Endeavor. I want to build an organization just like Ashoka, but I want to fund business entrepreneurs in the emerging world. Not micro credit entrepreneurs, I'm looking for Steve Jobs in Istanbul, people who can create massive wealth for their societies, inspiring stories, jobs and really lead cultural change around environmental development within their countries", which is, I think, the key to progress. So here we are eleven years later and Endeavor is in eleven countries. As a social entrepreneur, Peter co-founded Endeavor, a pioneering organization promoting entrepreneurship in emerging markets. Peter is on the board of Obopay, Inc., Voxiva, Inc. and AdChina, Inc. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of The Allen-Stevenson School, a boy’s school in New York City, as well as the Board of Ashoka Youth Venture. Peter was in Colorado to help launch the 'Change Your City' Campaign in Denver. Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper is also supportive of the campaign...listen for more...
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600_ " The word for the next two years is prudency," says Roy Dimoff
Larry Nelson profiles Roy Dimoff, CEO and President, ViaWestenclosure-voice "Knowing what you don't know is as important as knowing what you do know," said Roy Dimoff, Chairman and CEO of ViaWest during a Profile of a Leader interview with Larry. Before getting into the history and learning lessons, Roy gives an overview of where Viawest is today, and what they plan on doing during these shaky economic times. "Growth rate north of 35% and now stands as the largest privately held data center and managed service company in the US, you know it’s really a tremendous opportunity to look at your systems, look at your processes, look at your efficiencies, look at the number of times you touch the customer and really try to streamline some things. Really take this as an opportunity to look at your business as a whole – now is a good time to look on everything we do and see if we can do it better, how we can be more efficient, how we can bring more to the bottom line. A lot of our competitors back in 99-2000, they had raised hundreds of millions of dollars and of course ViaWest total equity investment back then was like $34 million – and we were one of the few survivors. So, it’s been very interesting. A lot of the lessons we learned back then are very applicable today even though the industry is different and ViaWest is in a much different position. But the key is Larry; we are still the very prudent group that we were back in 2000 and refusing to take things for granted." Roy started his first entrepreneurial effort at age 25. Years before that he worked in the produce department at a Canadian grocery store. Then after a couple of successes as an entrepreneur he was involved in an IPO. It was there he learned that when an expert advisor says that strategy could be 'problematic' he should listen. So you listen, there's more...
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1.5.09 LISTEN

602_ Prepare for rejection when raising money, follow with fortitude!
Roy Dimoff, Founder & CEO, 
                ViaWestenclosure-voice In this part 2 of 2, Profile of a Leader interview with Roy Dimoff, Chairman and CEO of ViaWest, Roy and Larry discuss raising money and venture capitalists; rejection; challenging your ego; fortitude; getting the right people; and many other points that entrepreneurs need to know. Roy's first company was a teleconferencing bridge in Canada and was presented with many opportunities. He is definitely a serial entrepreneur. Roy went onto say, "I like opportunity based entrepreneurs. You have to know what it’s like to write a business plan. If you have business people in your life who have been there, done that, then you should be attacking them as much as you can for their advice in terms of a business plan and how it should be written and presented. Then of course, starting out in your community, there are few things as challenging to your ego as raising money. You have to deal with that. You have to deal with rejection. But I tell you, if you have the fortitude, if you have the confidence, if you have the people around you that believe in you, that push you on, help you with the plan. You have to endure, make it happen. And there are days, even when I was funding ViaWest.. I mean here we had a successful line of companies behind us, but it wasn’t a good time to be raising money and we had a lot of rejection. You know, everything came together and we found the right people and we got the thing launched." He also gives some interesting advice about accountants and lawyers. Like all of the great leaders we have interviewed, a big driver for Roy is to help others be successful. Viawest is a leader in the business community.
Related Links: ViaWest || Economy Builders || Leader Profiles || Blog || Keywords: Roy Dimoff, ViaWest, Venture Capital, Data Centers, Leaders, Team, Management, Computers, Telecom, Canada - Channels:Leader Profiles Bytes: 10701743 - 1/12/09 LISTEN

305_ Perspective of an Underdog and Intellectual Honesty Keys to Leadership
Sue Wyman, Communications Technology Professionals & Phil Weiser, Law Professor and Founder & Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons Sue Wyman, Chairman of the Communications Technology Professionals (CTP) and Larry Nelson interviewed Phil Weiser founder of the Silicon Flatirons Program and professor at CU, for the 'Profile of a Leader' series. Phil was interested in ‘public policy’ in law school and didn’t even get engaged in technology issues. Working with Joel Kline was transformative. It launched Phil into the technology sector. David Bell, Federal Appeals Court Judge, Colorado, stressed 'Intellectual Honesty' with Phil. Here's more. Related Links:
CTP Channel || SFP || Denver Tele Pros (CTP) || Jivaro Group || Podcast Directory || Keywords: Phil Weiser, SFTP, CTP, Telecommunications, Leadership, Sue Wyman, Channels: CTP, Profiles>> Bytes: 5909841 LISTEN 4/30/07
313_ Profile of a Leader: Here's the Rest of the Story Part 2 of 2
Scott Binder, Sr. VP, Comcast-Colorado; Sue Wyman, Chairman, CTP; Larry Nelson, Director, w3w3.comWhen you are lucky enough to have talented, creative, hard-working people on your team, it's critical that they are all on the same page and heading in the same direction. Scott Binder, Senior Vice President for the Colorado Market at Comcast, talks with Sue Wyman, Chairman of the revitalized Communication Technology Professionals, CTP formerly DTP and Larry Nelson about the steps (personally and professionally) that he has gone through in his changing professional career. If you would like a FREE copy of Scott's favorite book, "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen, simply click here. Related Links: CTP Channel || Denver Tele Pros || Jivaro Group || Podcast Directory || Channel: News > Keywords: Scott Binder, Comcast, Communication Technology Professionals, CTP, Sue Wyman, As a Man Thinketh, Leadership >Bytes: 6180470 > LISTEN. 5/14/07 If you missed Part 1 - LISTEN
229 Mayor Hickenlooper Talks About the Future and the Past, June 2004enclosure-voice
John Hickenlooper, Mayor DenverMayor John Hickenlooper, is the quintessential example of converting a challenge into an opportunity and then onto success. During this “Profile of a Leader” interview you’ll hear how he achieves and how he was motivated to be a winner. It’s a one-of-a-kind story you won’t hear somewhere else. Larry and Pat Nelson conducted this interview in the Mayor's office one year after he was elected and during a time he was throwing baseballs with Governor Owens. You'll hear the Mayor in his own words explain why he is the way he is.
Related Links: John Hickenlooper Bio || City of Denevr || Orange Friday || Profiles of Leaders || Find It || Keywords:John Hickenlooper, Mayor, Leader, Denver, Colorado, Motivated, Winners || Bytes: 8376218 > LISTEN 12/18/06
219_ Tough Math Teacher and Roaming Free Made the Differenceenclosure-voice
Lucy Sanders, CEO and CoFounder, NCWITMaking mistakes turned out to be a learning experience for Lucy Sanders, CEO and co-founder of the National Center for Women in Technology. She hated making mistakes, but ultimately learning from them is a good thing. A background that included strong family members and rich experiences including becoming a Bell Fellow laid a solid foundation for Lucy's biggest challenge. Totally stretching her horizon, Lucy left industry and started a non-profit while joining academia. Listen to this fascinating true story. Related Links: Nat. Academies Report || NCWIT Blog || Profiles of Leaders || NCWIT Practice || Keywords: Lucy Sanders, Lucinda Sanders, Bell Fellow, NCWIT, Profile of a Leader, Turning Point || Bytes: 13067496> LISTEN 12/3/06
David Moll, president & CEO, Webroot SoftwareProfile of a Leader with Webroot’s David Moll 10/10/05 enclosure-voice
Going from a handful of employees to over 300 is no small feat. Raising $108 million in venture capital this year was a magical move. David Moll, president and CEO of Webroot Software, has been through a great deal in his educational and business career. In this Profile of a Leader program, Larry & Pat Nelson quiz him about his experiences going back to his childhood. David is the keynote speaker at
CTEK's "The State of Capital" - LISTEN

David Moll, Webroot Software Inc.The Making of a Leader, Webroot's David Moll 10/24/05
- LISTEN  enclosure-voice   
The Making of a Leader, Webroot’s David Moll
Once destined to be a plant manager, then shifting gears to be more than knee deep in technology, required hard work. In part 2 of 2 in this Profile of a Leader interview Larry & Pat Nelson continue to quiz David Moll, president and CEO of Webroot Software about his experiences going back to his childhood. The bumpy road through the “tech bubble” paid off.

Sanjay Parthasarathy, Microsoft CorpAre Leaders Born, Chosen or Made? - 6/20/05
What makes a leader? Some say hard work, others say luck and timing. Some say it’s how many times you win, others say it’s how they have overcame challenges. How do they live with the challenges they didn’t overcome? Sanjay Parthasarathy, Microsoft corporate vice president of the Developer & Platform Evangelism Group shares his story and how he has adjusted along the way.
Governor Richard Lamm, Professor, University of Denver118_Ethics - Governor Lamm is Outspoken and Clear
No one has ever accused Richard Lamm, Director for the Center for Public Policy and Contemporary Issues at DU and former 3-term Governor of Colorado of not speaking his mind. True-to-form, Dick lays down the gauntlet when it comes to ethics. The path of the unknown is clear if you are clear. (From Archives, May 10, 2004) >LISTEN 4/17/06
Related Links: Ehics Channel || University of Denver Home Page
Donald McCubbrey, Clinical Professor, Daniels School of Business, Denver UniversityProfile of a Leader – Donald J. McCubbrey 9/12/05 LISTEN enclosure-voice
As one of five recipients of the prestigious Bob Newman Award for outstanding contribution to the technology community given by the Colorado Software and Internet Association, Don McCubbrey (DU) has continued his trek. While he is a true pioneer in the electronic commerce world, this Profile of a Leader interview is about the lessons and experiences that we can all learn from. READ MORE


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